Last Day of 2020 CNY Celebrations

8 Feb 2020 – ChapGohMeh

Tue: grocery shopping@Giant&IKEA/Tampines. Got mama owl (S$19.90) night-light 3yrs ago as my older night-light gave up on me after 17yrs then! Saw this new little one (S$9.90) today and could not resist it – had to get it to keep mama company, giving more light to avoid more falls&learning to be as wise as 2owls.

Another light has seen the last of its day after 2decades, it is still in perfect condition, but unable to find a bulb. Let’s see how long this new one will last. A set of wired-drawers for the papers helped to make more space on a cluttered desk.

Wed&Thu: getting bedding accessories, linen, towels, etc washed&cleaned ready to accommodate 5ppl in 700sq’/65sqM. 2beds, a convertible sofa-bed+2mattress on the floor should be comfortable for 5nights, excluding 2nights staycation@MBS. Let’s keep our fingers crossed with hopes&prayers that this novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic will not become a pandemic.

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all. Cousin Yat-Soon Yeo (have not seen him since Apr 2018) challenged me – Day #1 in the life of Me, 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. The rules say no explanations. Challenge a friend everyday. Today I challenge Skyjohn Js – last saw him in HKG Dec 2015 when LokLok was still there.

Dim-sum brunch@MarineParade with the LionDancer, and a short walk to I12 which will be closing soon. Got a dress I have been eyeing since before Christmas for 50% off. Another dessert round@GobiDesserts.

Have been wanting to eat this after they moved from the junction of JooChiat&EC Rd. Finally got to DunmanFood Centre for SaySeng’s TauKwaPau. A trip to CC to wish Calvin welcome back and a Healthy&Wealthy Year of the Rat, great to catch up with Helen too.

Deepest condolences with prayers&thoughts to Dr Li’s pregnant wife&child – such a sad ending for a decent guy.

Sat: Day #2 in the life of ‘Me’ – 7days, 7photos all in B/W of everyday life. Today I challenge Hazel Armstrong.

Some ppl in HKG have reportedly started clearing out shelves of food in supermarkets. And it appears that the same is happening in SIN after the announcement that it is Dorscon ORANGE. Seems like this epidemic has turned some ppl into beasts on this 15th day of the first full moon after the CNY known as ChapGohMeh.

There is no folly of the beasts of the earth which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men ― Herman Melville

Welcome Ann&Tim from Ireland. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for dinner@VioletOon/ClarkeQuay.

Tourist guiding on the SIN River ride on this full-moon night

Always like showing off SIN, especially on such a beautiful evening with Tim howling at the full moon!

Enjoying a drink with life-music after the river ride.

ClarkeQuay, a tourist trap where 1scoop of ice-cream cost S$10!! and a scene for the younger generation to be seen. Did not believe my eyes to see Zouk still around.

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