Capitol Building

14 Nov 2019 – Magnolia Snack Bar

Tue: the sun this morning was quite different from other days! Looked like just an egg-yoke surrounded by smog, but it cannot be smog or one will not be able to see the sun! Appreciations to  KengWe for taking time to look at my LAM TinYue Heritage research and pix. Hope that he&his students will be able to use some the material for their research project. Also hoping that he will be able to help to find a home (not@Semakau!) for all my research materials where anyone interested will have access to.

Tkx to niece DaisyLam for a nice catch-up, dining@FoodRepublic/Capitol. Have been wanting to eat Popiah&Rojak since my return and finally got to do it.

Such a change with Capitol Building and the surroundings from CHIJ school days across the road from here. Glad that the facade is more or less still the same, but the interior has been revamped for the Crazy Rich Asians!

Nor could I afford to shop here,

or eat in any of these eateries. Believe it or not, but Campers’ Corner was once located here many moons ago.

Where Magnolia Snack-Bar once was when I could get milks-shades there in the 1960s, now I can get an ice-cream with real gold! topping for S$10 – bringing back memories from both early teens and the last trip to Japan 4yrs ago!

Sharing the above video in hopes for those who are not aware that garbage&thrash can be used constructively. Appreciations to Garry for the share and yes I do wonder why the rest of the world are not doing this? Tkx to niece Patricia for the reminder that we can’t just keep filling up Semakau. Have always been interested in the environment and even more so now with the climate change.

Looks like it is going to be another really cold winter for those in winter-wonder-land while E-Australia is struggling with their forest fires. Natural disaster is not within human control, but what is happening in HKG where it is within human control – unfortunately this political&power struggle for control will head into disaster, so very sad for my mother’s&my maternal relatives’ homeland.

Wed: how can I be so wrong about the sun&smog – the cough last night kept me from a decent night sleep and same this morning to discover that the PSI reading was between 80-90 last night and today it is 100+Seems like this body is still sensitive enough to detect this for better or worse! Rest&snooze is about all I can do for today, but will not stop me from working on the LAM TinYue Heritage and to set up a FB-Group so that the younger generation will not forget their heritage.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots – Marcus Garvey


Thu: stared on some medications so to get a better night sleep last night. looks like a hectic weekend ahead from more overseas visitors – thus celebrating Chris’s (CC) Bday tonight (Bday tomorrow) but, being a good family guy as he is, was unable to join us@OwlsBrew, but was in our thoughts then!

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