Family’s Visit

19 Feb 2020 – From The USA & Norway

Wed: Day #6 in the life of Me – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge LAM Jenleng.

Thu: Day #7 in the life of Me – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge Helen See.

Tkx to Leonard for a fun walk with dinner&yummy ice-cream.

Fri: Happy Valentine’s Day. TGIF and a weekend to really look forward to for me. Linn&Ellie were supposed to arrive before mid-night, but since there was a snow-storm in Chicago, their flights have been changed to fly via DC. Took the last bus36 (2330hrs) to the airport, thus had time to roam around Jewel without any crowds

Sat: 0030hrs T2 flight from NRT arrived ahead of schedule with 2beautiful masked-ladies, the younger one has a cast for her stressed fracture, and with the KneeRover she can handle longer distances than with just the crutches. Getting some rest before heading to the airport again for the next pick-up.

1715hrs – the person with the Norwegian flag is not me or anyone I know, but she must have also been waiting for someone from Norway on FinnAir arrived ahead of schedule. Both L&M, #2&6 all healthy, safe&sound are now with me and I am on Cloud#9. Here is to our first Chocolate-Prata.

Sun: day@EastCoastPk and dinner with some of their cousins was a good start to this time together with the family.

Mon: electrical works happening and no power in the 4-walls – a good day to be out and about this beautiful day by bus, MRT& another change of bus,  the last stretch was slightly too much for #6, and quite understandable as it took app 2hrs.

One of #6’s requests while in SIN is to see the panda,

and that he got to see+more. A fabulous outdoor day in the best company with good weather to visit&watch wild-life without any crowds or lines. Am impressed with this River Safari, first time for me there, continued with the Night-Safari. Time to call for a maxi-Grab which too app 30mins.

Tue: stay-cation for the famous infinity-pool at MBS tkx to cousin Annie&Neo. Remember, in the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole, and complete… and so are you – Louise L. Hay

LeVel33 – beer tasting with Ivy&Les, Ann&Tim and Clement, first time I got this nice alfresco corner. Tkx to Les for pub food, the lamb there was delicious.

Wed: appreciations to Adeline for yummy healthy lunch with a view@Spago. The breeze there was wonderfully relaxing, could have taken a nap there. May&#6 were out enjoying Gardens by the Bay. For me, the problems with this stage in life are that I get a headache under the sun or if I drink any alcoholic drinks, oh well – not complaining, been there, done it all, only thing is that I would have like to see #6 enjoying his time here. He is the youngest and probably the last grandchild for me.

A short visit to Ivy&Les before dinner as #6 has never been, both #2&6 enjoyed had a good game. Tkx to Ivy&Les, the evening ended with a small family gathering@ParadiseTeochew/ScottsSquare where some the best food&wine from Les’s cellar. Safe journeys to Ann&Tim who will be flying back to Ireland tomorrow.

Seize the moment, remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart ― Erma Bombeck

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