The Green Corridor

16 Jan 2016 – Thru-Hiking 25km


Wed:  a day to do laundry and plan on the 25km walk Green Corridor/GC to discover that I will not be able to access it from the beginning, ie Tanjong Pagar/TP Station

Thu: yeah got my TV set up and AC serviced. Thank goodness these services were done by 12n and am I glad that recce the access for GC in daylight!


Was hoping to find some loop-holes but the fences are as secure as ever!


Nice but hot and interesting walk thru’ Spottiswood and Blair Rd


Anyway to cut a long story short, here is where the Kampong Bahru/KB exit is when I take bus196 to as far as KB/Blair Rd junction.

Got off there and change to any of these buses 61, 124, 143 or 166 turning into KB Rd. Just one stop and off opp Silat Ave and Orange Valley Nursing Home.

IMG_8198IMG_8196Cross at the traffic lights turn left to blk23. Do NOT cross over KB Flyover where St Theresa Church is. Walk along the path of blk23 or across the field till the end. You will get to a slight slope with a drain and a small bridge at the bottom. Cross there and you are on the GC.



Edited – 6Mar 2016 with the 6 above pix. The missing 1km of the GC to Exit 1A completed today – tkx to the 10km GC Run and in good company of Ray&Eve. The other 25km done about 2 months ago. The TP Station is now completely barricaded for renovations to an MRT Sta.


Fri: yes have decided to celebrate my 66yrs to challenge myself for this 25km walk. Tkx Clem for being on time to start by 06.45hrs. A lovely cool start meeting only 1jogger with headlamp like myself.


Life with huge red ants with no tunnels and the small fire ants with tunnels. Space happenings below KB Crossing to CTE Crossing.


Some very wet sections from last night’s rains along Bukit Merah. Poor Clem who will be walking with wet shoes and socks.


Past 0800hrs and a perfect spot for a 5mins break at Jalan Hang Jebut Mosque app 4km from our stating and to meet with Hannah.


Commonwealth Ave Flyover with colourful street art.


2hornbills bullying 2 other birds in the trees while applying mosquito repellent near Ghim Moh market.



Constructions around the Greenleaf and Bukit Timah area. The only slope on these flat flat flat paths with some beautiful nature along with it.


Bukit Timah Station for 5mins break.


Crossing the first bridge; under Holland Rd and continuing to the next bridge by Hindhede Drive.



With life in this surroundings.


45mins lunch and toilet stop at the Springleaf Prata Place Rail Mall where I was not the least bit hungry but had a cold fresh coconut juice, ginger drink and a glass of ice water!


Continued on the bridge and saw this pleasant surprise.

12507256_10101587287534979_3072628990086309934_n12509212_10101587287510029_6322994150378618742_n12509567_10101587287594859_4722943707196610777_n12524186_10101587287564919_3042173267036223478_nPix credit-Hannah

Felt like kids again claiming our prizes with my Swiss Army knife 🙂


Hillview Rd – gone is Girder Bridge but realistically the old will have to make way for the new, such is life Happy Birthday and look forward!


My heart went out to this foreign worker painting the fence in this heat. Thank goodness Sri Murugan Hill Temple is just around the corner if he needs protection. No bridge ahead, detouring around Giant Hyper Market


Parts of the last stretches in the exposure to this tropical sun is no joke and being tired does not help 😦 A lone tree by Sg Kadut watching the flow of time and hopefully will still be watching after my time by Sg Kadut near Choa Chu Kang Rd.


4above pix credits to Clem.

The rains were welcoming even with a poncho in the Woodlands area.


Much trash thru’ industrial areas and there the path ends.


Found our way to the bus-stop before 1700hrs, near the Woodlands Checkpoint. Friday traffic to JB did not look fun to be in. Thank goodness we were heading the opp direction.

Appreciations to all the sites with info for The GC, especially maps from –

Tkx to the young people like Hannah and Clem for being such sports to walk this 25km Thru-Hike with this old auntie in this tropical heat! To be edited with reflections and pix from Clem & Hannah.

Reflections: remember taking the train to Kota Bahru in 1959 to welcome the birth of the first nephew…

6 thoughts on “The Green Corridor

  1. That’s interesting. I’d like to do that walk, especially the first bit. Have I missed your birthday? When was it? I hope you had a good day. Love Liz >

    • Actually it was an interesting walk except for the exposed parts before and abit after Choa Chu Kang Rd.

      Turned 66 yesterday but we do not count and remember any more at this stage of life 🙂

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