A Family Of Bankers

9 Jun 2017 – Happy 8Bday Sophie

Mon: not a pleasant day, throwing up all day and feeling lousy. Age takes its toll and the body is reacting to nearly a month of US bottled and boxed foods. That too shall pass…

For families and whoever may be interested in the Kwong Lee Bank history, here are the latest updates corrected by Wikipedia (mistakes pointed out in 2009). Repeated image above was forwarded by Daniel Yiek some years ago. Considering the background of the LAM banking family, only 2 so far in the orange generation are in banking.

I just like to keep my money in the bank; I’m not a big risk-taker. I don’t know anything about the stock market… I stay away from things I don’t know anything about – Wayne Gretzky

Tue: feeling lethargic, stomach still queasy and no appetite but at least not throwing up – good way to diet. Took a breath of fresh air with a few blooms of the Gardenias, Clematis&Azaleas in the garden this morning. Will these be the last blooms for this visit?

#1&2 have started their XC practice, #2 baking a key-lime pie, #3, 4&5 on screen-time, Coach Hall and #1 are zzzz while I made a trip to Walmart to get #5 Bday gift.

Wed: saw in this wimp.com posting as to What Rush Hour Looks Like Around The World. Downloaded 3pix (where in this case they say more than 1,000words!) from many others for contrast – Beijing’s traffic, São Paulo subway and

if I have to be stuck in any rush, it will Ireland.

Took #3 for a treat and to pick him a reward for keeping his room neat and clean. A successful XC coaches’ dinner hosted by Linn while the teens were out and the younger ones busy playing.

Thu: another glorious morning with perfect 60s°F temps, an eventful morning when Jeff lost the rental car’s keys. He did an extensive search all morning, but #2 located them in 5mins.

From Linn  see what I have to put up with hahaha. Jeff is still the Jeff I remember from FLschool days 🙂 A brilliant absent-minded son-in-law with a busy day ahead getting ready to take #1, 2&3+Zuno camping&hiking this weekend.


It is full moon tonight and the children are are out enjoying the fireflies on this beautiful evening before #4 turns 8 tomorrow! Blessed to be in a neighbourhood where the children can play safely outside even after dark.


Fireflies pix downloaded – have not seen that many of them since my days at Lake Cumberland KY many moons ago.


Fri: Happy 8Bday to #4. Still remember so well that day when we were searching desperately for her and found her asleep in the laundry basket – she was 4 then!


Today she nearly wears the same shoe size as I do – time flies.


TGIF on this glorious morning and safe hikes to Jeff, #1&3+Zuno (#2 is feeling queasy and might have got what I had) who will be camping for the weekend – thus the early Bday party for #4 last Sun. #1, the teen will be behind the wheel until they get to the Interstate!


Another party by the lake with even more kids. By 1100hrs I lost count with 16kids??+8moms (including 2Norwegians, Anna&Jenny)!! – I too will call in sick together with #2 hahaha 🙂 

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