SIN Sustainability Academy

30 May 2019 – Bye-Bye May 2019

Mon: Memorial Day in the US, somehow these days are slipping out of the mind the longer I am away from the US, but one must not forget those who served&died for their countries! Confusion with Lawrence’s logistics for NUH – tkx for dinner@Les&Ivy to straighten up the situation after all morning on the phone which is something used mainly for emergency or necessity – chatting on the phone is one of my pet-peeves!

Tue: picked up info@NUH with Lawrence and saw him off to KL@T4 – such is life even if the heart is working on OT, it is still beating. Tkx to Clem for dinner@IKEA and for letting me huff&puff venting my frustrations to him.

Wed: Les&Ivy were concerned and had tests done on me, but after a good night rest, things are more or less back to normal for this week! Am blessed to have such caring bro&sis-in-law. First time getting tests done in his new clinic@FarrerPark.

Somehow the apple sculpture got me thinking about the situation with US&China 🙂 funny as it may seemed in this joke, but the consequences are not going to be funny 🙁

Since in the area, decide to have lunch in FoodRepublic and do some shopping@CitySquareMall. With thoughts of the grandchildren’s Bdays ahead, pick up a whole bunch of things@Diaso which are small&light enough to be AirMail.

Always looking with envy at this 4-storey-playground – the heart is sooo willing, but the head is saying otherwise…

Decided to venture on to the top-floor to take pix and happily discovered SIN Sustainability Academy/SSA which has been built to highest energy efficiency and green building standards and will serve as the city-state’s sustainability learning and collaboration hub.

The rooms on the roof-top-level (hot hot hot outdoors) were closed, but there are info on the walls on the 6Level.

When will these power talking-heads get into their heads that ClimateChange is for real and not FakeNews??? May not live to see it, but my children&grandchildren will.

Been many moons ago since I last caught up with Gerald, tkx for dropping by to get ideas&to check out on what a 3-room-HDB can look like after renovations!


Thu: the old with the new on Coleman St.

Premiere screening of Remembrances, People, Places, Events@OldhamTheatre here in this newly renovated NationalArchives. Was there 2decades ago and it is quite a change, including how far movie&media are now. 1930s-clip of a Peranakan Wedding, 1959-SIN Scene, 1966-NationalDayParade, 1976-Talent-time GrandFinal.


Malay language movie Cinta Kaseh Sayang (1965)/Love&Affection (with English subtitles). Tkx to Bryan for the title, movie poster downloaded. If I were doing the translation for this title, it would have been Love&Lust – LOL 🙂

Nice theatre, was there early to take pix! but was quite packed when the show started. Do remember to have a jacket with you!

The times you lived through, the people you shared those times with — nothing brings it all to life like an old mix tape. It does a better job of storing up memories than actual brain tissue can do. Every mix tape tells a story. Put them together, and they can add up to the story of a life ― Rob Sheffield,

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