Capitol Building

14 Nov 2019 – Magnolia Snack Bar

Tue: the sun this morning was quite different from other days! Looked like just an egg-yoke surrounded by smog, but it cannot be smog or one will not be able to see the sun! Appreciations to  KengWe for taking time to look at my LAM TinYue Heritage research and pix. Hope that he&his students will be able to use some the material for their research project. Also hoping that he will be able to help to find a home (not@Semakau!) for all my research materials where anyone interested will have access to.

Tkx to niece DaisyLam for a nice catch-up, dining@FoodRepublic/Capitol. Have been wanting to eat Popiah&Rojak since my return and finally got to do it.

Such a change with Capitol Building and the surroundings from CHIJ school days across the road from here. Glad that the facade is more or less still the same, but the interior has been revamped for the Crazy Rich Asians!

Nor could I afford to shop here,

or eat in any of these eateries. Believe it or not, but Campers’ Corner was once located here many moons ago.

Where Magnolia Snack-Bar once was when I could get milks-shades there in the 1960s, now I can get an ice-cream with real gold! topping for S$10 – bringing back memories from both early teens and the last trip to Japan 4yrs ago!

Sharing the above video in hopes for those who are not aware that garbage&thrash can be used constructively. Appreciations to Garry for the share and yes I do wonder why the rest of the world are not doing this? Tkx to niece Patricia for the reminder that we can’t just keep filling up Semakau. Have always been interested in the environment and even more so now with the climate change.

Looks like it is going to be another really cold winter for those in winter-wonder-land while E-Australia is struggling with their forest fires. Natural disaster is not within human control, but what is happening in HKG where it is within human control – unfortunately this political&power struggle for control will head into disaster, so very sad for my mother’s&my maternal relatives’ homeland.

Wed: how can I be so wrong about the sun&smog – the cough last night kept me from a decent night sleep and same this morning to discover that the PSI reading was between 80-90 last night and today it is 100+Seems like this body is still sensitive enough to detect this for better or worse! Rest&snooze is about all I can do for today, but will not stop me from working on the LAM TinYue Heritage and to set up a FB-Group so that the younger generation will not forget their heritage.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots – Marcus Garvey


Thu: stared on some medications so to get a better night sleep last night. looks like a hectic weekend ahead from more overseas visitors – thus celebrating Chris’s (CC) Bday tonight (Bday tomorrow) but, being a good family guy as he is, was unable to join us@OwlsBrew, but was in our thoughts then!

Zi Char or Tze Char

11 Nov 2019 – A Small Family Gathering

Fri: TGIF – tkx to Wilki&Patty for this small family gathering@PorKee (where their parents used to frequent) with some of our favourite dishes. It is a very rare occasion to get all my 3Wong cousins together. Sitting: one of the twins Jordan. From L-R: Wilki, me, Mei, 16Auntie, David, John, Daisy. Behind me: Sue, Jo, Evelyn&Raymond and 17Uncle in the big pix; Daisy, Huang, Kim, Patty and Sue in the other pix – 4generations here, missing from the WONG-branch Jay&Joshua+Daniel here. Pix credits to Jagger&Huang.

The CoffeeRibs are no more and that must be have been my favourite ribs of all ribs, now it is ChampagneRibs which is also yummy and so are their CerealPrawns. HomemadeTofu (the best for me) with SeaCucumber, YamBasket,

Steamed SoonHock/MarbleGoby 笋壳鱼, favourite fish-dish for most Cantonese family. Dessert Teochew Orh-Nee 潮州芋泥 – Yam paste with gingko nuts, rich&delicious but packed with cholesterol, had only a couple of spoonfuls to not tempt fate! All food pix downloaded except the dessert. Problems with memory-card in camera.

