Happy 20th Anniversary

21 Jul 2017 – To Linn and Jeff

Mon: hospitals in SIN have come a long way and very much impressed after a visit in NUH. Bro Steven was admitted there for observation after a fall, he seemed OK and has been discharged.

NUH Medical Centre is the hospital’s newest outpatient facility to serve primarily subsidised patients.

Located directly above the KentRidgeMRT Station and patients can also get from one building to another, including a mall with a Kopitiam and a variety of eateries.

Not even sure when was the last time@HollandVillage?? It sure has changed – had to walk around to discover the new…

and to revisit the old!

The sun was setting too fast, will need to return in daylight when there is less crowds to check out more.

Tue: another day with health-care location and another good experience even without an appointment. Was in and out of the neighbourhood Polyclinics in less than 2hrs with no outstanding bills+6months of medications. Pix downloaded.

IMG_8451A trip to the library and was delighted to find pix of how an original HDB 3-rooms flat should look like. Did not have the chance to take pix before the walls were taken down to make it into a studio apt then! Documenting them now before the memory fades. 2above pix for the original HDB downloaded from HDB Homes of SIN. Appreciations to Jo for dinner.

Wed: to my beautiful first-born Linn and her wonderful husband Jeff – Happy 20th Anniversary. Thank you to all who were there to celebrate their day 20yrs ago and to those who are still here to support them. Amazing that she can still fit into her wedding gown after 20yrs+The FaBulous5.

TEDx Speakers Agreement signed and email to Keystone Academy/Beijing, China for my presentation in Oct. Pix downloaded. Third day in a row visiting another medical location – Mt E!

Thu: day in Chinatown with cousin Wilki&Patti. Tkx for good company, food and foot massage at Teochew Meng Reflexology Centre at People’s Park Complex.