Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

31 Jul 2017 – Farewell To July 2017

Thu: needed this day to recover from the news about Ranveig.

Fri: bus197 to NorthBridgeRd for breakfast and you will have no problems finding somewhere at these shop-houses across from BujisJunction – good MeePok for S$3.50.

20476316_10154695086575779_2400025954122391742_nWalked down to towards RafflesHotel which is under renovation. RafflesCity with 2 new white sculptures, one pointing@RafflesCity and the other pointing@CapitolBuilding.

Edited 1Aug: so this is what is going on@RaffledCity, Tian Tian Xiang Shang Exhibition. Like the literally translated title Looking Up Everyday but these sculptures do not speak to me! Pix credits to Gel for the poster on the right

Passing by StAndrew’sCathedral into ColemanSt where it is all ready for NationalDay (9Aug) and matching the theme of NationalGallery latest Exhibition.

Some of the permanent displays along Coleman St.

There are 4entrances into NationalGallery, so if you are meeting anyone, make sure to specify which one.


Yayoi Kusama – Life is the Heart of a Rainbow is why I am here today.

Forget about connecting the dotes, they grow on you as you wander thru’ this amazing maze of dotes.

Infinity Mirrored Room where reflections within reflections seem to forever extend the visual field – Gleaming Lights of the Souls. Felt a bit like I was in Twlight-Zone!

The Narcissus Garden – when gazing into it, the viewer only saw his/her own reflection staring back, forcing a confrontation with one’s own vanity and ego. Quite a fascinating effect…

More fun random dotes, tkx to Audrey. Yayoi sums it all as to why dotes and circles…

Sat: bus36 to SMU thru’ the old gates of the former NationalLibrary via the outdoor escalator up to the new SMU/School of Law to early morning walk@FortCanning Park. 

What a welcome crow from a very handsome rooster or should I say cock 🙂 Good to be back in such familiar grounds – Chan&I designed the flyer&map here when we were working in H&H which has be modified but I can still recognize it clearly from our original design.

Designed and printed in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Need to get the correct year when time permits. This was my favourtie project, thus documenting it here before the hard copy is lost.

Appreciations to Nparks for the informative Trees of the Fort Tour and nice to meet Choy KuenChin. Tree pix edited to Amazing Tree blog post

Continued to the NationalLibrary for a talk on Spice up you food blog by SethLiu and was pleasantly surprised by an exhibition of before and after pix, which are to my great interest. Again to show how things have a tendency work out for the best.

Was sooo excited to see and recognize old pix of Orchard Rd. Busy snapping pix at all angles and was completely unaware that the Guest of Honour Yaacob Ibrahim (Minister of Communications and Information) was standing beside me. Thank you for his patience and graciousness to wait until I was done. Apologized for being in the way, but was just thrilled to see the music store Keller Piano where my music supplies were from in the 1950s. Father owned the property then!

National Archives_03cathay building beside orchard road1_sm

Above 2B/Wpix downloaded of Orchard Rd – pix credits to SIN National Archives.

A busy and tiring day continuing to SuntecConvention to get my annual supply of Recogen supplement S$248 (including free for 2months), seems to help me but of course nothing scientifically proven. Ended with dinner@BeerThaiHouseRestaurant (GoldenMileTower), maybe it is my imagination, but the food seems better some years ago!

12 Storeys***1997@TheProjector – SIN drama film focuses on the troubled lives of several people living in the same building, directed by Eric Khoo (son of old family friend).

Good job from director and his crew but was a depressing movie, definitely not comedy for me! Tkx to Rosemary for her company.

Sun: tkx Les&Ivy for lunch@TiongBahru and home-made black-pepper crabs dinner. Nothing can beat catching up with family for yummy local foods. Need to rest after such an active&colourful weekend 🙂

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days – Doug Larson

‘Love loves to love love’

26 Jul 2017 – In Memory Of Ranveig


Mon: tkx to Hannah for showing me around to find the food court Kopi (which accepts my Kopitiam card) on the ground floor of the JurongEast MRT Station. Was waiting at Westgate (appreciations to  EleanorFoong for the correct location) which is connected to the MRT station and is totally new to me, refreshing to see the greenery in the courtyards among all the concrete, but glad that I was at the wrong place or would not have ventured into this new mall.


