From The Armenian Church

23 Jul 2017 – To ChoaChuKang

Fri: TGIF and what a delightful performance by Armenian cellist Khachatur Khachatryan who did proud for his country and people with his recital of –

JS Bach’s #1-3 Suites for cello and 2 encore pieces – Giovanni Sollima’s Lamentatio and Sergei Prokofiev’s Marche from Twelve Children Pieces.

The Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, referred to as locally as the Armenian Church (1835), is the oldest Christian church in SIN is an architectural masterpiece from the early 19th century. The building was gazetted as a national monument in 1973. This is one my favourite churches (+its grounds ) in SIN.

IMG_8362b (1)IMG_8362b (2)

Was unaware that Yoshie was sitting behind me at the recital.

Bras Basah Complex’s food court (have not been there for ages) for a bite and ice-cream@McD (often for an ice-cream when in the area). Appreciations for Yoshie’s good company and pix of me and my head 🙂

Sat: instead of the MRT when&where it is probably faster with 2changes, decided to take the bus48 from MP Rd to ChoaChuKang with 1change@RochorCanalRd to bus67, 0.87cents and nearly 2hrs discovering new places on BkTimahRd. Interesting to see from the bus the stretch where the Green Corridor is.

The Warren/Garden in the Sky (2004) – 699units condo, beautifully maintained with 3 swimming pools, jacuzzi, cascading waters, clubhouse, gym, etc conveniently located across from MRT and bus Interchange.

Tkx to Hong for appetizers&drinks in his lovely condo, and dinner@Rasa Istimewa C2K Restaurant. Good to catch up with Sam and nice to meet Colin, her future husband. Had a plate of seehum (blood cockles, pix downloaded), but being from a public place, they’re not as bloody as I would have cooked them but still OK. Appreciations to Sam for dropping me off to catch the last bus48, getting back past 0100hrs.

The stomach needs to rest after all the eating – I am on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.


Sun: Happy Happy Bdays #5James (6) and grand-nephew Lucas (9), the purple generation is growing up!

Drums and the elaborate celebrations from the Malay wedding downstairs are keeping me entertained and bringing back a good memory from 2yrs ago when I was walking pass another Malay wedding.

Oh I don’t mind going to weddings, just as long as it’s not my own ― Tom Waits