Imagine There’s No Countries

20 May 2019 – And No Religion Too

Sat: helping out one more day@CC. Nice to have Calvin&Sam are back. Will be pleasantly surprised if these shelves with glasses&bottles will look like these after this week! The ropes as vibrantly colourful as they are do need some tiding up.

Exciting walk on Mackenzie Rd near the Istana where we saw 3Hornbills, tkx to Lenord good eyes. Quite an unexpected delightful sight in a city. Moments like this is when a more sophisticated camera would do justice to these beautiful birds.

Discovering OldChangKee first outlet. Like the giant display of my favourite curry-puff on the building.

Yummy fusion dinner@EasyNoodle in the JalanBesar area.

Preparations for VesakDay at full-force crowding around Thekchen Choling 大乘禅寺 

Named after the monastery of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, it houses one of the biggest collections of mantra wheels in SIN.

Stumbled upon some wall-mural painter on the way to DoubleDurian – the Smelliest Cafe in Lavender, for my favourite DurianSmoothie. Appreciations to Leonard who seems to know where my interest&taste with both food&places.

Sun: day to rest and get things done within the 4-walls. Tkx to Audrey for helping out with some Cantonese sentences.

Mon: somebody in FB posted this brilliant post. If only all these power-heads can Imagine to John Lennon’s lyrics Imagine, there might be a chance for peace on earth. This is so worth sharing (do remember to turn the vol up) on this Mon public holiday in SIN – have a good week ahead and keep imagining. Can never get enough of John Lennon’s Imagine – 

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today…

It was indeed a hot day and seems even hotter in the shade while passing by the stalls in the ArabSt area. Being the fasting time, many of the stalls are closed in the day. Looking forward to seeing the lights@GeylangSerai, hopefully sometime this week or latest next week.

Can never get enough of these old against new background scenes.

Finding my way to Cicheti@KandaharSt and was amazed to see these 2ppl having a picnic in this heat. At first sight, thought they were statues but on closer look to discover that they are real ppl unlike those on the RSVP field.

Appreciations to Ivy&Les for yummy VesakDay lunch. The beef was tender&tasty and so were the other 6dishes at this charming place with excellent service. No time to take pix of the dishes as they were consumed quite immediately upon placing on the table. One of the dishes was on house, tkx to Angie and wines were brought by Les. Today’s foods&wines was good enough even to the angels’ delight.

Tkx to Leonard to taking videos of me for audition to send to Birdmandog Pte Ltd who is producing a new TV show. Speaking in Hokkein is not my dialect or mother-tongue, even just 3sentences by a supposedly a sick grandma. Learnt something new by just trying and whatever will be will be!

Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera sera – Doris Day who died last week aged 97, may she RIP.

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