Hot Water Tank

4 Mar 2020 – Welcome March 2020

Sun: welcome Mar2020 this time round of durian, chilly-crabs, salted-eggs squids, etc to celebrate Calvin’s belated Bday. My heart will give up on me if my diet continues like this, need to take a break from these rich high-cholesterol foods. The fruit stall@MP-Promenade will no longer be selling durian as the season ends now, this is one of the stalls I frequent as the seller is honest enough to throw away the fruits not up to standard upon opening. Sam does not like this fruit – durian pix credits to Helen.

1st time trying out this place in the neighbourhood@Diamond Kitchen 钻石小厨 for the promotion of crabs – interestingly this branch is located in a condo complex. 

Tasty chilli crabs, salted egg squids bringing calamari to another level.

Had 4 of their signature dishes and they did not disappoint, but slightly heavy with the MSG. Will return – they called and have to return tomorrow to pick up my camera which was forgetfully left there tonight – senior moments! 

Mon: good Mon morning, do like the kitchen view of the HDB roof-top garden of a car-park. This sign is posted in some of the estates and hopefully ppl will read it.

SGF OrchidShow cancelled+hot-water tank dripping&plumber not available until tomorrow. Tkx to Calvin for his idea to redirect the water to a bigger container. Not a complain just sharing and documenting to find out that the last time the hot-water heater had to be changed was 8yrs ago (S$380). Have no idea to the life-span of these things, but with 5ppl showering at least twice a day when the family was here probably over-loaded it.

Thank goodness it happened now and not when I am away. All the towels stored there absorbed most of the water and good that it was clean water, just had to hang them out to dry as they were just washed last week. Thought I had to take cold showers after turning if off on Sun, but as it turned out, water was still hot on Sun night and tonight, it is warm.

Tue: tkx to Vincent (contractor/Palmwood Pte Ltd)&Heng (plumber/Inter Plumbing & Reno Pte Ltd), no more dripping hot-water tank. Out with the old (made in China) and in with the new (made in Italy), hopefully free from COVID-19!

What are the chances that both hot-water tanks I have are made where the virus are most prominently found at present?? Let’s hope this (S$500) will last me to the end of my days! Feeling more comfortable with washing dishes in real hot water, especially in the midst of this epidemic.

We can’t predict what a virus we’ve never seen will do – MarcLipsitch

Wed: planning to do some reading&sewing if the eyes are not too tired.

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