Appreciations to The International Association for the Study of Irish Literature/IASIL for their Opening Reception and the first day of launches and readings (24-28Jul 2017)@the HSS Building at NTU which is between the Chinese Heritage Centre and the Hive. Need to re-read James Joyce’s Ulysses –

Love loves to love love

Tkx to Rosemary&BoonCheng for the ride to Commomwealth MRT Station. Do remember that I did some work here for the Business School many moons ago, but gave it up as the journey on public transport with MRT EastWestLine and 2buses changes took nearly 2hrs to get here.

Tue: many thanks to Ambassador Geoffrey Keating and Mrs Jane Keating for hosting the book launches for the IASIL 2017.

A lovely evening was had by all@the Irish Ambassador’s Residence. There are so many books I would like to read before the eyesight goes. Quite a difference with time – took 90min for bus196 from MarineC to Commonwealth during rush hour and 50mins back in the late evening.


Edited 16 Aug:  in spite of my back profile in The Irish Times, was following the with speech 🙂

Wed: Safe journey home to HI/USA to cousin Wilki&Patti. Tkx to Jo for dinner.

Condolences to Ranveig’s family. Pix downloaded from her FB. Was very shocked and saddened by the news of her passing and memories from the Northern Norway days kept creeping up today. Met Ranvieg in the 1970s where I was working at Tromsø Musikkskole and NordNorsk Musikkonservatorium and she was a student there then. She invited me to her parents’ farm, an island on Grytøya@Lundenes where I tasted my first and best fresh cod-liver – mølje.

grytc3b8ya_south_coast_mountains_october - Copy


On Sunday her body was found on this same island. Have not seen Ranveig or been back to Grytøya since then, but have never forgotten their kindness and hospitality. Regrets that I did not make that trip to Harstad when I was in Tromsø last year. May she RIP. Pix downloaded in memory of her and her parents.

Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age – James Joyce

From The Armenian Church

23 Jul 2017 – To ChoaChuKang

Fri: TGIF and what a delightful performance by Armenian cellist Khachatur Khachatryan who did proud for his country and people with his recital of –

JS Bach’s #1-3 Suites for cello and 2 encore pieces – Giovanni Sollima’s Lamentatio and Sergei Prokofiev’s Marche from Twelve Children Pieces.

The Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, referred to as locally as the Armenian Church (1835), is the oldest Christian church in SIN is an architectural masterpiece from the early 19th century. The building was gazetted as a national monument in 1973. This is one my favourite churches (+its grounds ) in SIN.

IMG_8362b (1)IMG_8362b (2)

Was unaware that Yoshie was sitting behind me at the recital.

Bras Basah Complex’s food court (have not been there for ages) for a bite and ice-cream@McD (often for an ice-cream when in the area). Appreciations for Yoshie’s good company and pix of me and my head 🙂

Sat: instead of the MRT when&where it is probably faster with 2changes, decided to take the bus48 from MP Rd to ChoaChuKang with 1change@RochorCanalRd to bus67, 0.87cents and nearly 2hrs discovering new places on BkTimahRd. Interesting to see from the bus the stretch where the Green Corridor is.

The Warren/Garden in the Sky (2004) – 699units condo, beautifully maintained with 3 swimming pools, jacuzzi, cascading waters, clubhouse, gym, etc conveniently located across from MRT and bus Interchange.

Tkx to Hong for appetizers&drinks in his lovely condo, and dinner@Rasa Istimewa C2K Restaurant. Good to catch up with Sam and nice to meet Colin, her future husband. Had a plate of seehum (blood cockles, pix downloaded), but being from a public place, they’re not as bloody as I would have cooked them but still OK. Appreciations to Sam for dropping me off to catch the last bus48, getting back past 0100hrs.

The stomach needs to rest after all the eating – I am on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.


Sun: Happy Happy Bdays #5James (6) and grand-nephew Lucas (9), the purple generation is growing up!

