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4 Aug 2022 – UKc2c 9Years Ago

Mon: wow! really 9yrs ago I hiked the UKc2c thru’hike 313km/195m!! Tkx to cousin YatSoon&Helen for taking care of me then. And now 9yrs later, delighted to meet up with them again here SIN. Enjoy your visit in this part of the world dear cousin&family. And also tkx KV&Christine for all their kind hospitality+driving me to MiltonK Station to catch my train to St Bees.

Back to my blog postings to reminisce about it and glad that I did it when I did. Do not think I will have that kind of energy now! If any interested, these blog postings will give an idea about this hike. You can then slowly take your time to find out which section interest you most or do the thru’hike.

Appt@SGH. dropped by to CC, thought that Wendy was joking about moving again – had to check it out and it is for real – nice apt and just down the road from CC, upstairs Owl’s Brew. Found out that CC is short of staff as Shufei will be on leave – offered to help out for the week.

Tue: helping out at CC for the week from 12n-20.00hrs. A new brand in retro-colonial-style Post General – imagine a brass mosquito coil holderS$48 to my decadent taste, if I have a helper to polish it! but it is beautiful. Tkx Leonard for dropping by to help me find the cursor which disappeared from my laptop this morning and with my high-tech knowledge how was I to know that I have pressed a function accidently that turned the cursor off, duh!!

Wed: Chaco the only sandals I have been wearing for the past 30yrs and the only sandals I can walk a whole day on without any issues with my feet. Their straps are created with a durable fabric that runs through the sole of the sandal, allowing you to easily adjust your straps to fit your feet perfectly and they may help to improve body alignment and prevent heel pain, ankle pain, and discomfort from plantar fasciitis. Testing out my newest pair with boarder straps, (7th-pair over 30yrs!) liking them a lot, tkx to Sam. I saw the photo of your sandals and couldn’t help being struck by the fact that our feet look kinda similar, haha…!

Comment for cousin IreneL in CA USA – with the second longer than the first. I inherit mine from my father. Anyway, don’t you think this bears out our Lam family relation?! Decided to find out more and this is what I readA Morton’s toe is characterized by a longer second toe. Unlike many other foot problems, this is not caused by ill-fitting footwear, injuries or overuse. It’s an inherited trait that you’re born with and affects ~15% of the population. Will try and remember to check out the family’s toes in future, easier here in the tropics as many of us wear open-toes footwear.

Thu: SingingRock provides more comfort when hanging in the harness. Not a climber myself, but as most of our climbers are happy climbers who keep returning to us means that our staff will be able to deal with your needs&questions in that area. Bought LeSportiva climbing shoes here recently for grandniece&grandnephew who informed me that they are pleased with them.

Tkx to Phelia&David for tonight’s Pig’sTrotterVinegar 猪脚醋 one of bro Lawrence’s favourite dishes, bringing back fond memories of him who left us a year ago. And also tkx to Estella for PekingDuck, one of my favourites and #3 discovered that it was his favourite during his recent visit from USA.

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