19 Mar 2020 – And Leprechauns

Sun: today in the US she is 15 – Happy Birthday#2, a box of chocolate to her – life is like a box of chocolate with sweet memories from when she was 6 in the house that got burnt down! Sweeter memories of the short week here last month.

Appreciations for yummy home-made dinner@Ivy&Les. Les managed to capture these wonderful shots just when I was entering their gate. Delighted to know that these beautiful Hornbills are around. Saw 3 of them last year on MackenzieRd, but they were not that big…


Mon: getting my never-ending indoor projects and concentrating to gear up the creative mood ready to work on them.  

Tue: Lá Fhéile Pádraig Happy St Patrick’s Day from SIN to all celebrating. Due to present circumstances the parade&reception are cancelled. Same situation in Dublin/Ireland, Chicago&NewYork/USA. Let’s hope&pray that St Patrick can banish COVID-19 like he did with the snakes! Take care, stay healthy&enjoy the day the best you can – sláinte

Thank you Carmel for her thoughtfulness, bringing back memories of boarding school days where&when I first discovered these and found them most additive – looking much forward to tasting. On top of this, Jane/Tasmania posted this and that got me digging into my wardrobe to find my old blazer (1965) from the boarding school I attended in Dublin@Earlsfort Terrace – not that it fits me any longer, but it was my 1st blazer.

Wed: 46yrs ago today, this bundle of joy arrived into my arms in Dublin/Ireland and I have been blessed into motherhood ever since then. Happy Birthday to my beautiful 1st-born Linn and thank you for being. Sometimes I think I am dreaming to have a 46yrs old daughter and if I am, plx do not wake me.

Appreciations to Calvin for this farewell dinner – safe journeys&all the best to Glenn, will miss his smile as he returns to his homeland in the Philippines after a decade with Campers here. Looking forward for him to showing us around his country some day. He recommends this the Batanes Island and after reading about this location, can’t wait until pandemic is over.

How Hup Bbq Seafood 好和海鲜 Whampoa Makan Place, highly recommended – you know that the seafood here is good&fresh when the charming owner James loves fishing.

Fisherman&fish pix credits to Estella and tkx to her for the drinks. Karen/USA commented that she was surprised to see these larger gatherings and my reply – large will be over 12ppl for me, all I know here tonight are in good health and it is an alfresco location.

You see? I know where every single book used to be in the library.’ She pointed to the shelf opposite. ‘Over there was Catch-22, which was a hugely popular fishing book and one of a series, I believe ― Jasper Fforde, Shades of Grey

Thu: woke up after a strange dream – will edit when I can figure out what it is about? Great to catch up with CH&Ting for dinner@MyBriyaniHouse/MarineCove and dessert@PS.Cafe EastCoast Park, 1st time here. For a Thu night and considering the present situation, it was crowded, but glad that I could introduce the KeyLimePie there to CH&Ting. Tkx for these Rocket, Beetcrest&Mizuna, yummy fresh organic produce from her farm. Blessed with the best salads for the weekend – Ting is the supplier for many of the Michelin+5*restaurants here.