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21 Dec 2018 – As We Enter The Holiday Season

Mon: life is about being with family & friends and more so during the end of the year holidays knowing that time for the year is soon over. Appreciations to those making time to catch up and welcome to those traveling here to catch up. Appreciations to Carmel for lunch co. Unfortunately Kathleen (Carmel’s mom visiting from Ireland and Iren, who just returned from Norway), are both down with ailments. Thank you to Evelyn dinner co and for yummy home-made Tiramisu.

Tue: polyclinics for blood test and to CC delivering gift to Andrew. The expression Hanging by the rope came to mind whenever I see these colourful ropes! You can be sure that you are safe with these when & if you need them for work or play, some even strong enough for helicopter rescue.

Appreciations to PT with Aileen’s co for lunch@one of my favourite vegetarian places – New Green Pastures Cafe. Had to rushed back to get the cakes to put them into Clem’s freezer as there is no space in the tiny one I have.

Welcome back to SIN Larry from TX, USA – good to catch up for dinner at DinTaiFung and dessert at Privé@Paragon. Thought that the cheese split over this XiaoLongBaos=teamed pork dumplings, but turned out that it is how one can tell the chicken dumplings from the pork for those who do not eat pork.

Wed: @VivoCity flying high with my favourite Ben&Jerry’s Coffee-Coffee ice cream. Indian movie KedarnathUttrakhand floods that happened in 2013 where more than 5,700ppl were presumed dead.

Grateful to Daisy for the invite to an evening premiere of Mary Poppins Returns – a family movie for the festive season, thus spent the afternoon@Vivo.

Thu: thought I would have a quiet day to chill, but life is such that the kitchen ceiling had a leak and had to empty out the cabinate to dry and clean out the overflown basin there. It had happened before, (that why the basin was place there!) but the neighbour upstairs refused to take responsibilities then. Thank goodness when it happened some years ago and now again, I am here to take care of it, but will need to do something about it as I am not always here.

Fri: TGIF, last Fri before Christmas – a good weekend to all. Dental work@NDC and amazed at the nearly completed Outram Community Hospital (2020) which is by the National Heart Centre.

Walked to one of my favourite hotels – ParkRoyal on Pickering. Lovely to see the various shades of green flourishing so lusciously over the unusual different grey layers of concrete at this hotel. Such a clever way to soften the harshness of the hard concrete.

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