Hello February 2020

3 Feb 2020 – Joo Chiat Road

Wed: another day to enjoy the cool rains inside the 4walls.

Thu: at CC trying to get more pp of the UKC2C Thru’Hike for the PictureBook Express. Great catching up with Hannah&Heiko to hear about their cycle-trip so far. They started Oct 2018 from Germany/HH2SG and had to take a break a few weeks ago from Vietnam as Hannah fell ill. The medical care there did not seem to help her and she seems much better after returning to SIN. Hopefully they can return soon to Vietnam to complete the rest of their trip. Tkx to Pat@Owls for the salmon&drink.

Fri: TGIF on this 1st Fri to the Year of the Rat – a healthy&safe weekend to all. Fresh produce shopping@the local wet market with yummy ChaiTowKway 菜头粿 CarrotCake (not a dessert!) for breakfast. There are not that many stalls that make it the way I really like. My favourite one at Marine Terrace (the one JosephSchooling likes too). But that packed up after 30yrs as the cook was getting sickly&old. This new one opened just 2 stalls away from the old one and it is pretty decent.

Also Happy Birthday to everyone, tkx to Johnny for the reminder that today, the 7thCNYday is YanYat人日

CC again and tkx Henry for his help&advice for the book. Definitely need to reconsider postponing the UKC2C talk. Trying to avoid crowds+the heat, thus was out doing some grocery shopping in the dark. Fell, and thank goodness nothing serious besides a bruised little finger& a couple of superficial knee bruises. Walking in the dark has never been my forte, and even more so off the main paths!

Sat: looks like the hood is setting-up for the big dinner tonight.

Appreciations to Audrey – the only place with a view to taste this yummy Shanghainese savoury nian-gao. This special recipe is from her mom&grandma. Bon Appetit with fond memories of Betty.

Was only introduced to this by Audrey last decade, never tasted this in my childhood, only the sweet ones!

Tkx to Clem for dropping by to check on my fall, but time to galavant with Leonard before the Grassroots’ dinner party starts. Ice-cream on EC Rd to start with.

JooChiat Rd between EC Rd&Dunman Rd

JooChiat Rd junction of Dunman&KoonSeng Rd. The old run-down hostel is now replaced by this new Tiong Bahru style building, middle pix.

First Lion Dance for this year for me, and off all places, a karaoke pub!


Edit: Tue23Jun2020: 95 JooChiat Rd with the latest write-up and congratulations to MichaelKer, popiah business owner among 6 to win award for promoting Cultural Heritage.


Excited to discover this delightful DIY-popiah place – another one of my favourite local dishes. Good popiah (SIN spring-rolls) and fun to make your own – will be back, highly recommended.

Changi Rd/GeylangSerai and time to turn around back after seeing the crowds.

No durians, but Lemon souffle is worth the wait@GobiDessert 350 JooChiat Rd – DESSERTS spelled backwards is STRESSED, so keep moving forward.

Back in perfect time for the tail-end of this celebrations. What a lovely savoury 4+hrs walk and only Leonard who has similar food interest is able to do this kind of long walks with me (and Clem too when his feet does not bother him!), tkx, Leo, really enjoyed this.

Sun: had AuntieNgor&Karen over for lunch as they will not be able to attend the lunch when the family is visiting. Pix credits&note from Karen – Thank you for having us cousin Amy, it was a sumptuous lunch of Gravlax, avocado prawn and a chicken salad paired with Dom Perignon to celebrate your 70th birthday. We will miss meeting your family on the day but here’s to wishing you the best of health and a great year ahead!

Mon: so far SIN has 18cases of the Wuhan virus – let’s hope that it will stay at that and not increase. Picked up my free masks yesterday, and since I already have some and Karen did not have any, gave them to her. All these flyers are posted and am glad for that info. Ppl should stop posting things that do not help with this situation.

The bruises from the fall have surprising healed fast and well, but still slightly swollen. No need for Xray as nothing seems broken, and considering the present situation, will avoid hospitals&polyclinics. Have to be more careful as the age creeps up!!

3 Feb – Happy Bdays Cathrine&Garry

4 Feb – Happy Bdays Lawrence & Kurt

14 Feb – ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥

15 Feb – Happy Bday Guri

16 Feb – Happy Bday Mike/ LOON

20 Feb – Happy Bday YatSoon & Henry

24 Feb – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin