A Very Hectic Weekend

26 May 2019 – Lawrence In SIN


Thu: T4 to meet Lawrence. Lunched with Les&Ivy@LocalFreshSeasonal downstairs from FarrerPark Hospital. The Ayam Kalio (Indonesian Wet Chicken Rendang) – chicken cooked in aromatic spices&herbs was quite tasty.  Nice colours for the bread selection.

A new experience to NationalUniversityHospital/NHU to discover that KenRidge MRT Station connects to this place. Delighted that this little grasshopper wanted to be part of the shot which does not hurt! Appreciations to SengYee for seeing us with such short notice. Tkx for home-cooked dinner@Les&Ivy.

Fri: VivoCity – HokkienMee but the prawns were not fresh, considering that it is prepared indoors in a complete AC environment the taste would not be quite of that to@Lorong29. At HabourFront MRT to connect to KenRidge.

Take-away treat for myself to a GuzmanYGomez’s Burrito-Bowl with side order of guacamole@OrchardCentral, liked that I can help myself to the condiments of jalapeno, onions&coriander.

My top favourite cheese-cake – a perfect tasty quiet dinner to calm the mind&nerves before all the socials for the weekend.

Sat: TanjongPagar Terminals are no longer filled with containers – things change and move fast here in SIN.  Fortunate to sight a cruise-ship

Taking the bus to LabradorPark MRT Station – been there, done that and today is not about hiking, but going the opposite direction from the trails.

Crossing the overpass to AlexandraRd and it surprised me that the flowers here are heliconia and not bougainvillea which are what is usually planted on the overpasses.

Have not been into the PSA Building since 2decades ago when Greta was the HR-person there – now the first 2levels are filled with all kinds of eateries.

Good to catch-up with god-sister Pat/88 who goes a long way back when our parents were old family friends. Lawrence/85 used to play with her when they were kids! Fond memories of SengYee when he was just a sweet little boy, now he is a Professor&SrConsultant@NUHS, NUH&NUS, still sweet but not so little any more! Tkx to Les&Ivy for lunch&wines@CantonParadise and for dinner at home with Jo&Michael, a small family gathering in support of Lawrence.


One Good Thing After Another makes One Good Life.


Appreciations to CC management&staff for Visit Canberra talk&refreshments. Admiring Dennis’s new shoes in my new hat (hat pix credits to Yoshie).


Sun: glad that I finally got to meet with Kathleen&family from NY. Have been postponing this meeting due to family situation. A quick walk down WaterlooSt+a cuppa with them before their Sunday-Mass@Good Shepherd. Kathleen, who is the widowed sis-in-law of BroJoseph McNally and indeed a very brave lady to make this long trip with her 5children – Aidan(27), Conor(23), Tara(22), Grace(16)&Joseph(13). Pix credits of McNallySt&family to Kathleen.

Need to take the remainder of the day to get laundry, etc done and to rest before another week of hospital visits ahead.

Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy – Matt Lucas

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  1. Great to see you Amy. Thank you for your wisdom and hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Singapore. It was monumental for the children to experience this important segment of their heritage. Until we meet again….💚💚💚💚💚💚

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