Easter Weekend 2020

14 Apr 2020 – Active Aging

Sat: the playground&common areas downstairs are all roped-up to make sure that ppl do not gather around;

the neighbourhood is nice&quiet as I collect my free reusable mask@the RC downstairs (the only one there, no lines!), and took a slow stroll across the road.

SIN 1st BengawanSolo Cake-Shop (1979 B/W pix credits to JeromeLim’s blog The Long And Winding Road) is just across the road from me with only 1other customer in the shop. One of my favourite cookies to cheer the Easter weekend up

Do feel blessed living here as it is well maintained,

but unfortunately somehow some ppl are either ignorant of just unable to read to take instructions. Here is another eg, just only about 2weeks ago, I mentioned that a bicycle was finally removed (1st feed-back mailed in 2017) on the staircase and this notice was up on the notice board after it was removed. Today, what do I see on the staircase – time to write to the MPTC again next week, need to nip it at the bud before more things keep piling up.

Sun: Happy Easter Sunday from SIN to those marking the day and to all – stay healthy&safe and STAY HOME. Took a whole day to find appropriate Easter motives pix to share; here is a blast from past Easters in Norway (skiing trips like this pix with perfect conditions in N Norway were some of the best Easters I can remember) & USA.

Some precious today shots from The FaBulous5+their parents in the US, tkx to Linn. Camera-shy in Norway!

No more swimming for now, but can still walk and hopefully will be able to keep walking and can still hang the portable hammock and use my chair+table (a belated 70thGift to myself) outside the 4walls without anyone around (would NOT be out there if there were anyone) for fresh-air – all easily packed back behind the 4walls after the use of them.


Mon: an early walk ended with food shopping (S$9)  Some neighbourhood food stalls still remain open, but strictly for takeaway DaBao only (all eateries in SIN serve only takeaway for now), yummy MeePok breakfast+coffee (S$6). To save our environment, plx remember to bring along your own clean containers.

Tue: have not been out of SIN since I returned 1Nov 2019 (5+months ago, record since I stopped working), to a movie since mid Jan and on a bus, MRT, cab or any other cars since nearly 3weeks ago. Thank goodness everything I need are within walking distance and good to know when to avoid the crowds, but that I have learnt to do for most of my life. When FB flashed back a memory from 8yrs ago today made me feel so blessed to have so far lived an active life. No complains for not being so active (physically) for now as this too shall pass, but will try hard to keep the mind&memory active.


Active aging requires us to go on living life to the full no matter how differently – Joan Chittester

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    • Hello James – good to hear from you. Belated Happy Easter and hope that all is well with you&yours. Take care, stay healthy&safe.

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