SG50 Fun Package

27 Jul 2015 – MPCC
Sat: jetlag has its advantage that the speed for uploading images online is less than a blink of the eye πŸ™‚


An early grocery shopping and breakfast morning at the wet market and done before 0630hrs. Been awhile since I bought fresh and was quite taken in that this tiny local ‘plaice’ cost S$10! Large bag of chicken bones for stock is more reasonable, S$2.


10eggs, 1 large Taiwan mango+all these fresh produce for S$15 and all good and fresh. Calamansi, LemonGrass and Pandan leafs (the tall pointy ones) are good for flavoring food and drinking water. The leafs give nice aroma and decoration in the kitchen + keeping the roaches away!


Was too tired to cook after washing all the produce. Good nap before heading into town. Only in SIN will you find such charm and hospitality – the preparations of a Malay wedding at the common area in a public housing estate. Was just taking pix as I passed by and was invited to the celebrations…


Oysters (1)ShrimpLukes-table[1]

Dropped by MtE as Ivy’s mom fell and was hospitalized. Lawrence is in town. Tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner at Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House at Heeren*****where the food is top quality and the whiskey is good.


This is my first experience at the Heeren after it has been revamped. The bus from town took over an hour with diversions, being Sat night and the NDP rehearsals! Crashed on the sofa and fell asleep…



Sun: at MPCC, designed by a family friend William Lim. Was there to collect the ‘SG50 fun package.’ Have not been to the top floor since the opening, where the basket ball court is located. Can even see block 45 Marine Crescent from there! Quite a fascinating banana-leafs concept shaped roof. Wonder if the rains get in or if the sun-rays will distract when shooting baskets?? Must get up there again when it rains to check it out.


Was there for the opening when it was officially opened by Goh Chok Tong on 28May 2000.


Like the bag for SG50 with the map of SIN on the other side. Tkx for all the stuff in the bag.


The old standing fan has seen its days and had to get a new square one – S$23 at Giant in Parkway Parade. Wish I could remember how much I paid for the old one to just compare prices from then and now! Appreciations for keeping me cool for nearly a decade!

Too tired to attend any wedding but do enjoy the sound of the drums as I drifted into LaLa Land πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Mon: a fabulous week ahead to all.


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