Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary

24 Mar 2020 – RIP 10thAuntie BG10LAM PohChee/Emily(1923-2020)

Fri: M1 was here to put this up this FOC Home Access Programme, but the old one works perfectly and I was ensured that there was not much difference, but would have to change password if I change, and knowing me, I will forget the new password! Decided against changing, so whoever wants this brand-new (still sealed in the box) Wi-Fi Router, plx message me either on WhatsApp, FB or my hotmail.

Have to get this gift ready by tomorrow and get it delivered, so burning the midnight oil. Is this really for real as I have not read the book??? Psychic Sylvia Browne did make some startling predictions in her book End of Days published in 2008 – pp312. Must try to get hold of a copy of this book@the library


Sat: today my dear brother Les&sis-in-law Ivy got married 50yrs ago@Tam O’Shanter’, MorehamptonRd, Dublin/Ireland (no longer there today). Happy Golden Anniversary and many more ahead – cheers to them.

Crowded beaches despite of present circumstances – what’s wrong with these ppl?? These are not the only beaches or places that are crowded, only picking these as I have been there but not in these kind of crowds. I supposed it is difficult for me to relate or understand as I really dislike crowds all my life so far and still continues disliking crowds, and will go out of my way to keep away from them.



Sun: nice afternoon celebrating another belated Bday – lunch@DIY Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah. Was just there last month and enjoyed it. Dessert@Gobi and in time back to the 4-walls to escape the rains


Mon: the year of the Rat has so far not been good and if we keep following the crowds, the consequences will be like this image. Plx be healthy, stay away from crowds&crowded places and remember to practice social distancing. Somehow this story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin keeps popping up in my dreams since CNY, but did not know what to make of it nor how to read it?? Was going to share it, but decided against it, and if you know the history/story or legend of the PiedPiper (leading to deaths!) did not seem appropriate then during the CNY, but now the message is as clear as B/W – above 3pix downloaded.


Tue: grocery shopping today (seniorTue3%). These are all the passengers on bus196 to Bedok and it only stopped once (out of 10stops) to let off one person on MP Rd from MarineC all the way to Bedok-InterChange.

Looks like ppl are practicing social distancing and everything is well-stocked@Giant/Tampines.

May she RIP, 10th Auntie BG10LAM PohChee/Emily(1923-2020)who passed away today in SIN.

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