Geylang Serai 2019

22 May 2019 – Aladdin

Tue: grocery day@Parkway Giant to save $$2.50, 3%senior day. Food market@MarineParade is reopened after renovations but my sugar-cane drink stall is no longer. Pleasant life entertainment today.

Premiere of Aladdin, tkx to Daisy. Missed Stanley, Andrew (immigrated to Australia)&Darryl (National Service) who are in  A Whole New World. Personal preference is still the 1992 animated version with Robin Williams (may he RIP). Still worth the time to enjoy another happy ending Disney movie with Wil Smith as Genie and hearing another version of A Whole New World.


Have been looking forward to this walkabout since it was set up –

started my 4hrs walk from ChangiRd-GeylangRd and up SimsAve to soak in the whole ambiance and all the lights.

Food Glorious Food – Oh food! magical food! wonderful food! marvelous food! –  Lionel Bart. Enjoying&overdosing the abundance of this festival foods.

The vibrant colours and matching family outfits are to die for. How I used to like dressing my family in the same outfits when they were kids must have been an influence from this.

The sun has not even set yet and look at the crowd on a Wed! Most definitely do NOT want to be here in the bazaars-grounds during public holidays, weekends and after sunset.

The traffic is jammed bumper to bumper. Might take a double-decker bus down this same route and up Sims Ave to enjoy the lights one more time just sitting and admiring from the comforts of an AC bus!

Delighted to discover Wisma Geylang Serai.

Here it was peaceful and beautiful, without crowds but with a high ceiling to give the feeling of open-wild space. Hypnotized by the lights and the tranquility, lingered on to calm the body&soul.

Galeri Warisan Heritage Gallery worth the visit if you are in the area.

Of all the 3 Worlds during the 1950s, this one has the best name to my ears. Visited mainly the Great World, being nearest to where I used to live. Shared this on FB Nostalgic Singapore/FB-NS and appreciations to Shamsul Bahrin who informed me that Happy World became Gay World and after that People’s Association – had always thought the there were 3Worlds, but now I know otherwise.

Childhood games and toys. We made our own catapults and 5-stones. Was not that good with the top or marbles. And again thru’ FB-NS (getting to like this new discovered site) learnt that the colourful game there is Kuti-Kuti/k-k where I used to thread thru’ the loops of the figures to make bracelets out of them, but that was not what they were for. Pix credits of k-k to Richard Lincoln

Tkx to Richard Lincoln – the kuti -kuti were used as stakes in card games during our childhood. The other way we used them was in a ‘battle’. One on one. The objective was to get your kuti-kuti up onto your opponent’s, by using the fingertip to push it up. So we always chose one that was ‘goondu’. Which meant curved or bent upwards like a ‘c’. For obvious reasons. As mentioned earlier, the loops had to be intact to use the k-k. 

Absolutely thrilled to stumble upon this cozy AC reading room where I sat for a few minutes enjoying the whole space to myself.

Taking the overpass to the market in time to see ppl breaking fast.

Also time for to listen to the heart but using the legs to head up SimsAve to bus13. Feeling blessed and appreciating this lovely evening breeze as I drift off to dreamland.

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you if you’re young at heart
For it’s hard, you will find
To be narrow of mind if you’re young at heart… – Carolyn Leigh / Johnny Richards

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