Over With Christmas 2018

27 Dec 2018 – And Life Goes On

Sat&Sun: blessed with good company of family – Daisy, Clement, Stanley, Darryl and friends – Sam, Calvin&Chris. Thank you for their wonderful company to lunch&dinner on this 4th Sunday Advent. For those good spot ppl Yoshie&Gareth trying to guess Calvin’s green circular pix, here is the spoiler for his creative pix – a green see thru’ cup on top of a lid-star…

Mon: pleasant 10mins walk (mostly under shade in well-groomed MP HDB estates and on 1over-head-bridge) to the Polyclinics. The doctor attending me there was complaining that he had to work on Christmas Eve, bringing back memories of a certain Grinch at the TanglinClub some years ago!! The consolation after 2hrs wait was no serious problems from the blood tests.

On the way from the bus-stop to Les&Ivy and tkx to them for a yummy dinner, tasty&moist turkey (not this rooster by the road!) from Goodwood Park Hotel. Those who drive might not notice the lovely&interesting surroundings around. I think this same rooster&his flock has greeted me not too long ago 🙂

A small get-together as auntie Winnie has to fly off back to HI early tomorrow. Welcome Kat&Greg+Devon&Eliott from the US and Lawrence from KCH to SIN. Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to May&Albert who just returned from Rome. Devon there making sure that Santa will not miss this house tonight!

Got back by midnight: somewhere out there beneath this beautiful full moon, we are all underneath the same big sky. Near or far apart, here is to wishing each&everyone who is celebrating a Merry Christmas🎄PEACE☮️be with all from my family in the US/Linn, Norway/May and from me in SIN.

Tue: appreciations to Les&Ivy for hosting this delicious😋ChristmasDay🎄Lunch@the TanglinClub – blessed with the good company of 30family members (for once this is only family&their spouses+their families, ie everyone here is related by blood&marriage to Les&Ivy) of all ages, pix credits to one of the servers, tkx to David who did the set-up.

After a 3hrs semi-buffet lunch, needed to nap for nearly 3hrs and will not need to eat for another 3days🙃

Wed: tourist guiding Larry from the US on this hot&humid Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day, also known as Wren Day or Constitution Day. Not sure how much longer more I can continue doing this? Was completely beat and snoozed on the bus nearly missing my stop! What happened to those days where I can go from brunch to dinner without needing to take a break?? Came back to another leak, wrote in to the MP TownCouncil with hopes of getting this problem resolved!

Thu: saw Lawrence off@T2 ChangiAirport. Unlike the OrchardRd decorations&lights. these are more appropriate for the season and quite tasteful to my eyes this year!


If you have the time to explore around when you are at T2, this Lego Mural by the children of the Befrienders Club is worth the time to look at, even the title appeals to me. Surprised (as I did not except such prompt response) from the MPTC informing me that they will send someone out to check about the leak this afternoon.

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights ~ Maya Angelou

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