28 Feb 2020 – ‘Live And Let Live, To Everything There is A Season’

Tue: COVID-19 has now spread into 50countires including Norway – that is not good, hope that we are not heading to a pandemic. Being such an OCD person as I am, washing of hands, keep my living conditions quite sterilized, etc have been a priority in my lifestyle, now will have to be more mindful remembering to not touch my face&hair when I am out. Also limiting to be in big crowds especially in enclosed AC environments, but that has never been a problem as crowds are not my forte.

Malaysian’s political turbulence with PM Mahathir Mohamad’s (94) resignation, one can wonder and be amazed at how this world’s oldest leader’s manipulating mind works. So does that mean that being just 70, there is a slight chance that my mind can still stay in tact?

And so it is to a last day of grocery shopping at this Giant@PP – very empty shelves and not much deals or promotions since there are other Giant branches which are still open to take over most of what is in here. Will have to take a bus to Bedok and the free shuttle to the main Giant@Tampines in future. No worries – do enjoy a day out on a joy-ride when I can also have a bite@IKEA which is located across the road from Giant there.

Tkx to Clem for dinner@DinTaiFung and durians@MP Promenade, was a lovely breezy night sitting outside to enjoy The King of Fruits and a walk on ECPk from PP to MarineCove.

According to the comments of FB sharing of my favourite local fruit, seems like most who like this fruit are locals or have Asian ancestors! Or maybe it is an acquired taste – except Larry/USA& Tore, but then the Norwegians like rakfisk (fermented fish ) and so do I who have live many years in Norway and Larry who lived in SIN for many years. Ellen/Norway commented with what seems to be an interesting link – World’s stinkiest fruit could make super-fast electric chargers and I wonder is rakfish can do the same?

Wed: a good day to rid of thing, clothes, etc to different charities who collect.

Thu: MeePok dinner@SengHuat CoffeeHouse/NorthBridge Rd (one of my favourites MeePok when in the area). Delicious&light newly discovered CamembertCheeseCake@Paris Baguette/Bugis and this really taste better than it looks.

Appreciations to AudreyM for last night’s touching performance (70thBday gift from her) by father&son – Adrian&ZacharyPang of The Son. Temp screened and a show of pix ID to enter into NLB building where the Drama Centre is.

Liked how the scenes quietly changed in the dark without any disturbance to the concentration – this deep stage setting with the partitions is a clever way for the efficient change of scenes, 2hrs without intermission with some intense issues to reflect on! Highly recommended with a good relevant message to all when struggling to save a lost loved one, where, sometimes, love is not enough.

Fri: TGIF and a healthy weekend to all. Tkx to Ivy&Les for dinner tonight with ClemBlackPepperCrabs, squids presented in this lovely edible basket@LongBeach/Dempsey.

Drinks and cigar for Les@a private club with an interesting collection of art – a sculpture which I like as it reminded me of our father who enjoyed his cigars.

No titles, labels or names on these private collection of the owner of this club, but the banana lamp is quite something!

Sat: byebye Feb2020 and it will be another 4yrs to the next Leap-Year. So, does that mean that if you are born today you will only be 1 in 2024??? And with regard to the quote below, I will make sure not to propose today (or ever) – lol

If a woman proposes to a man on Feb. 29, a leap day, he must accept, according Irish tradition…

Family’s Visit/2

24 Feb 2020 – Until We meet Again…

Thu: snipp snapp snut, så var eventyr slut – so ends the fairy-tale stay-cation@MBS tkx to cousin AnnieLim&Neo. A perfect location with something to do for everyone and a room with a view.

Shopping at the mall for #2 and water features@Gardens By the Bay for #6

Tkx to Pat for having us to her place for T. Great that the kids get to meet and #6 was happy to have someone his age, Lucas&Beth+all the toys in the house. So busy chatting that I miss the opportunity to take pix, especially with Jo&Michael there. Nice that L&M could meet up for a drink with Pat&David+Yasmine&Andrew while I stay back with #2&6. 

Fri: TGIF – the week has gone by too quickly. Tkx to Clement for yummy DimSum Lunch@WahLok/CarltonHotel, drinks@LongBar/RafflesHotel, where #6 was amused that we could throw the peanut shells on the floor. Have always wanted to introduce the fountain@Bugis to one of my grandchildren, and now finally one who enjoyed running through the spouts.

Delicious&healthy home-made dinner in a house with an elevator.

