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19 Apr 2020 – Still Alive And Kicking

Wed: what a way to start a hump-day! Woke up with a runny nose. What I post on FB usually gives away my mood for those who know me! It is also a way to let my family&friends who are concern that I live alone that I am still alive&kicking. Recently the hours, days, weeks&months somehow seem to mash together and this morning, was even wondering if it is a Sunday? Thus, must write here to remind myself what day it is today.

Q: How do you know that Monopoly is an old game?
A: The rich people can go to jail- hahaha
A healthy&safe Hump-Day to all.


Comment from Alvin Mark Tan: It does feel like a game of Monopoly… collect $600. Pay $300 fine. Go to jail – someone who understands and can play along this game with me, tkx Alvin.

Linn&Jeff’s+me – support of their first-born and my #1 grandchild
Katy, senior Class of 2020 Irmo High School, SC/USA (to be edited w pix).
Proud of her and the very best to her future life journey.
LHHS FL/USA Class of 1993. Alexandra School&College, Dublin, Ireland 1967

Thu: 2020.04.16 Wow… Exactly 10 YEARS AGO TODAY and NOW – yes, I’ve dug up and put on the same clothes AND glasses as the ones I wore in the old pic and took this new one today with Amy wearing… errr… a different but similar looking T-Shirt… no?! Aw U cheated. From Richard Yung

Tkx for the fun Richard, made my day. Unlike Richard, I am hopeless with selfies and all these high tech stuff – a 10yrs old T-shirt is history to me, probably used as a rag over the years. Told him that he could have just colour my hair in the 10yrs ago pix!

Still coughing and feeling short of breath with normal temps, but this time round had the runs and felt dizzy. With my pre-existing conditions+age and living alone, its time to pay a visit to the doctor@MP Polyclinics by cab S$6. Those who know me also know that I usually travel by bus or walk unless really not feeling up to it. Pix downloaded

Due to the present circumstances, was admitted to SIN GeneralHospital/SGH A&E. Hooked with an intravenous 100mil antibiotics, blood tests, X-ray done with OK results, had to stay the night. A long night after transferring to the ward – due to another stronger inhaler which triggered the heart to beat faster (one of the side-effects), and with the short of breath+the heart pumping like there was no tomorrow, the balance of more heart medication+stopping the use of the inhaler pulled me thru’ this night. Pix downloaded.

Fri: COVID-19 swab done and I must admit that it must be one of the most uncomfortable swabs I have ever experienced. The swab is placed as far down the throat and that really makes you feel like gagging&puking and then another swab up the nose to as far as it can reach. Not quite the normal TGIF but no complains. Edited: to quote my medical dr s-i-l those swabs feel like they are going through your entire head! 

So far am impressed with our healthcare-workers and the SGH facilities (1st time warded@SGH). 5ppl room with 3ppl (including myself)@Block7 Ward76 Room25 Bed6 – was amazed that the bed also works as a weighing machine and gives your weight.

Sat: another swab as these are the regulations – 2 swabs have to be done and both have to be negative before they will discharge me, better save than sorry. 3wholesome decent tasting meals, here showing how bored I am when I can return the tray with orange-peels like this – lol

2days being stuck not only in this room, but with needles 6times (blood tests) and a beeper attached so that you can be detected (as it is, not even allowed out of the ward). Due to the 942 (the highest so far) COVID-19 positive cases tested today in SIN, my results were not back until 1900hrs. The taxi driver mistook me for telling him to take me to MarineCrescent and drove towards MeiLingSt. It was dark and not familiar with the new exits from SGH, thus not realizing until we got to the lights near IKEA. He was polite enough to apologize – we all need some kindness&patience, so I tipped him, even though he did reset the meter after heading towards the correct direction.

Supply of inhalers+cough mixture, etc prescribed. Knowing asthmatic coughs can last anything from 2-8weeks, but not knowing if COVID-19 is playing a part here would not justify myself to go out to even get my essentials. Now it is a relief, but will still remain indoors and out only for essentials.

Sun: after a decent night sleep in my own bed and some time to reflect on the past 2days, feeling even more grateful&appreciative – has been quite an experience and an eye-opener being in this hospital. Drama in the ward: a male patient trying to run away and when not trying to run away was shouting on top of his voice and another one in my room had to be restrained as she could be violent, also shouting – our healthcare workers must be saints! Thank goodness for the TV with headphones in the hospital-room, did not have my laptop with me and survived!!

A salute to all Frontliners, Healthcare workers with special thanks to MP Polyclinics, SGH A&E+Ward 76. Hospitals – the only place where the word ++Positive++ means a bad thing 

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  1. I am glad you had a Good hospital experience. My second and third to last visitswere life saving. I am sitting in my taxi outside the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which is at the back of the Harvard Medical School, and I can see my hospital since 1972, the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital which brought me back from stroke sufferer hell. We have enormous non-financial debts to the medical profession. I wish you the best, Amy!   >James<

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    • Thank you James, good to hear from you. Hospital stays are never the best stays, but as long as there is life, one can only make the best of it and count every blessings. As for the financial part, I doubt that I can stay alive in the US, thus choosing to live in SIN or Norway as we do have some help there. You take good care of your heart too.

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