Hello July 2017

1 Jul 2017 – Bye-bye June

Tue-Wed: snoozing, unpacking, laundry, banking, hair-cut, etc. Still not back to SIN time-zone and napping at odd hours! Need to try harder to stay awake so as to adjust and adapt. Appreciations to Gel for the visit to share a bite with me.

Wed 28Jun: Happy Birthdays to Jeff, John/US hiking buddy & Adriane from HI/USA.

Thu: tkx to Jo that I got re-connected via FB with Susan Tye (Dublin days) after 50yrs. Was just wondering as her whereabouts when Jen, Jo, me & Kat met up in Feb. Would be fun to have a reunion for us who did our Irish Leaving Certs in 1967. Working on not napping today, and by 2000hrs, the eyes would not stay open and the head was going round&round.

Fri: Happy Bday to dear nephew JenMun who is the first of the OrangeGeneration, my children’s generation for the LAM TinYue branch. Also Happy Bday to Annie. 

Awake 0300hrs and just could not go back to sleep, no matter if it is Fri or any day, have to get back to SIN time! An early walk to ECPk via the underpass and always appreciative for the graffiti-free walls and the cleanliness that can only be found here in SIN – not trying to be patriotic, but have been to many places and hopefully can objectively be observant about such.

Serene sounds of the waves with the distance constant humming of the tankers were rather soothing. Delighted to see that the newly constructed Siglap Canal is completed. In future will bring my morning coffee here to the outlook deck to watch the sunrise.

The overpass on ECP leading to MarineT is in perfect condition for both pedestrians and bikers. Seldom time one can see NO traffic on the ECP!

Tkx to my regulars for Bfast. BeeBee has lost a lot of weight and she told me that her appetite is not good and that she has many worries. Hope that she is OK and suggested for her to go to see a doctor. Pandan leafs from the market for enhancing the taste in the water.

Opening of David Hockney A Matter Of Perspective@STPI



4 Blue Stools/2014, Portrait of Mother 1,2&3/1987, Hotel Acatlan/1985

STPI Gallery continues its 15th anniversary celebrations with David Hockney. The exhibition of 36 carefully selected works drawn mostly from the SAM Collection presents how Britain’s most celebrated living artist continues to push the boundaries of print techniques, investigating the one intrigue which defines his entire prolific career: perspectives.


Hotel Acatlan/1987, An Image of Gregory/1984-85

We do not look at the world from a distance; we are in it, and that’s how we feel – David Hockney

IMG_8108Campers’ Corner – Sale of the Year not to be missed. Even I was unable to resist getting some good bargains for the Christmas shopping here. Bought 2 small-backpacks and a pair of hiking sticks for S$145. Tkx to Calvin for scrumptious dinner with wines. Appreciations to CC for saving the wine-corks for me. Food pix credits to Helen.

To sell something, tell a woman it’s a bargain; tell a man it’s deductible – Earl Wilson


Edited 5Aug: belated Birthday greetings to Annie and tkx to 4sis-in-law for yummy home-made prawn-mee. Figuring how to download pix from mobile phone to laptop and at this age, takes awhile 🙂

Byebye Jun – Welcome Jul

Jul Special Dates.

4 Happy 4th to USA

14 Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France

17 Happy Bday Nancy Bowman

19 Happy 20th Anniversary Linn&Jeff

20 Happy Bday David Yeoh

21 Happy Bday Albert Chua

22 Happy Anniversary Dika&Mark B

23 Happy Bdays James & Lucas

25 Happy Bday Winnie/CA

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