9 Dec 2018 – Movies@Shaw Cinemas

Wed: movie time and 1st time checking out Nex, a regional shopping mall in Serangoon, within the NE-Region. Nice stomping grounds with a public library on the roof-top 7floor and bus interchange+MRT in the basements.

Cinemas, all kinds of shops, eateries+food-courts, 24hrs gym facilities, banks, etc conveniently under one roof – what else more could I ask for. In additional, the Shaw cinemas are the only ones offering S$4 for senior tickets, all the others charge more than S$4.

Thu: tkx Gel for dropping by with lunch, great catching up.

Fri: appreciations to Seb for his high-tech assistance and good to catch up over dinner. Strangely enough the last 4movies watched all started with the alphabet L – Love Actually (old flick I like to watch in Dec!) Last Letter (unhurried style ie on the slow side), London Fields (reminder of a femme fatal),  Life Itself (as literally as the title and if I were to give it a tagline, Such is Life!).

Sat: appreciations to Audrey for explaining about the rituals in the temple for those who have passed on, today paying respect to Betty. The ashes can be in another location where you can pay your respect, usually  on ChingMing festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day. Now I understand why cousin CC has his tablet in SIN.

Chinese pay their respects to the dead throughout the year, so they also keep tablets with the names and sometimes the pix of the deceased at temples where the maintenance and the chanting of the monks are part of a package. Am amazed with the Coke cans creativity – reminded me of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980). No disrespect or offence here, but if I remember correctly this was a cute comedy flick.


WUFC8473Thank you to chefs Jamie&Giovanni for the yummy food@The Terminal Cafe – a combination for a memorial to Betty and a Christmas lunch. Chose this location as this is where we had our last lunch together. This lovely bird (Balearica regulorum) gray crowned crane, quite a tongue twister!) crossed our path in the car-park but nobody knows where it popped up from. Someone suggested that it might be a runaway from the bird-park, but then the bird-park is nowhere near here. Why did the bird cross the road?? Bird pix credits to April.

Collage set-up credits to May – food pix credits to Audrey. We have both April&May for company 🙂 Menu: omakase, ask the chef if you want the name of the dishes!

4peaceSun: 2nd Sunday of Advent, and how I do hope&pray deep down in my heart that ppl can live with love in their actions, mind, speech&thoughts. Need to get all the Season’s Greetings completed and out in the mail by the beginning of the week. Sent a Halloween card in Oct and it took 3weeks getting to the US even-though Surface-Mail no longer exist – Snail-Mail has truly earned its reputation. Card&letter writing seem outdated but there are still a handful who like to receive a hard-copy.


1st plate of Char-Kway-Teow, literally=Fried-Flat-Noodles (delicious&oozing with cholesterol) since returning to SIN. Was passing by one of my favourite locations (Zion Riverside Food Centre) for this dish served with ‘hum’ (blood cockles)+crunchy pork lard, and there was not much of a line. Also to have dinner with Clem before he takes off to work in KL for the week.


Was pleasantly surprised by this pix of John&Linn posted by AT hiking buddy John/MoFo this morning. After a few query messages, discovered that they just ran the Kiawah-Island Half-Marathon, proud of my 1st-born who came in 2nd for the Female-Master. He heard her name when she got her award – small world, pix credits to Erin&John.

When you run the marathon, you run against the distance, not against the other runners and not against the time – Haile Gebrselassie

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