Tis The Season

16 Dec 2018 – To Be Jolly

Mon-Tue: hopefully the snail-mail will arrive to their destination in time for the seasonal greetings. The blog posting (except for 1more pix to be inserted on BoxingDay) is ready for the 2018 Season’s Greetings.


Wed: tkx to Ivy for delicious lunch@Paradise Teochew/Scotts Square, one of my favourite places for their mini egg-tarts. The chef here sometimes cooks for Les&Ivy’s private parties.

WOW! to all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and to Chihuly’s works – my all-time favourite glass-sculptor.

Thu: back to the NorwegianSeamen’s Church to collect the Kransekaker bought@their Christmas Bazaar. Walking up that hill always tell me what bad shape I am in!! Never noticed these unusual red&yellow flowers growing on the same bush until today. Wonder what is the name to this??

Bus30 brings me all the way there and it is not often I take this bus. Passing by TemenggongRd gave me the chance to take some pix from the upper deck. Looks like some new construction on the old BATA shoe factory site. Buildings built-up on both sides of the road and the rambutan tress (back ground behind the coconut trees by the mosque) are sooo over-grown.

Welcome from HI/USA auntie Winnie (90yrs, wife of 12uncle John). What a lovely time reminiscing with someone who has an amazing memory of our time in TemenggongRd. She even remembers how I used to climb the trees there. Just snapped a pix of those from the bus this morning. Was it really 8yrs ago we last met in SIN?


Fri: TGIF, running around picking up food for the weekend and Mon’s company.

Sat: @the market to buy a pot of poinsettia S$18. This new roasted&soup stall took the place of my favourite chai tow kway. The pix looks good, but will have to try someday soon.

Lunch with Henry and dinner with Leonard. Blessed to be celebrating this annual end of the year holiday season with family&friends. Caught up with Henry&Leo for their 2018 happenings. Appreciations to all good company for crossing paths in these last 2weeks to 2018. A mini WinterWonder-Land on my piano to remind me that it is winter somewhere out there in the midst of the tropical surroundings.

Sun: appreciations for good company to share a meal on this 3rd Sunday of Advent.

Kransekaker decorated by me for the holidays. Head-piece with multi-purposes was needed to top the cake during dessert time 🙂 Edible flower to be used for tomorrow’s salad, tkx to TingTing. Pix credits to Bev&TingTing.

Everywhere in the world, both historically and in contemporary cuisines, the use of flowers in food has been special and exceptional and the flowers themselves have always been included with intent and care, never accidentally or without purpose. Flowers are used in food by someone who cares about you, and who cares about the beauty of what you are about to eat ― Constance Kirker

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