EC-Park & Paya Lebar

11 Dec 2019 – New Venues

Sat: tkx to Calvin for food shopping at the wholesalers in Woodlands and also appreciations for the loan of CCs small freezer.

It fits perfectly into the back room where my storage space and for hanging laundry is – let the food shopping&preparations begin. Kransekaker is now safely in there and Gravlaks will be placed there after 2days of marinating with dill in the fridge.

Sun: tkx to Calvin, Sam, Pat & ChrisW for this refreshing 2nd Sunday of Advent morning walk from McD-Bougainvillea Garden-McD 8k on the EC-Park to discover new locations after a long time behind barricades. There is a PS Cafe@CyclistPk and swings where you can lie on@RaintreeCove, must bring #6 here when he visits.

Surprised to see a Hyperlite Mountain Gear tent and pink-portable-johnnies – wonder if they are specially for females? Calvin doing his business in front of a landing plane!

Random shots of life in my kampong on a Sunday morning. Usually out walking on weekdays before sunrise on my own and do not get the opportunity to watch life goes by.

Not many blooms at this time of the year – managed to only see this today. Looking forward to the day when I can walk this coastal stretch without any barricades or constructions and with more blooms.

Have not seen so many tents out here until today, but then knowing&understanding the tight living conditions here, it does not surprise me. Wonderful that ppl can enjoy this lovely public park as long as they clean up after them, and also explains why I do not walk here on the weekends.

Rushed to Les&Ivy to take them visit Steven in UnitedMedicareCentre@Queensway while Lawrence headed back to KCH this morning.

Mon: views from the kitchen window&front door with the relentless rains since the very early hours this morning, had to get up at between 3.00-4.00hrs to close the windows as it was raining heavily. A perfect day to get season’s greetings ready for snail-mail.

Tue: feeling lost here to learn that the Central Post Office is located@a tiny section in the corner on L1 while the rest of the building is just another shopping mall.

Strange that I do not recall ever being here but do have memories of being in SIN General Post Office (1950s) when it was at the Fullerton Building (now a 5*hotel). 2019 Season’s Greetings are now in the mail as I personally saw that they were collected. Out of power@my 4walls due to electrical installations, worked on the UKC2C pix book@CC.

Wed: did not get much sleep last night, forgot that 2Teh-Tariks were consumed yesterday in the late afternoon! Decided to catch a movie@PayaLebarQ since I did not have the time to explore this area yesterday – seems like a new mall is opened all over the island these days, wonder how SIN will manage to sustain&maintain them, especially when recession is predicted? The WhistleBlower – mining industry thriller was too much action&intrigue for me.

Pix credits to Linn and Elizabeth – made my day to see #1-5 having such a blast with family&friends, especially for #1 who is into her last semester@high-school. Great Vivaldi performance here, looking forward to hearing them perform Tchaikovsky? in May2020. Needless to say from a former music-teacher that I am indeed proud of them including #6 who all play a music instrument.

It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself – JS Bach

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