International Labour Day 2019

4 May 2019 – May Day

Mon: a day@Campers to learn&know more about their products, will be there helping out until 18May.

Tue: guiding Kevin&Clay to places of worship and where else could you find a Synagogue, 2Churches, a Buddhist&Hindu Temple all within 2-3mins walking distance from one another on the same street – WaterlooSt which was actually ChurchSt many moons ago, a more appropriate name for this street, but not to confuse with another ChurchSt near RafflesPlace was thus changed.

Maghain Aboth Synagogue (1878). 

Church of Saints Peter and Paul (1870).

Sri Krishnan Temple (1870) & Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (1884). Did not make it to Masjid Bencoolen@BencoolenSt, the next street to WaterlooSt.


Wed: Crown Prince Naruhito ascended to Japan’s Chrysanthemum Throne marking the beginning of the new Reiwa era. Pix downloaded.

Happy International Labour&May Day to all. Byebye to Apr – April showers bring May flowers.

Helping out@Campers on this public holiday. Good to catch up with Thomas&family+other families with their babies in our new location. A wonderful new start to life by introducing nature&an outdoor lifestyle to the young ones.

Thu: HDB officer here to check about a drip from the AC to the downstairs neighbour’s AC, will need to get that fixed.

Fri: TGIF and a fabulous weekend to all. Tkx for this reminder&share TingTing. Seems like another life time ago and many other fantastic trails&paths have been in this life journey since then. Fond memories from 14yrs ago with Wiggs, T² & Gadget – fellow AT Thru’hikers + others who hike sections with me MoFo, Pokey, Lizard, Sawbuck&Blossom, Coops, Alleghany, Skywalker, HiHills, Loon+many others. Appreciations to Warren for making this hike possible for me and special tkx to fellow hikers who were also our trail angels, including Judy.

Tkx to CC for dinner@Whampo FoodCentre. Traffic was bad getting there due to roadworks. Appreciations to Sam for the ride back to my 4-walls, been a long day on the feet for a no longer SpringChicken, nor do I want to be one 🙂

Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young. —Karl Lagerfeld, may he RIP.

Thailand Celebrates The Coronation of King Rama X13003498-6985329-Thailand_s_King_Maha_Vajiralongkorn_and_Queen_Suthida_arrive_to_-a-57_1556807816800

Sat: as the tenth monarch of the Chakri dynasty, he is also styled as Rama X. Aged 64 at that time, Vajiralongkorn became the oldest Thai monarch to ascend to the throne. Pix downloaded.

Two crowning within a week must be a record.


Wow! Prom time for #1 (pix credits to Christie Glen Smith&Angela Bruccoli).


Seems like yesterday when her parents were at Blue&Silver-Ball@LakeHowell High/FL (1993).

1 May – Happy May Day
5 May – Happy Cinco De Mayo
6 May – Happy Bdays WONG Wai Kit & Jan SOSA
10 May – Happy Bday Andrew LAM
13 May – Happy Bday Susannah LAM
17 May – Happy Bday LAM PohChee & hurra for 17 mai
18 May – Happy Bday Helen VICKERY-YEO
23 May – Happy Bday Yasmine AMEEN
27 May – Happy Bdays LAM SuiChang Karen LIM
28 May – Happy Bday Vanessa LAM
30 May– Happy Bday Hans Kristian HUSTAD