Hello April 2020

1 Apr 2020 – No Fooling Around With COVID-19

Sat: glad that I was at the local branch (MarineParade) post office yesterday and not the main branch. Today’s news was where the new cluster was reported@the main branch. This is getting too close to home, will have to let Norway&US family know that no more care-packages until the situation is better.


Only discovered SIN main PostOffice recently in Dec 2019 – misleading and strange have a building name Singpost which is actually a mall with the post office in a a tiny section far back in the corner on L1. Pix&map downloaded.


Sun: comment from Hazel – I was wondering how you managed, Amy. Can’t imagine living in a huge city just now. We are in Ballycotton and get food deliveries. And walk on country roads- the cliff walk is closed – too narrow. 

To give her an idea what city-living is like here in SIN – avoid peak&rush hour if I have to take public transport. Morning walk&swim (not on weekends, live less than 5mins walk to the coast) before sunrise, might see a couple of ppl or none – usually none, but I like it that way. The best way to start my day.

It is just only a matter of 2mins by taking the elevator or 7flights of stairs down, crossing the road to the local provision stores (know as Mama-stores here) where I can get everything I need there.


If lazy to cook, another few steps from these stores to the next corner gives me the choice of all these dishes, eg 2veg, 1meat+rice S$3.30. S$15 for Sun morning-coffee, sardine-lunch, dinner+dessert, tonic for a gin-nightcap and ice-cream for the week. This is not the most healthy diet, but weekend indulgence for a balance!

Mon: this bicycle has been here since 2017 when I wrote a feedback to MPTC. They slapped it with a warning sticker that it will be removed then, but did not follow-up with their warning. Over the years, a box was added next to the bicycle (forgot to take pix). Nov2019, was personally at MPTC to book and put a deposit for the use of the common area and reminded them about this. Today someone finally knocked on my door and asked if I am the owner of the bicycle. Case closed and finally the common area looks like how it should – better late than never!

Getting another free update, this time a digital TV HD Set-Up.  Was aware that I was getting this update, thus did not bother me too much having the TV on with just volume but no image to keep up with the news, now can also see what is going on too, not sure if it is for the best!!

Getting overwhelmed with all the COVID-19 news. Checking out a few movies on Netflix, finding the feel good movies, not only social-distancing but also negative-distancing to get thru’ these turbulence times. Concentrating on good memories and positive thoughts. Tkx to Wiggs/AT Karen for recommending these, had a bad attack of asthmatic cough the past few nights and then remembered that I bought these when we were in CHS last year – really helped me to sleep thru’ last night. 

Tue: Happy 83rd Bday to sis Jo, no celebrations this year to avoid any gatherings. Throwbacks from 2011, 2014&2018 when the hair was still being coloured in 2011, glad that stage is over and now more or less all naturally white. Otherwise not much change in these pix for the GG&OG over the years except for the PG who are growing up fast.

Wed: All Fools’ Day, but this year no fooling around, even Google is skipping its pranks due to COVID-19

11160278_10153168718117521_2054622894_n - Copy

Pix credits to Leonard taken Apr2015 in Brunei – Take care of your Body, it’s the only Place you have to Live in. You did not realize how anti-social you are until there is a pandemic, and your life does not really change – saw these 2 quotes somewhere and so appropriate for&to me!

Talk like Doraemon Malaysian ministry issues tips for wives during COVID-19 movement control order, and I thought that I was either dreaming? or was that a bad April Fools’ joke?? Where do they get ministers like these???


Just one of those moods to spike my vitamin C with an umbrella to end this All Fools’ Day without the Fool On the Hill but with The Bucket List. So until tomorrow good night for now to those in my time-zone. If I continue this way, my family&friends might send me to the funny-farm in a straight-jacket!

2 Apr – Happy Bday MarianneH
4 Apr – Happy Bday RichardY
8 Apr – Happy Bday TorillW
12 Apr – Happy Bday PeggyT
15 Apr – Happy Bdays LynneO & AileenK
17 Apr – Happy Bdays AnneS, SharonK & Sarah
22 Apr – Happy Bday Ike
29 Apr – Happy Bday Stanley

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