Zi Char or Tze Char

11 Nov 2019 – A Small Family Gathering

Fri: TGIF – tkx to Wilki&Patty for this small family gathering@PorKee (where their parents used to frequent) with some of our favourite dishes. It is a very rare occasion to get all my 3Wong cousins together. Sitting: one of the twins Jordan. From L-R: Wilki, me, Mei, 16Auntie, David, John, Daisy. Behind me: Sue, Jo, Evelyn&Raymond and 17Uncle in the big pix; Daisy, Huang, Kim, Patty and Sue in the other pix – 4generations here, missing from the WONG-branch Jay&Joshua+Daniel here. Pix credits to Jagger&Huang.

The CoffeeRibs are no more and that must be have been my favourite ribs of all ribs, now it is ChampagneRibs which is also yummy and so are their CerealPrawns. HomemadeTofu (the best for me) with SeaCucumber, YamBasket,

Steamed SoonHock/MarbleGoby 笋壳鱼, favourite fish-dish for most Cantonese family. Dessert Teochew Orh-Nee 潮州芋泥 – Yam paste with gingko nuts, rich&delicious but packed with cholesterol, had only a couple of spoonfuls to not tempt fate! All food pix downloaded except the dessert. Problems with memory-card in camera.

Tze Char煮 炒 zhǔ chǎo (zhú chǎo); literally=cook&fry, also romanised Zi Char, is a Hokkien term used to describe a Chinese stall that provides a wide selection of common and affordable dishes which approximated home-cooked meals. Uniquely SIN dining term that has come to refer to an extensive mish-mash of dishes cooked to order, based loosely on Chinese cooking. More elaborate and expensive than hawker fare, but cheaper and lacking the polished presentation of upscale Chinese restaurants. Ask 100ppl what tze char is and you’ll probably get 100different answers. Ask them which is their favourite and expect 100more different answers.

KokSeng&PorKee with their Cantonese-style cooking are the locations my family seem to frequent.

Sat: taking it easy and fasting – feeling uncomfortable&unwell with the excess weight. Great running for #1,2&4. #4 tied for 6th girl overall, first in her age group and a new PR at the Run Hard 5K! Meanwhile, #1&2+team Irmo XC girls were 4th at 5A Midstate Qualifier in Camden and will move on to compete at State next weekend. Way to go, my running ladies+their coach. Tkx to Linn for updates+pix.

Sun: wishing the Hi-Group a safe trip back home. Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) on Wedding Rituals & Ceremonies in Different Religions@NLB. Harmony of Faiths in SIN with talks and discussions on the commonalities and differences in weddings from different religions. Rev Liew caught my attention here by turning water into wine, good trick – an illustration of Jesus blessing our marriage. Educational&interesting talk by all in the above panel and good Q&As from the audience. Looking forward to catching their next talk in Dec.


Only in SIN where one can find all these places of worship within 5mins walk from each other. Love should have no boundaries, but I do not live in a Happily-After or LaLaLand. Too tired open a can of worms here. Appreciations to Clem for dinner and this round@DinTaiFung RafflesCity tkx to the voucher from HI cousins.

Edited 19Nov: tkx to Alvin for this contribution where there he discovered a street in Bali where places of worship are literally 1min away from each other.



Mon: more or less back to sync here. Dinner with Wilki&Patty+Daisy@JalanBesar – fishhead, turtle soup&beef-hor-fun. Safe trip back to HI with hopes that they will still return back here to eat even though their business&paper-works are now finally done&settled.

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life – Richard Bach