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17 Dec 2019 – The Good Witch

Thu: have been slagging here, too much going on and too little time! Picked up parcel from Parkway-PopStation and running around to do errands, etc…

Fri: TGIF on the 13th Friday, a good weekend to all. Happy St Lucia’s Day to those celebrating – did not bake any Lucia Buns (did you, Inger&Gayle?) and no candles on the head. Epigram Christmas Market 2019 Sales – well worth the time at this sales today for picking up gifts, especially at the S$1 corner, in spite of the heavy downpour. 28books@$1each and $10 Istana by Irene, CHIJ schoolmate from the 1960s. 

Those who are getting books from me this holiday season will get this gift-tag with a similar label pasted on the other side. Tkx to Epigram Books for the tags, but you need to get your own greeting labels or write directly on the other side of the tags.

Appreciations to Calvin&staff@CC for hosting this SG-TravelCafe talk on Bulgaria by Zhao Hong&East Greenland by Joedha with a good turn-out considering the wet&cool evening.

Sat: getting the potato salad ready for Inessa’s annual holiday gathering. Took 1.5hrs to get to Sengkang, first with bus and 2MRTconnections+1LRT. Pix credits&tkx to Inessa for a lovely evening – enjoy&safe journeys to all and to Philip&family who will be travelling for this holiday season.

Today 3ppl I know of have passed away –  JohnELLIOT, one of OSSEA’s X-presidents, Jeff’s uncle, CliffSMITH and DannyONG, Mabel’s youngest bro. Condolences to their family and may they RIP.

Sun: appreciations to Thomas&Fannie+their cute boys for the celebrations of Titus’s 1st-Bday on this 3rd-Sunday of Advent@AspenHeights. Adorable little Titus with stick-up-hair reminding me of Linn when she too had stick-up-hair at that age. Stayed for a only a short while as there are still 2 other events ahead for today.

Last month’s IRO talk, RevLiew caught my attention by turning water into wine. 2above pix credits to IRO

Today’s talk again@NLB, he tore a paper-napkin apart and abracadabra it back to a whole napkin! Was trying to remember when I first met RevLiew and then GraceWu pop up in my mind. Grace, another music-teacher was father’s friend and I only met her when I first returned to SIN in 1999. She has since passed away sometime after 2012.

Tkx to Leonard for getting me back to reality with a yummy Thai dinner and also for helping me with the new phone. Without Leo, my computer knowledge&skills would have been next of zero. A visit to Raffles Hospital before heading back to the EC to crash.

Mon: Season5 with all 10episodes of The Good Witch are out on Netflix and of course that will put me in front of  the screen for the next 12hrs, well not quite, but nearly – another visit to Raffles Hospital.

Tue: woke up to a painful knee, hoping that it is nothing serious and that too shall pass.

Tkx for the interview by Rosemary&BoonCheng – IGAS Oral History Project for IGAS members studying in Ireland in each decade from the 1950s to present day. The interviewee would talk about their experiences of life in Ireland and SIN and these oral records will be made available to the public universities/archives in SIN&Ireland for future reference and research – subject to any moratorium or request by the interviewee. A book about the history and legacy of the Irish graduates in SIN which will be published in Jun2020 – looking forward to reading it.igas_orig.jpgDublin student days seem another life-time ago. Has it have been 2+yrs ago since I last caught up with the LIMs? IGAS logo designed by Bro JoeMcNally when I was active in the committee.

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