The Orange Generation

30 Jul 2015 – Keeps Me Young At Heart!

img_2075[1]NHY Map
Mon: tkx Clement for spending the afternoon with his ‘havoc auntie!’. In Chinatown to get a gift for cousin Amy in LA. Wanted to have the Taiwan Shave Ice from Mei Heong Yuen****but did not realize that the main branch on Temple Rd closes on Mon.


Had to use a restroom after the walk – Chinatown Point was the cleaner choice and since we were there in an AC location, took a walk around to see what is there. Lo and behold there is another branch of MHY Dessert. So it was meant to be for my shaved-ice urge 🙂


Tkx for gifts from Italy. Had a dress-me-up David many moons ago, but he died from a broken neck! Glad to see the new David has an extra face to go with it for when he is dressed, otherwise he will break his neck again!! Am truly blessed with more angels. A visit to 4th sis-in-law later that evening who has done a wonderful job raising my 2 nieces and 2 nephews. Clem bought us durians.


Tue: appreciations to Peggy for lunch with Pat at this Thai Indonesian place – Bumbu***food was good value for the cost. The interior is done in a Peranakan style. This location is in a HDB estate on Farrer Rd – there are 2 other locations at Telok Ayer and Kandahar streets.

Tkx Sue for stopping by with the mail. Good to catch up with family news.



Wed: fun afternoon with Audrey at Red Dot Design Museum with interesting designers’ displays.


URA (one of my favourite stomping grounds) where there was a PageOne book sale. Bought gifts to be mailed.



Scarlet Hotel to say hi to Jana. Always enjoy the stroll down Erskine Rd and Club St.


PS Cafe*** feasting on my favourite Key-Lime Pie on Ann Siang Hill.



Thian Hock Keng or Temple of Heavenly Happiness where the contrast of skyline and visitors to this location are quite fascinating. What I saw today was my first and a hopeful sight – 2 women in tudung visiting a Chinese temple. May peace be with us all.

Safe journeys and the very best to Audrey who will be heading back to China next week. Good to see her and glad to hear that she is happy with her new job.

This quote is what my father told me time and again – Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and expect nothing. My observation is that you will not be disappointed if you manage to live by this quote!

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