25 Jul 2015 – For Those Who Are Well-Equipped


Thu: to be back in SIN is also to be back in ‘Food Paradise’ where the food choices are endless and yummy! Looks like SIN national dish is the ‘Chilli Crab’

132IMG_34871_ Chin Seng Cooked Food (Tekka Centre) - Wanton Mee

Only in SIN and less than 5mins walk from the apt, can I get a decent meal for S$3+


An educational and interesting evening at CC has convinced me that serious-professional photography is for those who are well-equipped + the accessories and gadgets to go with this hobby. But this is not going to stop me to enjoy my pix with my idiot-proof camera 🙂

11060287_10153509506943979_5723032076375110537_nPixCredits Athena/SIN

If I had to carry around all these, the joy of taking pix will be gone from me. A caddy or porter will be hired if I ever go on one of those photography trips, lol. But it does not mean that I do not appreciate the art of good photography, Here are some good ones from FB friends and tkx to them for sharing –

11698886_10153130840473952_6086120179880124212_nPixCredits Francisco/USA

11703194_10153070282631475_4204894060349527034_nPixCredits Kim/Australia

1002513_10152093587688082_156836260_nPixCredits Martin/HKG

Thank you to Richard, ‘Tourism Western Australia’ and to those in CC who made this a fun and informative event.



Appreciations to Calvin for all the booze and to Chris for the yummy fried-rice. Very considerate of him to guess that I was in NO mood for ‘Délifrance’ With a beer named like that in the green bottle, then nothing can go wrong for the night 🙂 🙂

Fri: a good weekend to all from a zombie in SIN who will be trying to get out of the zombie stage this weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂

‘One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’ when the pix is a good, sharp composition taken in perfect lights. I like it best when I can feel and relate to the pix too! Two good quotes regarding this context, so just enjoy the memories and moments…