Sat: morning of packing and dividing stuff for the children&grandchildren.  Glad to be able to give away most of the jewelry and all the Norwegian silver. Shopping and getting a bite@Jewel. Appreciations to the nieces&nephews, grandniece & friend for showing up as it was the only time to try and meet up with as many as possible. Safe journeys to them all and so long for now until we meet again.

With such a big family& group of friends. a week is too short – blessed to have had my family who took time&energy from their busy schedules in US&Norway to visit for my belated 70th. Sorry to have had to cancel the family gathering, better safe than sorry under these circumstances.

Sun&Mon: with the family safe&sound back in the US&Norway, am very grateful for the sun, wind&washing machine – it has been on all of yesterday&today. Don’t ask me how many washes or for any more family pix postings! The answer is blowing in the wind’ and The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.― Sartre

Family’s Visit

19 Feb 2020 – From The USA & Norway

Wed: Day #6 in the life of Me – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge LAM Jenleng.

Thu: Day #7 in the life of Me – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge Helen See.

Tkx to Leonard for a fun walk with dinner&yummy ice-cream.

Fri: Happy Valentine’s Day. TGIF and a weekend to really look forward to for me. Linn&Ellie were supposed to arrive before mid-night, but since there was a snow-storm in Chicago, their flights have been changed to fly via DC. Took the last bus36 (2330hrs) to the airport, thus had time to roam around Jewel without any crowds

Sat: 0030hrs T2 flight from NRT arrived ahead of schedule with 2beautiful masked-ladies, the younger one has a cast for her stressed fracture, and with the KneeRover she can handle longer distances than with just the crutches. Getting some rest before heading to the airport again for the next pick-up.

1715hrs – the person with the Norwegian flag is not me or anyone I know, but she must have also been waiting for someone from Norway on FinnAir arrived ahead of schedule. Both L&M, #2&6 all healthy, safe&sound are now with me and I am on Cloud#9. Here is to our first Chocolate-Prata.

Sun: day@EastCoastPk and dinner with some of their cousins was a good start to this time together with the family.

Mon: electrical works happening and no power in the 4-walls – a good day to be out and about this beautiful day by bus, MRT& another change of bus,  the last stretch was slightly too much for #6, and quite understandable as it took app 2hrs.

One of #6’s requests while in SIN is to see the panda,

and that he got to see+more. A fabulous outdoor day in the best company with good weather to visit&watch wild-life without any crowds or lines. Am impressed with this River Safari, first time for me there, continued with the Night-Safari. Time to call for a maxi-Grab which too app 30mins.

Tue: stay-cation for the famous infinity-pool at MBS tkx to cousin Annie&Neo. Remember, in the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole, and complete… and so are you – Louise L. Hay

LeVel33 – beer tasting with Ivy&Les, Ann&Tim and Clement, first time I got this nice alfresco corner. Tkx to Les for pub food, the lamb there was delicious.

Wed: appreciations to Adeline for yummy healthy lunch with a view@Spago. The breeze there was wonderfully relaxing, could have taken a nap there. May&#6 were out enjoying Gardens by the Bay. For me, the problems with this stage in life are that I get a headache under the sun or if I drink any alcoholic drinks, oh well – not complaining, been there, done it all, only thing is that I would have like to see #6 enjoying his time here. He is the youngest and probably the last grandchild for me.

A short visit to Ivy&Les before dinner as #6 has never been, both #2&6 enjoyed had a good game. Tkx to Ivy&Les, the evening ended with a small family gathering@ParadiseTeochew/ScottsSquare where some the best food&wine from Les’s cellar. Safe journeys to Ann&Tim who will be flying back to Ireland tomorrow.

Seize the moment, remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart ― Erma Bombeck

B/W Challenge by Cousin YatSoon

11 Feb 2020 – In the Life of ME

Sun: Day #3 in the life of ME – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge Carmel O’Callanghan-Tan. Strange as to how we look forward to put up the decorations for the various festivities and looking forward just as much to get them down! Tonight every bit of festive decorations will be put into storage. Only for Christmas&CNY do I bother to have more than just a reminder. Valentine’s Day is next – there will be some red hearts as a reminder of that day and after 12hrs, it will be byebye to them, but this year, they will stay a few more days to welcome my loved ones.

Tkx to Martin for this share, made my day – need some humour under these turbulence circumstances! NO offence directed or intended to any country, race, etc., but this is just too funny not to share with Foodie-Friends&Superheros-Fans including myself. Not so sure what the Corona-Brand-Beer would thing of their brandname, even thought it is the top selling beers worldwide and one of the few beers I like.

