Goodbye 2018

31 Dec 2018 – On The Eve Of 2019

Fri: TGIF and enjoy this last 2018 Friday. Here is the 2018 favourtie gift to myself. Have been eyeing this book-lamp for 3yrs ever since I first set eyes on it at the National Design Centre. But was not willing to pay S$300+ or even S$200+ when I saw it again early this year. Then a month ago, saw this online (certainly a copy!) for S$50.

Some of the shops@the EsplanadeConcourse have gone (no more HäagenDazs ice-cream 🙁 ) and new ones like this fully self-serviced cafe where there is no one there to hear or listen to your complains or orders@KissaKalm’s. Standing room only and the choices depend on what are in these vending machines!

The cafe is no longer – use to frequent this library when I first returned 20yrs ago and did not have my piano then. There was and still is a sound-proof room with a piano where you can rent hourly.

Tkx Audrey for catching up. Die die must try, Marinated Cockies Teochew style were absolutely delicious @FamousTreasures/Capitol Piazza. (tkx to Irene for her share). Wokfried-Squid with Cincalok+Lady’s Fingers/Okra, KL-style HokkienMee, Marble Goby with Preserved veg (on the salty-side) were good. Wanted the crabs, but they were out. It was buy 1dish and get one free promotion – total S$38 for 2 was affordable, otherwise too pricey for this stomach. The sweet cherry-tomatoes appetizer were unusual and I like the taste

Yummy Vanilla Soufflé@HoshinoCoffee. TigerSugar, some new gimmick Brown Sugar Milk Tea. Will try it when the novelty dies down and no more lines! Have been told that my fellow country ppl like standing in lines – crowds&lines are NOT my cup of tea!

Capitol building brings back memories of CHIJ school days where there was a Magnolia Ice-cream bar where I used to enjoy their chocolate milk-shake once in a while! Also when classes got boring looking out of the class room&assembly-hall (now MRT offices) into these rows of shops, but of course they were not so beautifully spruced-up then.

Sat: a welcoming quiet day to catch up with myself…

Sun: appreciations to Insessa for the pot-luck at her place. Quite an experience to change from bus to MRT CircleLine&NorthEastLine and LRT to RivervaleLink (3changes)Took over an hr from door to door costing only S$1.10 (senior fares). Nice to meet with new ppl and tkx to Philip for his yummy fusion Shephard’sPie and for the ride back. Saved me an hour and managed a short nap before the next gathering.

Thank you to Pat&David with nieces, grandnieces, nephews, grandnephews (Les&Ivy had to leave early) for a yummy BakKutTeh=meat bone tea – literally translated but actually more a savoury clear broth, consisting of fleshy pork ribs cooked for hours in a broth of herbs and spices, including star anise, cinnamon, clove, fennel seeds, garlic and everybody has their own way of making this. 1st taste for Greg who really liked it.


Mon: tkx to Kat&Greg for yummy roast-chicken dinner and to MeiPin for her delicious home-made cranberry-sauce. Paper-dolls with Devon, Russian-poker with Kiera and Scrabble with all the generations. It has been a long time ago since I stayed up until past mid-night for New Year’s Eve with poppers to welcome 2019. Appreciations to MeiPin for the ride and surprisingly the traffic thru’ OrchardRd&NicollHighway was smooth flowing with no jams!

Blessed&grateful to have family&friends crossing this life journey’s path. Good bye 2018.

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one – Brad Paisley

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