Drums and the elaborate celebrations from the Malay wedding downstairs are keeping me entertained and bringing back a good memory from 2yrs ago when I was walking pass another Malay wedding.

Oh I don’t mind going to weddings, just as long as it’s not my own ― Tom Waits

Happy 20th Anniversary

21 Jul 2017 – To Linn and Jeff

Mon: hospitals in SIN have come a long way and very much impressed after a visit in NUH. Bro Steven was admitted there for observation after a fall, he seemed OK and has been discharged.

NUH Medical Centre is the hospital’s newest outpatient facility to serve primarily subsidised patients.

Located directly above the KentRidgeMRT Station and patients can also get from one building to another, including a mall with a Kopitiam and a variety of eateries.

Not even sure when was the last time@HollandVillage?? It sure has changed – had to walk around to discover the new…

and to revisit the old!

The sun was setting too fast, will need to return in daylight when there is less crowds to check out more.

Tue: another day with health-care location and another good experience even without an appointment. Was in and out of the neighbourhood Polyclinics in less than 2hrs with no outstanding bills+6months of medications. Pix downloaded.

IMG_8451A trip to the library and was delighted to find pix of how an original HDB 3-rooms flat should look like. Did not have the chance to take pix before the walls were taken down to make it into a studio apt then! Documenting them now before the memory fades. 2above pix for the original HDB downloaded from HDB Homes of SIN. Appreciations to Jo for dinner.

Wed: to my beautiful first-born Linn and her wonderful husband Jeff – Happy 20th Anniversary. Thank you to all who were there to celebrate their day 20yrs ago and to those who are still here to support them. Amazing that she can still fit into her wedding gown after 20yrs+The FaBulous5.

TEDx Speakers Agreement signed and email to Keystone Academy/Beijing, China for my presentation in Oct. Pix downloaded. Third day in a row visiting another medical location – Mt E!

Thu: day in Chinatown with cousin Wilki&Patti. Tkx for good company, food and foot massage at Teochew Meng Reflexology Centre at People’s Park Complex.

From Seletar Aerospace Park

16 Jul 2017 – To Yong Siak Street

Wed: catching up with more paper-work and as usual, snoozing away away where paper-work is concerned 🙂 Also restoring some energy for another busy weekend ahead.

Thu: window grocery shopping@Isetan, such a feast to the eyes but only affordable for very special occasions, ie Christmas or a special Bday!


Noticed there seems to be another arm in this reflection image! Rather disturbed and quite puzzled by it, but was explained by Leo that reflection from another angle with glass which is multi layered so you might see the image reflected at a different angle. Interesting, now can try different angles of reflection to give different effects.

Movies at any of the Shaw cinemas cost S$4 for seniors compared to the other cinemas S$4.50. A dark romance movie – My Cousin Rachel***a young Englishman who plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin, believing that she murdered his guardian. When he meets Rachel for the first time, his mood suddenly changes as he finds himself falling for her. Based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier whose writings I enjoy.

If we killed women for their tongues all men would be murderers ― Daphne du Maurier, My Cousin Rachel


img_8405Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – Happy Bastille Day Lynda, Jean-Baptiste, Marianne/Keith, Liz and to all celebrating. Happy Bday to Keith.  Downloaded this fantastic shot under the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile – pix credits? Has it really been 5yrs ago since my last trip to France??

Lunched with PT&Pat@New Green Pasture Cafe****in Fortune Centre, one of my favourite Vegan Restaurant, tkx to PT.

Welcome cousin Wilki&Patti from HI who are staying in the Citadines Serviced Apts conveniently located behind Wilki Edge on Selegie Road. Nice catching up with Daisy too@Waterloo St Food Centre. 

Sat: tkx to Clem for lunch@The Terminal Cafe Lounge**** (Airbus Asia Training Centre).

Excellent Truffle Risotto with Mushroom and Arancini Rice Ball in good company of Betty, Aud and Clem.

Wheeler’s Estate located at the Oval@Seletar Aerospace Park is an old world charm, sited next to Seletar Airport. Once upon a time, the many black and white colonial bungalows served as residences for RAFofficers, but are now converted into lifestyle businesses, including restaurants and cafés. Enjoy exploring new places, tkx to Aud for driving.