Another delicious 7course-dinner@Sentosa-GolfClub with Ann&Tim, Angie&YewHuat and Collin – tkx to Ivy&Les

I like very few wines, but who can resist a 1994 Château Margaux, an excellent match for the duck or fish or even without food.  No moon on this wet rainy night, but perfect weather for a goodnight rest

Mon: Day #4 in the life of ME – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge Karen Scalf-Benham. My real challenge at present is how to arrange sleeping spaces for 5ppl (including myself), do wonder how extended families from 2-10ppl live in such tight space? Know of some families who live or have lived in this exact space-size. Now to also locate stuff that I want the family to take with them. Yummy left-overs food from last night’s dinner.

Tue: Day #5 in the life of ME – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge JanSosa.

Grocery shopping day@PP/Gaint. A walk so familiar that could practically be on auto-pilot or go blind-folded and only now in bright daylight did I discover why I fell 2weeks ago in the dark on this path. What are the chances with the only uneven brick on this whole path and I have to trip on it – everything is on the mend now, tkx to my healthy living! These impressively clean and well-kept both shaded and unshaded pathways are the common walkways in this MP-area. Passed by the MP-Polyclinic with long lines, at the PostOffice to mail 2packages to the US, recontracted with my Broadband service@M1 for another 2yrs@S$9per month – a productive day.

Amazed to find these shelves so empty and a whole floor-section of frozen-goods+the freezers all gone. Have never seen a grocery store so under-stocked, but then have also been told that this PP/Giant will be moving out?? Got this fan for S$40 (discounted), now that my 4-walls is so well-ventilated with all the windows opened during this epidemic. No shortage with fresh produce and seafood at the grocery. It’s raining cats&dogs this evening and enjoying every moment of it with my yummy prawn-noodle-soup dinner made from scratch.

I am not poking fun at the CoronaVirus epidemic or the Chinese food culture. But I feel if meat consumption can cause such an apocalypse, it’s better to live with greens – SaiSarnagi

Last Day of 2020 CNY Celebrations

8 Feb 2020 – ChapGohMeh

Tue: grocery shopping@Giant&IKEA/Tampines. Got mama owl (S$19.90) night-light 3yrs ago as my older night-light gave up on me after 17yrs then! Saw this new little one (S$9.90) today and could not resist it – had to get it to keep mama company, giving more light to avoid more falls&learning to be as wise as 2owls.

Another light has seen the last of its day after 2decades, it is still in perfect condition, but unable to find a bulb. Let’s see how long this new one will last. A set of wired-drawers for the papers helped to make more space on a cluttered desk.

Wed&Thu: getting bedding accessories, linen, towels, etc washed&cleaned ready to accommodate 5ppl in 700sq’/65sqM. 2beds, a convertible sofa-bed+2mattress on the floor should be comfortable for 5nights, excluding 2nights staycation@MBS. Let’s keep our fingers crossed with hopes&prayers that this novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic will not become a pandemic.

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all. Cousin Yat-Soon Yeo (have not seen him since Apr 2018) challenged me – Day #1 in the life of Me, 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge Skyjohn Js – last saw him in HKG Dec 2015 when LokLok was still there.

Dim-sum brunch@MarineParade with the LionDancer, and a short walk to I12 which will be closing soon. Got a dress I have been eyeing since before Christmas for 50% off. Another dessert round@GobiDesserts.

Have been wanting to eat this after they moved from the junction of JooChiat&EC Rd. Finally got to DunmanFood Centre for SaySeng’s TauKwaPau. A trip to CC to wish Calvin welcome back and a Healthy&Wealthy Year of the Rat, great to catch up with Helen too.

Deepest condolences with prayers&thoughts to Dr Li’s pregnant wife&child – such a sad ending for a decent guy.

Sat: Day #2 in the life of ‘Me’ – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. Today I challenge Hazel Armstrong.

Some ppl in HKG have reportedly started clearing out shelves of food in supermarkets. And it appears that the same is happening in SIN after the announcement that it is Dorscon ORANGE. Seems like this epidemic has turned some ppl into beasts on this 15th day of the first full moon after the CNY known as ChapGohMeh.

There is no folly of the beasts of the earth which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men ― Herman Melville

Welcome Ann&Tim from Ireland. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for dinner@VioletOon/ClarkeQuay.

Tourist guiding on the SIN River ride on this full-moon night

Always like showing off SIN, especially on such a beautiful evening with Tim howling at the full moon!

Enjoying a drink with life-music after the river ride.

