RIP 12thAuntie Winnie

26 Aug 2022 – Condolences to the 12thBranch of LAMs in HI,USA

Tue: woke up to this message from a dear niece Kelly in HI,USA – Hi Aunty Amy, my mom informed me that Grandma Winnie passed away peacefully, in her sleep, on Sunday morning (21/8/2022) around 12:45 AM (Hawaii time). My Uncle David was there when she passed. Her condition began to deteriorate rapidly on Friday. We don’t know when the memorial or the internment of her ashes will take place yet. If you want to contact David or other family members that are in Hawaii, I can forward your message to them.

Condolences to our LAM-family in HI,USA, thoughts&prayers are with them. Met with auntieWinnie both times during her visits Nov2010 and Dec2018 was the last time she visited SIN – respect to her for taking that long flight HNL-SIN at the age of 90 then – may she RIP.

Memories of auntieWinnie(1928-2022)go far back as she moved to TemenggongRd after she married 12uncleJohn in the 1950s and it must have been quite a challenge for her to be married into a traditional Chinese family. Pix of their wedding in the 1950s and the wedding dinner with my parents, the Oliveros(auntie Winnie’s parents), grandmother+#10&9aunties.

Strangely enough I have been watching a bunch of cheesy movies starring TrevorDonovan, quite an eye-candy in my eyes! was just finished with AlohaWithLove where there was a death of an elderly aunt in HI – pix downloaded. And then woke up to the news of auntieWinnie’s passing.

Uncomfortable&unpleasant evening with bowel prep by consuming 2litres of water mixed with this synthetic laxative powder from 1800-2000hrs, same procedure tomorrow morning with another 2litres from 0500-0700hrs for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy. Confirming from previous post, Aging is not for sissies

Malaysia ex-PM Najib begins 12yrs jail sentence – pix downloaded, below historical graffiti by FahmiReza located@REXKL,Malayisa, now protected by an anti vandal bulletproof screen folks!

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws ― Tacitu

Wed: after a day of colonoscopy@SGH without feeling any pains, can finally teat myself to some cakes(to last me for a couple of days!). An insignificant small polyp was removed for further testing, but seems to be of not importance according to the dr. Let’s hope that he is correct as young as he looks who graciously tries to humour me by saying that it is probably just my sensitive gut and I replied that as age takes over, things can get irritable&sensitive, hahaha – 2procedures down&2more to go.

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart. –  Bombeck

Sadly and today after 6months on this National Day for Ukraine 24Aug, the war still continues. Both my FBcover&profile pix will remain until Peace can be restored in Ukraine – pix uploaded.

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime — Hemingway

Thu: T5 Changi Airport – now vs the future

Fri: TGIF – pix from 5yrs ago @SIN NightFest. Aug2017/18 was in Canada&Norway, then a 2yrs hiatus 2020/21(Covid) and now back in the highlights! No energy&mood to be in crowds, but do enjoy the last weekend of this if you are going and will live vicariously thru’ everybody’s pix in FB+this link:

Thank you to Theresa&CJ for yummy steak dinner.