Yong Siak Street@Tiong Bahru – this 1950s residential neighbourhood is now a trendy hot spot with a batch of independent coffee houses, retail shops like BooksActually. 

Continuing to SengPoh Gardens where the Dancing Girl sculpture by LIM NangSeng (1916-1987, also the same sculptor for the Merlion) is located. Learning all this today just from taking a slow stroll to catch the bus! Life is amazing when you can keep learning with an open mind and heart.

Sun: appreciations to Alvin Mark Tan for his La Kopi – still working hard at learning how to order coffee at any local koptiam 🙂

From Gateway Theatre

12 Jul 2017 – To the Esplanade

Sat: at The Perankan, 2nd time within a week – this time to meet with Clem since he was in the area and I wanted to introduce this location to him. The HighTea consisted of a taste to many dishes for another happy visit.

Opening of the GatewayTheatre@BukitMerah, tkx to Lee&Adeline for the invite. This theatre, originally home to the DalitTheatre, which screened Tamil movies in the 1980s is built by Faith Community Baptist Church FCBC (Touch Community Services) where L&A are members of and they were there helping out at the food stand on Level6, the Sky Garden.

Sun: Happy Bday 2nd sis-in-law YokeSau. Pix credits to Leng, the missing one in the above pix in this branch is grand-nephew SuiChang who is overseas at present.

At the Esplanade Concert Hall and Esplanade concourse where

Toa Payoh West Community Club Chinese Orchestra presented a delightful repertoire of American music including Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, George Gershwin’s I’ve Got Rhythm, a jazz take on the Cantonese classic 旱天雷etc. Enjoyed Rit Xu’s performance of Mower’s Flute Concerto (1st movement).

Simplicius Cheong Quartet – Tama Goh, Rit Xu&Felix Phang pay tribute to music heroes—the swing era pianists Errol Garner, Oscar Peterson and George Shearing.

Not only pleasant to the ears but to the eyes too 🙂

Introduced Marina Square Food Court (Level4) to this group. Conveniently located across the the road from Esplanade – in the comforts of AC, decent food choices and good view.

Mon: congratulations to bro Les for his recent Distinguished Graduate Award from UCD. This is his third such award. In 2014 we celebrated his Honorary Doctorate from the National U of Ireland, seems like yesterday! Am sooo blessed to have the best care where the ♥ is concerned 🙂

Books in the neighbourhood library have been relocated, but no problems finding them. Good to meet up with Pat&David &the kids, tkx to sis Jo for dinner.

Tue: what was going on in my mind, forgot to take pix!! Appreciations to George&Elsie for a tropical fruits evening. Good to meet childhood neighbours from Temenggong Rd. Liz&her 3bros, Torqand, Roderick&Allister+George&his siblings who all lived in#28 in the 1950s-60s and this is our first meeting, now with their families. Better late than never. Pix credits to Elsie&Jong. Apologies for not making to their gathering on Sun.

When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind ― Patrick Rothfuss

Some Favourite F-Words

7 Jul 2017 – Family, Friends, Fridays, Food&Fun

Tue: May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right – Peter Marshall.

Pix credits to Alex McDonald for the Born in the USA 4 miler and relay at Forest Acres, SC USA of Katy, Ellie & Linn. Pix credits to May for Ike&Olai who is on a road-trip in the US.

Lunch with Hong and tkx for the ride in his rizzi red Mercedes-Benz into town. Always nice to catch up with Hong to exchange the latest news and to hear what he has been and is up to.

He, like me leads an active interesting life and it is good to trade travel experiences.

Great to finally meet Sean Collum, and what an amazing job he has done for the ONG, sis-in-law, Mabel family tree so far. Impressive with all the names up to 3generations back. He is requesting for info regarding to some missing names here that he is still researching for.

Belated Bday dinner with Clem@Chin Chin Hainanese Chicken Rice****Purvis St and a Minion ice-cream cone@McDonald for dessert which was surprisingly yummy.