ClarkeQuay, a tourist trap where 1scoop of ice-cream cost S$10!! and a scene for the younger generation to be seen. Did not believe my eyes to see Zouk still around.

Hello February 2020

3 Feb 2020 – Joo Chiat Road

Wed: another day to enjoy the cool rains inside the 4walls.

Thu: at CC trying to get more pp of the UKC2C Thru’Hike for the PictureBook Express. Great catching up with Hannah&Heiko to hear about their cycle-trip so far. They started Oct 2018 from Germany/HH2SG and had to take a break a few weeks ago from Vietnam as Hannah fell ill. The medical care there did not seem to help her and she seems much better after returning to SIN. Hopefully they can return soon to Vietnam to complete the rest of their trip. Tkx to Pat@Owls for the salmon&drink.

Fri: TGIF on this 1st Fri to the Year of the Rat – a healthy&safe weekend to all. Fresh produce shopping@the local wet market with yummy ChaiTowKway 菜头粿 CarrotCake (not a dessert!) for breakfast. There are not that many stalls that make it the way I really like. My favourite one at Marine Terrace (the one JosephSchooling likes too). But that packed up after 30yrs as the cook was getting sickly&old. This new one opened just 2 stalls away from the old one and it is pretty decent.

Also Happy Birthday to everyone, tkx to Johnny for the reminder that today, the 7thCNYday is YanYat人日

CC again and tkx Henry for his help&advice for the book. Definitely need to reconsider postponing the UKC2C talk. Trying to avoid crowds+the heat, thus was out doing some grocery shopping in the dark. Fell, and thank goodness nothing serious besides a bruised little finger& a couple of superficial knee bruises. Walking in the dark has never been my forte, and even more so off the main paths!

Sat: looks like the hood is setting-up for the big dinner tonight.

Appreciations to Audrey – the only place with a view to taste this yummy Shanghainese savoury nian-gao. This special recipe is from her mom&grandma. Bon Appetit with fond memories of Betty.

Was only introduced to this by Audrey last decade, never tasted this in my childhood, only the sweet ones!

Tkx to Clem for dropping by to check on my fall, but time to galavant with Leonard before the Grassroots’ dinner party starts. Ice-cream on EC Rd to start with.

JooChiat Rd between EC Rd&Dunman Rd

JooChiat Rd junction of Dunman&KoonSeng Rd. The old run-down hostel is now replaced by this new Tiong Bahru style building, middle pix.

First Lion Dance for this year for me, and off all places, a karaoke pub!


Edit: Tue23Jun2020: 95 JooChiat Rd with the latest write-up and congratulations to MichaelKer, popiah business owner among 6 to win award for promoting Cultural Heritage.

Excited to discover this delightful DIY-popiah place – another one of my favourite local dishes. Good popiah (SIN spring-rolls) and fun to make your own – will be back, highly recommended.

Changi Rd/GeylangSerai and time to turn around back after seeing the crowds.

No durians, but Lemon souffle is worth the wait@GobiDessert 350 JooChiat Rd – DESSERTS spelled backwards is STRESSED, so keep moving forward.

Back in perfect time for the tail-end of this celebrations. What a lovely savoury 4+hrs walk and only Leonard who has similar food interest is able to do this kind of long walks with me (and Clem too when his feet does not bother him!), tkx, Leo, really enjoyed this.

Sun: had AuntieNgor&Karen over for lunch as they will not be able to attend the lunch when the family is visiting. Pix credits&note from Karen – Thank you for having us cousin Amy, it was a sumptuous lunch of Gravlax, avocado prawn and a chicken salad paired with Dom Perignon to celebrate your 70th birthday. We will miss meeting your family on the day but here’s to wishing you the best of health and a great year ahead!

Mon: so far SIN has 18cases of the Wuhan virus – let’s hope that it will stay at that and not increase. Picked up my free masks yesterday, and since I already have some and Karen did not have any, gave them to her. All these flyers are posted and am glad for that info. Ppl should stop posting things that do not help with this situation.

The bruises from the fall have surprising healed fast and well, but still slightly swollen. No need for Xray as nothing seems broken, and considering the present situation, will avoid hospitals&polyclinics. Have to be more careful as the age creeps up!!

3 Feb – Happy Bdays Cathrine&Garry

4 Feb – Happy Bdays Lawrence & Kurt

14 Feb – ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥

15 Feb – Happy Bday Guri

16 Feb – Happy Bday Mike/ LOON

20 Feb – Happy Bday YatSoon & Henry

24 Feb – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin