Family’s Visit/2

24 Feb 2020 – Until We meet Again…

Thu: snipp snapp snut, så var eventyr slut – so ends the fairy-tale stay-cation@MBS tkx to cousin AnnieLim&Neo. A perfect location with something to do for everyone and a room with a view.

Shopping at the mall for #2 and water features@Gardens By the Bay for #6

Tkx to Pat for having us to her place for T. Great that the kids get to meet and #6 was happy to have someone his age, Lucas&Beth+all the toys in the house. So busy chatting that I miss the opportunity to take pix, especially with Jo&Michael there. Nice that L&M could meet up for a drink with Pat&David+Yasmine&Andrew while I stay back with #2&6. 

Fri: TGIF – the week has gone by too quickly. Tkx to Clement for yummy DimSum Lunch@WahLok/CarltonHotel, drinks@LongBar/RafflesHotel, where #6 was amused that we could throw the peanut shells on the floor. Have always wanted to introduce the fountain@Bugis to one of my grandchildren, and now finally one who enjoyed running through the spouts.

Delicious&healthy home-made dinner in a house with an elevator.

Sat: morning of packing and dividing stuff for the children&grandchildren.  Glad to be able to give away most of the jewelry and all the Norwegian silver. Shopping and getting a bite@Jewel. Appreciations to the nieces&nephews, grandniece & friend for showing up as it was the only time to try and meet up with as many as possible. Safe journeys to them all and so long for now until we meet again.

With such a big family& group of friends. a week is too short – blessed to have had my family who took time&energy from their busy schedules in US&Norway to visit for my belated 70th. Sorry to have had to cancel the family gathering, better safe than sorry under these circumstances.

Sun&Mon: with the family safe&sound back in the US&Norway, am very grateful for the sun, wind&washing machine – it has been on all of yesterday&today. Don’t ask me how many washes or for any more family pix postings! The answer is blowing in the wind’ and The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.― Sartre

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