2018 Season’s Greetings

2018 was blessed with 6months of travelling to be with family&friends in Borneo, HongKong, UK, USA, Canada, Norway&Italy. As age catches up, the energy for such extended long-distance travels goes down! Not sure if I will be able to do what I did in 2018, but will try my best to visit as many as possible in 2019.

Jan: Kuching, Sarawak/E Malaysia with Lawrence&Mabel, Chuan&family+HS visiting from SIN. A new pedestrian bridge, DarulHanaBridge on the waterfront.

Mar: HongKong with Les&Ivy+David.

Apr: London/UK with Yat-Soon&family+Yasmine.

May&Jun: SC/USA with Linn&family; AT-hiking buddies in VA/USA.

July: SC/USA with the FaBuLous5; AT-hiking buddies and the last time with Bear in ME/USA.

Aug: Toronto/Canada with YunLAM, Jessica10thUncle TSANG YanChuen (1st meeting with him), KarLIng&Henry, Winnie&hubby+AnnaTSANG (maternal side), and Lock&May LAM.

Sep: Norway/Tromsø with Ellen (Linn&May’s paternal grandmother age94); Trondheim with Anne&family; Oslo with Olai#6 and his parents.

Oct: Puglia&Rome/Italy with early 1950s childhood friends PP&Ian+KK.


Nov-Dec: SIN with John+family and cousins visiting from Australia/CL, China/CE, NZ/CS&JW, USA/Wilki. With some of my siblings+their families during our annual Christmas lunch, using this 2013 pix as it is the best when we first saw what this popper was about!

Life is such that beginnings and endings are neither. For in fact, they perpetually lay the groundwork for the other ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Red-Generation: grandparents, the generation where all have passed on
Blue-Generation: parents
Green-Generation: me
Orange-Generation: children
Purple-Generation: grand kids
Brown-Generation: future great-grand kids

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