27 Mar 2020 – Mandai Crematorium&Columbarium


Wed: usually would take the bus changing to MRT and then another bus to MandaiRd to get to the crematorium.  Now with the construction, to discover that it was easier and faster on bus966, changing to 171 taking 1+hr to MandaiAve. And all these years I have been taking the longer route – learn something new. 

Paying respect to my parents and they are going to get new neighbours when the constructions are completed. Looks like a few other ppl are here to do their ChingMing(4Apr) duties in advance too so as to avoid the crowds.

An easy 1min walk from the Columbarium Complex to the stairs down to the car-park and up the escalators to the Crematorium. By now I can find my way blind-folded as I usually will pay respect to my parents when I am here to bid farewell to anyone to be cremated.

Now to bid final farewell to 10thAuntie LAM PohChee/Emily(97), may she RIP. Here is an example of social distancing with 8family members +3non-family members. Pix credits to cousin Jason.

1st visit to cousin John who has been living in this neighbourhood for the past 50yrs! He sure has a green-thumb (anyone who can get air-plant to flower has green-thumb!), and not surprising for someone who majored in agriculture. If my memory serves me correctly, he used to have an orchid farm and was also one of the first supplies to KFC and later also one of the first to rear black chickens.

Today his farm is in JB across the causeway, and Malaysia being on lockdown, he is unable to go there.

Have not had this Kedondong (Spondias dulcis, known commonly as ambarella) juice since my last trip to KCH in Jan2019. Tkx to cousin John, these came from his garden here, enough to juice for the week. (cut-fruit pix downloaded) Healthy diet with CH&Ting’s farm produce+this juice, the immune system should be strong enough to fight COVID-19, but hopefully it will stay far far away.

Thu: glad that my duties for ChingMing was done yesterday. Today in the news –

Eat tasty&healthy to boost the immune system – dinner tonight and one of my favourite ways to prepare a simple&yummy steam halibut (min bones!) with ginger+these and garnish with plenty of fresh herbs. Bon Appetit.

Fri: at the local post office to mail Easter gifts to the grandchildren. There social distancing is truly enforced, only 2ppl were allowed in and the rest had to wait outside. Continued to WaterlooSt to pick up some red melon seeds and some other dried goods. First time to seeing KwanImThong temple closed in daylight and hardly anyone around – does this mean that even the Goddess of Mercy has given up?

Had my Guiling Gao 龟苓膏=herbal Jelly@KoongWohTong. What is this herbal jelly about, too long to explain but wikipedia will tell you all about it. Not sure if I believe about the benefits, but I do like the bitter taste and will always have it without honey.

Now that I have stock-up for a few weeks, will isolate myself if necessary, but am still missing ice-cream which I have to have – hahaha

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