17 May 2019

18 May 2019 – Survivor-Kit

Mon&Tue: letters off to HDB, NEA&Polymer Technologies.

An easy meal but the best when hungry and to top it all by dinning under billions of stars. Do drop by and can help you choose your menu. Will be at CC until Sat to help with your outdoors adventures. It is a good idea to have some of these things in your store-room.

When living in Florida/USA always had a basic-box for survivor purposes incase of hurricanes. That box is checked regularly replacing outdated stuff. Now this will be the future survivor-kid with the luxury of a 3-course-meal vs the basic survivor-kid for a few days if all hell breaks lose. Would be wise to package a basic survivor-kid, but more fun with to do a grading&pricing of them from 5* to 1*

Wed: got a cake to celebrated PengHann’s belated Bday. Many new faces including Freddy who I got to know better than the others. Missing Calvin, Sam (overseas), Glen&Moses (NovenaSq)+other ex-CC staff.

Thank you Alvin for his video. The Root-Beer Float was special for his request as a joke and we do NOT serve that at CC, but it is getting popular with the staff to make themselves a pick-me-up treat.

Thai food dinner across the road and it is quite decent. Do not know why Calvin&Co do not think much of the food? After 2100hrs, the scene was quite a different story. am not sure what is going on, but interesting to witness! When in the area, will return for the food another day.

Thu&Fri: hurra for 17mai. Have dressed CC’s window to mark the day, but being a long weekend, ppl are away. Introduced Aquavit & skål to Freddie&Caleb (poor innocent boys corrupted by this grandmother!) PengHann has tried it.

The last time I celebrated 17May with Linn&May was 2012 in OSL.


Sooo missing Trail Days this year with AT-Hiking Buddies and the drive with MoFo to&from Trail Days. Enjoy and be safe to those who are heading there this weekend. Wiggs&HiHills will not be there either. Pix credits to MoFo&Pokey.

Sad to learn about this recent murder on the AT.

Ronald “Stronghold” Sanchez, the victim from the recent fatal stabbing on the Appalachian Trail. There is no silver lining to this story- but it’s only right that we honor Stronghold’s memory, a veteran who sought the outdoors to help him overcome his depression and PTSD. You are in the thoughts and hearts of all of us in the trail community. We will continue down the trail in your honor. Rest In Peace – FB The Trek: Appalachian Trail


Cruel with guilt, and daring with despair, the midnight murderer bursts the faithless bar; invades the sacred hour of silent rest and leaves, unseen, a dagger in your breast – Samuel Johnson

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