Wed: tkx to Les&Ivy for lunch@DinTaiFung (Paragon)**** some of their signature dishes – FriedRice with Shrimps&Eggs仁蛋饭  SteamedPork Dumplings 小笼包 SteamedChicken Soup元盅鸡汤 are some my favourties.

Wine from Les’s cellar – have tired the Kistler white, but the is the first red for me, perfect with the lunch.

Delighted to hear about Kiera’s debate in Vietnam, good enough for the next round in the US in Nov. Yeah Kiera, way to go. Just in time to stay dry after getting off the bus and walking to the elevator, the sky opened up and poured buckets. Enjoying the cooler weathers and the sounds of the downpours.

Appreciations for dinner@sis Jo’s. Good catching up with Sue&Michael. Lovely short evening walk after the rains.

Thu: lunch@Crossing Café****had the ChilliCrabPasta, it was tasty and the cappuccino froth-designed was inviting for the eyes and the palate. This location offers affordable quality food with all profits going to charity. The previous visit for Fish&Chips was also a good visit. Will return to try another new dish.  Tkx for good company Aileen.

Appreciations to Heather Barrie for the invitation to her Fine Palate-Catering-Events-Cafe-PrivateDining business and info for the Aerospring Garden Pole. Would like to have one of those poles when the time for one is ready!

The dance of the palm trees, the oceans calling, the first rays of sun and heaven is here – Michael Dolan

Fri:  Bfast and weekend grocery done by 0600hrs.

Lovely morning with my coffee soaking in the ‘chi’, watching the sun trying to penetrate thru’ the clouds and enjoying the activities around@ECPark. A busy morning for the planes – so glad that I’m not on any of them! Hopefully there is enough energy to go back to the paperwork for the day before the busy schedule for this weekend. A good weekend to all.



Appreciations to Campers Corner management&staff+friends – celebrations for successful sales and for exciting future plans. Tkx for good company, food and whisky.


A Walk Down Memory Lane

1 Jul 2017 – When The Memory Is Still There!

Sat: an aerial view of the southern slope of Fort Canning Hill along River Valley Road in the 1960s of an old postcard is where my memories are still very much in tact.

National Theater (1964- 1986) designed by Alfred Wong, god-sister Pat’s bro. Pix downloaded.

Van Kleef Aquarium (1955-1998) – pix downloaded

Both these buildings have been sadly demolished. Now the grounds are part of the foothills of the Fort Canning Pk. Formally known as Central Pk in 1972 when the land previously used by the British armed forces was combined with King GeorgeV Park. The park was then renamed Fort Canning Pk in 1981 by LKY and converted into a historical park.

It was then an era when out with the old and in with the new, and hopefully it is not always the case now. But what is in the will and request of a dying or dead person should be honourably followed thru’ by the immediate family members without any outside interference or ulterior motives!!!

A reminder of the former National icon now stands across the road from the original site. Not much changes from the time I can remember from these 2buildings besides fresh paint – Sri Thandayuthapani Temple, also known as the Chettiar Temple (1859) and the Teochew Building (formally NgeeAnn Poly in 1963).

A walk around the locations where swim practices@River Valley Swimming Complex (1959-2003) and Math tuition with Miss Lee were once in the yesteryear. Now the future Fort Canning MRT station and 113 Tank Station.

Here is a good link to check for SIN past&present and info&pix.

From Robertson Quay along SIN River under Clemenceau Bridge to

Clark Quay with the tourist and young crowds (wow Zouk still exists and has relocated here!).

Crossing River Valley Rd to Old Hill Street Police Station which currently houses the Ministry of Comm and Info and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. Central Fire Station housing the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, also the official museum of the SIN Civil Defence Force. 

The Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, referred to as locally the Armenian Church, the oldest Christian church in SIN. Passing by another memory lane, Loke Yew St where climbing up those dark stairs to one of the units for piano lessons with Mrs Wong. The US Embassy was located opp this block in those days. 3hrs of leisure walk with my idiot-proof camera! and most reliable for the telling tales!! down memory lane hoping to get back into the SIN time&frame of mind!

