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23 Apr 2020 – Keeping The Positive Attitudes

Mon: Good Mon morning from SIN – the NEGATIVE result has never been so welcome in my life as it was last weekend! Some humour to start another week in the midst of this COVID-19 to keep any test results negative with positive attitudes.

Victor commented – cannot get through the HDB door! Answer – this one can, specially designed by me, just deflate the bottom part. This pix somehow triggered off this quote –  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Those words applies to Gone with the Wind. But in this case, I do give a damn about the seriousness of the present situation and will try my best to live by the regulations here as I sincerely do believe that our SIN leaders are logical&sensible and are trying to do their best for their nation&ppl.

How can I thank cousin Karen enough for her absolutely delicious home-made Chinese Black Chicken Herbal Soup+fruits – most appreciative for her graciousness&kindness.

Being such a fan of soups, must get myself one of these cooker/steamers. Consuming black chicken will let you not only able to feel the WOW sensation but also get the beneficial effects to your body –

Tue: has it really been exactly 6yrs ago (2014) since I had my whole flock gathered? This must be the only pix I have of us all (11) together and when will it be in this life’s journey can we all be together again??

SIN PM (glad to see that he does have shirt&tie in the another colour than just pink!) spoke today and Circuit Breaker/CB period is extended till 1Jun – SIN is vigilant with the tracking&testing. The number of cases here are the highest (9,000+) in SE Asia mainly due to the tight-accommodations for the foreign workers. So far the fatalities are at 11 at present. When all this is over, hopefully our foreign workers (1+mil) will have decent living&working conditions, be better educated&informed so that they can help themselves to a healthy life. 2pix downloaded

CB : 7Apr till 4May
Safe Distancing : 27Mar
Beaches Closed : 11Apr
Mandatory mask wear : 15Apr
CB Extension : Till 1Jun (announced 21Apr)
Entry to specific 4major market using last digit of ID : Odd number on odd days, even number on even days

Wed: Good Wed 22Apr 2020 EARTH DAY (50thAnniversary) morning from SIN where the CB has been extended until 1Jun.

PLEASE STAY HOME&follow the regulations to help with preventing&stopping more COVID-19 cases from spreading.

To mark Earth Day, took out my seed collection to remind me of some of my trips&walks when&where I picked these, and now I finally have the time to create something out of them.

Something for Vday, Christmas+a Norwegian troll who has turned into stones in the daylight! If only all these viruses can also turn into stones in the daylight, I am sure I can survive without going out in the dark!!

Thu: isn’t it bad enough with the present situation as it is without making it worse by turning this into political, etc? Can we just try and get thru’ this by lifting and supporting each other with compassion&positive vibes so that we can pull thru’ this??

Four important life lessons that I learned from the migrant workers | Raj Singh | TEDxNTU – listening to this TEDx talk got me completely down, not that I was not aware of all these happenings or whatever is happening around, on the contrary very aware and updated with world news (sometimes TMI can be more harmful), but its the feeling of helplessness that got me into tears all night. Need to focus on happy thoughts or I will go insane. 

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