28 Feb 2020 – ‘Live And Let Live, To Everything There is A Season’

Tue: COVID-19 has now spread into 50countires including Norway – that is not good, hope that we are not heading to a pandemic. Being such an OCD person as I am, washing of hands, keep my living conditions quite sterilized, etc have been a priority in my lifestyle, now will have to be more mindful remembering to not touch my face&hair when I am out. Also limiting to be in big crowds especially in enclosed AC environments, but that has never been a problem as crowds are not my forte.

Malaysian’s political turbulence with PM Mahathir Mohamad’s (94) resignation, one can wonder and be amazed at how this world’s oldest leader’s manipulating mind works. So does that mean that being just 70, there is a slight chance that my mind can still stay in tact?

And so it is to a last day of grocery shopping at this Giant@PP – very empty shelves and not much deals or promotions since there are other Giant branches which are still open to take over most of what is in here. Will have to take a bus to Bedok and the free shuttle to the main Giant@Tampines in future. No worries – do enjoy a day out on a joy-ride when I can also have a bite@IKEA which is located across the road from Giant there.

Tkx to Clem for dinner@DinTaiFung and durians@MP Promenade, was a lovely breezy night sitting outside to enjoy The King of Fruits and a walk on ECPk from PP to MarineCove.

According to the comments of FB sharing of my favourite local fruit, seems like most who like this fruit are locals or have Asian ancestors! Or maybe it is an acquired taste – except Larry/USA& Tore, but then the Norwegians like rakfisk (fermented fish ) and so do I who have live many years in Norway and Larry who lived in SIN for many years. Ellen/Norway commented with what seems to be an interesting link – World’s stinkiest fruit could make super-fast electric chargers and I wonder is rakfish can do the same?

Wed: a good day to rid of thing, clothes, etc to different charities who collect.

Thu: MeePok dinner@SengHuat CoffeeHouse/NorthBridge Rd (one of my favourites MeePok when in the area). Delicious&light newly discovered CamembertCheeseCake@Paris Baguette/Bugis and this really taste better than it looks.

Appreciations to AudreyM for last night’s touching performance (70thBday gift from her) by father&son – Adrian&ZacharyPang of The Son. Temp screened and a show of pix ID to enter into NLB building where the Drama Centre is.

Liked how the scenes quietly changed in the dark without any disturbance to the concentration – this deep stage setting with the partitions is a clever way for the efficient change of scenes, 2hrs without intermission with some intense issues to reflect on! Highly recommended with a good relevant message to all when struggling to save a lost loved one, where, sometimes, love is not enough.

Fri: TGIF and a healthy weekend to all. Tkx to Ivy&Les for dinner tonight with ClemBlackPepperCrabs, squids presented in this lovely edible basket@LongBeach/Dempsey.

Drinks and cigar for Les@a private club with an interesting collection of art – a sculpture which I like as it reminded me of our father who enjoyed his cigars.

No titles, labels or names on these private collection of the owner of this club, but the banana lamp is quite something!

Sat: byebye Feb2020 and it will be another 4yrs to the next Leap-Year. So, does that mean that if you are born today you will only be 1 in 2024??? And with regard to the quote below, I will make sure not to propose today (or ever) – lol

If a woman proposes to a man on Feb. 29, a leap day, he must accept, according Irish tradition…

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