Tze Char煮 炒 zhǔ chǎo (zhú chǎo); literally=cook&fry, also romanised Zi Char, is a Hokkien term used to describe a Chinese stall that provides a wide selection of common and affordable dishes which approximated home-cooked meals. Uniquely SIN dining term that has come to refer to an extensive mish-mash of dishes cooked to order, based loosely on Chinese cooking. More elaborate and expensive than hawker fare, but cheaper and lacking the polished presentation of upscale Chinese restaurants. Ask 100ppl what tze char is and you’ll probably get 100different answers. Ask them which is their favourite and expect 100more different answers.

KokSeng&PorKee with their Cantonese-style cooking are the locations my family seem to frequent.

Sat: taking it easy and fasting – feeling uncomfortable&unwell with the excess weight. Great running for #1,2&4. #4 tied for 6th girl overall, first in her age group and a new PR at the Run Hard 5K! Meanwhile, #1&2+team Irmo XC girls were 4th at 5A Midstate Qualifier in Camden and will move on to compete at State next weekend. Way to go, my running ladies+their coach. Tkx to Linn for updates+pix.

Sun: wishing the Hi-Group a safe trip back home. Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) on Wedding Rituals & Ceremonies in Different Religions@NLB. Harmony of Faiths in SIN with talks and discussions on the commonalities and differences in weddings from different religions. Rev Liew caught my attention here by turning water into wine, good trick – an illustration of Jesus blessing our marriage. Educational&interesting talk by all in the above panel and good Q&As from the audience. Looking forward to catching their next talk in Dec.


Only in SIN where one can find all these places of worship within 5mins walk from each other. Love should have no boundaries, but I do not live in a Happily-After or LaLaLand. Too tired open a can of worms here. Appreciations to Clem for dinner and this round@DinTaiFung RafflesCity tkx to the voucher from HI cousins.


Mon: more or less back to sync here. Dinner with Wilki&Patty+Daisy@JalanBesar – fishhead, turtle soup&beef-hor-fun. Safe trip back to HI with hopes that they will still return back here to eat even though their business&paper-works are now finally done&settled.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life – Richard Bach


7 Nov 2019 – And Vending Machines

Mon: the 4walls are more or less back to normal without any covers and feeling more relaxed with most of the laundry&unpacking done. What else next with vending machines??? Have yet to try hot-snacks or the Norwegian salmon but my Norwegian friends never knew that one could get frozen Norwegian salmon from a vending machine. Now you can even drop off your Laundry, dry-cleaning, bag&shoe spa &more! Do like the OJ machines – for S$2, you can watch 4oranges being freshly squeezed and both taste&temp wise are to my taste.

An actress once advised me, Make sure you do your own laundry – it will keep you honest – Cate Blanchett

Tkx to David&Wilki+Huang&Kim for the voucher&dinner@DinTaiFung where the food is consistently good. It is amazing how far they have reached, considering that I have never forgotten the taste of their XaoLongBao in Taipei/Taiwan1996 just before they opened their 1st International branch in Toyko. In SIN alone, there are 25branches and with a group of 5 of us, there was no problem with at least one owning a CitiCard.

Tue: toilet tank leaking and not getting properly into the bowl, tkx to contractor Vincent, got it was fixed S$100. IC S$10&passport S$70+4mugshots S$10, all papers in the post for renewal. Running thru’ figures will give me an idea where the money is being flushed away!!

Shaw@Jewel to watch The Farewell – Based On An Actual Lie are such appropriate words when this movie is about a conspiracy of lies on death! A Chinese family who, when they discover their beloved Grandmother has only a short while left to live, decides to keep her in the dark and schedule an impromptu wedding to be together. Highly recommended to see how family dynamics, cultural differences, etc bind the family together.

The Farewell won’t change cinematic language, but by opening us up to a clash of cultures we don’t often get to see and by showing us the beauty of a lie, it just may change you – Glenn G

Enjoy being in the basement@Jewel where GB Shaw’s quote about where there is no sincerer love than the love of food applies so fully here. With Jewel nearer to me (bus 36 direct to T1@the airport in less than S$1&20mins). the food selections&eateries here are endless and would take me a year to try everything! The basement@Takashimaya is also good when in the Orchard Rd area..