A spectator would conclude that I was living in the past. But I was very much living in the present. My present – Fennel Hudson, A Meaningful Life

Sun: tkx to Zarina for the visit and nice meeting another of her sis, Susan. Introducing SIN&Peranakan foods to Hongkies on Marine Terrace Food&Wet Market and East Coast Rd.

Appreciations to 4sis-on-law for yummy home-made prawn noddles and belated Bday cake for Annie – pix in mobile phone and unable to download! Will figure that out someday!!

Mon: an annual get-together with cousins Karen&Sharon from paternal grandmother CHAN SweeNgor side of the family.

@The Peranakan****where the food was deliciously presented – highly recommended.

Hello July 2017

1 Jul 2017 – Bye-bye June

Tue-Wed: snoozing, unpacking, laundry, banking, hair-cut, etc. Still not back to SIN time-zone and napping at odd hours! Need to try harder to stay awake so as to adjust and adapt. Appreciations to Gel for the visit to share a bite with me.

Wed 28Jun: Happy Birthdays to Jeff, John/US hiking buddy & Adriane from HI/USA.

Thu: tkx to Jo that I got re-connected via FB with Susan Tye (Dublin days) after 50yrs. Was just wondering as her whereabouts when Jen, Jo, me & Kat met up in Feb. Would be fun to have a reunion for us who did our Irish Leaving Certs in 1967. Working on not napping today, and by 2000hrs, the eyes would not stay open and the head was going round&round.

Fri: Happy Bday to dear nephew JenMun who is the first of the OrangeGeneration, my children’s generation for the LAM TinYue branch. Also Happy Bday to Annie. 

Awake 0300hrs and just could not go back to sleep, no matter if it is Fri or any day, have to get back to SIN time! An early walk to ECPk via the underpass and always appreciative for the graffiti-free walls and the cleanliness that can only be found here in SIN – not trying to be patriotic, but have been to many places and hopefully can objectively be observant about such.

Serene sounds of the waves with the distance constant humming of the tankers were rather soothing. Delighted to see that the newly constructed Siglap Canal is completed. In future will bring my morning coffee here to the outlook deck to watch the sunrise.

The overpass on ECP leading to MarineT is in perfect condition for both pedestrians and bikers. Seldom time one can see NO traffic on the ECP!

Tkx to my regulars for Bfast. BeeBee has lost a lot of weight and she told me that her appetite is not good and that she has many worries. Hope that she is OK and suggested for her to go to see a doctor. Pandan leafs from the market for enhancing the taste in the water.

Opening of David Hockney A Matter Of Perspective@STPI



4 Blue Stools/2014, Portrait of Mother 1,2&3/1987, Hotel Acatlan/1985

STPI Gallery continues its 15th anniversary celebrations with David Hockney. The exhibition of 36 carefully selected works drawn mostly from the SAM Collection presents how Britain’s most celebrated living artist continues to push the boundaries of print techniques, investigating the one intrigue which defines his entire prolific career: perspectives.


Hotel Acatlan/1987, An Image of Gregory/1984-85

We do not look at the world from a distance; we are in it, and that’s how we feel – David Hockney

IMG_8108Campers’ Corner – Sale of the Year not to be missed. Even I was unable to resist getting some good bargains for the Christmas shopping here. Bought 2 small-backpacks and a pair of hiking sticks for S$145. Tkx to Calvin for scrumptious dinner with wines. Appreciations to CC for saving the wine-corks for me. Food pix credits to Helen.

To sell something, tell a woman it’s a bargain; tell a man it’s deductible – Earl Wilson


Edited 5Aug: belated Birthday greetings to Annie and tkx to 4sis-in-law for yummy home-made prawn-mee. Figuring how to download pix from mobile phone to laptop and at this age, takes awhile 🙂

Byebye Jun – Welcome Jul

Jul Special Dates.

4 Happy 4th to USA

14 Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France

17 Happy Bday Nancy Bowman

19 Happy 20th Anniversary Linn&Jeff

20 Happy Bday David Yeoh

21 Happy Bday Albert Chua

22 Happy Anniversary Dika&Mark B

23 Happy Bdays James & Lucas

25 Happy Bday Winnie/CA