Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

31 Jul 2017 – Farewell To July 2017

Thu: needed this day to recover from the news about Ranveig.

Fri: bus197 to NorthBridgeRd for breakfast and you will have no problems finding somewhere at these shop-houses across from BujisJunction – good MeePok for S$3.50.

20476316_10154695086575779_2400025954122391742_nWalked down to towards RafflesHotel which is under renovation. RafflesCity with 2 new white sculptures, one pointing@RafflesCity and the other pointing@CapitolBuilding.

Edited 1Aug: so this is what is going on@RaffledCity, Tian Tian Xiang Shang Exhibition. Like the literally translated title Looking Up Everyday but these sculptures do not speak to me! Pix credits to Gel for the poster on the right

Passing by StAndrew’sCathedral into ColemanSt where it is all ready for NationalDay (9Aug) and matching the theme of NationalGallery latest Exhibition.

Some of the permanent displays along Coleman St.

There are 4entrances into NationalGallery, so if you are meeting anyone, make sure to specify which one.


Yayoi Kusama – Life is the Heart of a Rainbow is why I am here today.

Forget about connecting the dotes, they grow on you as you wander thru’ this amazing maze of dotes.

Infinity Mirrored Room where reflections within reflections seem to forever extend the visual field – Gleaming Lights of the Souls. Felt a bit like I was in Twlight-Zone!

The Narcissus Garden – when gazing into it, the viewer only saw his/her own reflection staring back, forcing a confrontation with one’s own vanity and ego. Quite a fascinating effect…

More fun random dotes, tkx to Audrey. Yayoi sums it all as to why dotes and circles…

Sat: bus36 to SMU thru’ the old gates of the former NationalLibrary via the outdoor escalator up to the new SMU/School of Law to early morning walk@FortCanning Park. 

What a welcome crow from a very handsome rooster or should I say cock 🙂 Good to be back in such familiar grounds – Chan&I designed the flyer&map here when we were working in H&H which has be modified but I can still recognize it clearly from our original design.

Designed and printed in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Need to get the correct year when time permits. This was my favourtie project, thus documenting it here before the hard copy is lost.

Appreciations to Nparks for the informative Trees of the Fort Tour and nice to meet Choy KuenChin. Tree pix edited to Amazing Tree blog post

Continued to the NationalLibrary for a talk on Spice up you food blog by SethLiu and was pleasantly surprised by an exhibition of before and after pix, which are to my great interest. Again to show how things have a tendency work out for the best.

Was sooo excited to see and recognize old pix of Orchard Rd. Busy snapping pix at all angles and was completely unaware that the Guest of Honour Yaacob Ibrahim (Minister of Communications and Information) was standing beside me. Thank you for his patience and graciousness to wait until I was done. Apologized for being in the way, but was just thrilled to see the music store Keller Piano where my music supplies were from in the 1950s. Father owned the property then!

National Archives_03cathay building beside orchard road1_sm

Above 2B/Wpix downloaded of Orchard Rd – pix credits to SIN National Archives.

A busy and tiring day continuing to SuntecConvention to get my annual supply of Recogen supplement S$248 (including free for 2months), seems to help me but of course nothing scientifically proven. Ended with dinner@BeerThaiHouseRestaurant (GoldenMileTower), maybe it is my imagination, but the food seems better some years ago!

12 Storeys***1997@TheProjector – SIN drama film focuses on the troubled lives of several people living in the same building, directed by Eric Khoo (son of old family friend).

Good job from director and his crew but was a depressing movie, definitely not comedy for me! Tkx to Rosemary for her company.

Sun: tkx Les&Ivy for lunch@TiongBahru and home-made black-pepper crabs dinner. Nothing can beat catching up with family for yummy local foods. Need to rest after such an active&colourful weekend 🙂

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days – Doug Larson