Wed: a day catching up with movies Made in China&Hello World – the few ways I will sit down and not run around! Ended the day at Plaza SIN to meet with cousins+HI group for dinner@Kopitiam, somewhere I can afford to treat everyone with my 10% off card there!

Also Patty wanted to shop@Daiso where she bought 43items!! – she told me that when her DIL was visiting Japan, she bought 150items from a Daiso there!!! Got me to wonder how many items (total) have I bought from there?

Thu: going thru’&filing both hard&soft copies of paperworks with the body, especially the stomach needing a total rest – ie fasting and drinking just warm water to flush out the system today.

Welcome November 2019

3 Nov 2019 – Back On The Red Dot

Thu: smooth&uneventful flights snoozing and watching a bunch of movies which I have little recollections of. Arr on schedule to receive the best news – congratulations again to the IrmoHigh GirlsV-XC – Region Champs for the 2nd year in a row, way to go #1&2+their mama coach, my 1st born. What an honour to be their mother&grandmother. Pix credits to Jeremy.

After a shower and a few minutes of snooze, headed to Filmgard@Bugis – appreciations to SIN #6 Irish Ambassador Patrick Bourne and the Irish Embassy for this last flick of the Irish Film Festival 2019, and for the taste of Barmbrack which is traditionally served on Halloween in Ireland. The origins of Halloween actually dates back to the Celtic festival of Samhain.

Was in much of a zombie state of mind to give any comments on this movie, The Hole In The Ground which is supernatural horror film directed by Lee Cronin, from a screenplay by Cronin and Stephen Shields.

Fri: TGIF! Breakfast – BakChorMee@Blk59 MarineTerrace/132MeePokKwayTeow, still missing the old congee&carrot cake stalls but does not stop me from enjoying the other foods! Surprised to bump into Penny and nice to meet her hubby, Paul.

Good being back to the local foods in my comfort-zone+conveniences in-spite of the apt looking like a battle-field both inside (my own mess) out (MRT/TEL-line-constructions) at present. That too shall pass…

Welcome back to SIN (Food-Paradise), cousins David&Wilki+Patty WONG and Huang&Kim, all 5 from HI.

Just down the street where their accommodations are, Little India is conveniently located with Tekka-Place, an old block with a new facade opened on time for this 2019 Diwali where the peacock’s tail is ready for courtship. 2018 lights, the tail was not in that stage. Maybe next year 2020, the Diwali lights will be with a flock of peachicks!!! hahaha.

Sat: the various ethnic foods, cultures, customs, religions, rituals, etc living as peacefully as possible side by side is what makes SIN so unique and what I like best here. After India last night, today a taste of China in Chinatown.

Of course the shaved-ice@MeiHeongYuen is a must for my young friends and me too. Tkx to Linda for the help in her dried-goods store for Kim. Another taste from LimCheeGuan was all I could handle in this weather. Had to rest at their serviced-apt before another taste of OldChangKee on the way to Campers to say hi. Alcohol related credits to Calvin&Pat – lol

At this rate and in this heat, do know better than to even think of tasting anything alcohol related! Had a delightful time just catching up, staying awake and hoping for a good night sleep.

Tkx to Huang for taking this present pix of cousins David, John&Wilki WONG who are in many ways just like bros to me as their mother/4auntie LAM PohKow (1915-2016), have tried many times to adopt me during childhood – for real. B&Wpix from 1950s.

Sun: the body&heart are not so forgiving nowadays if I do not take this day to rest even when the mind tells me that nothing is impossible – 2negatives should make one positive, but will follow my heart and take my brains with me.

2 Happy Bdays  HongSze and JohnK/Ireland

8 Happy Bday Beverly

11 Happy Bday AudreyM

13 Happy Bday Yee Fun/NZ

15 Happy Bday Chris Tay

19 Happy Bday Yulis

27 Happy Bday DaisyC

29 Happy 12th Bday to my grandson JohnW/USA

30 Happy Bday Chai/Canada