Tangong Pagar Railway Station/2016

6 Mar 2016 – 10km Green Corridor Run

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Thu: a day to organize both thoughts and paper-work. Unhappy with not finding much info for Italy E1 section and feeling overwhelmed by 7,000km when unable to find the first step!! Thank you for Miss Wiggy’s encouragement and her faith in me – if anyone can prepare for E1 it’s you!


Fri: TGIF and grocery shopping day as the fridge and fruit basket are empty! Thanks to Calvin at CC for hosting this interesting presentation – ‘How Adventure Feeds Conservation’ by Jp Alipio, Cordillera Conservation Trust. The slide show with these views cheered me up.


When I see a night pix with a tent, I am reminded of this hotel commercial.


Sat: the newly revamp bus-stop on Stamford Rd by Capitol Building is now completed and the shops are renovated. CC was located here before Waterloo St. Memories from CHIJ days where the is the spot we could look out to from some classes and the former CHIJ Assembly Hall, now SMRT Headquarters Building.


Dropped by to MtE to pick up my prescription. Had plans to meet Clem for lunch before a movie. Instead and tkx to Ivy&Les, we joined them for lunch at Paragon Tambuah Mas***serving authentic Indonesian home-style food. The last time I was at another Tambuah Mas must have been over 2decades ago and that was in the Tanglin Shopping Centre.


Movie Noma, My Perfect Storm***is a creative journey into the mind of René Redzepi. The film follows him as he fights his way back to the top, reinventing NOMA and reclaiming the title of best restaurant in the world for the fourth time.


How did he manage to revolutionise the entire world of gastronomy, inventing the alphabet and vocabulary that would infuse newfound pedigree to Nordic cuisine and establish a new edible world while radically changing the image of the modern chef?


In time to stumble upon a tail-end of a Block Party! What a nice idea, especially with Emeritus Senior Minister Mr Goh giving out goodies from a basket!



Sun: starting at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station to complete my 1km of the Green Corridor Thur’Hike (the 25k, done app 2months ago). Today’s 10km Green Corridor RUN is the only way to get access to the station grounds which is usually barricaded. Also this is the last run until renovations are done.


Tkx to Ray&Eve for good company and glad to be able to take a short drive to Temenggong Rd and the Mt Faber area.


Appreciations for lunch to cousin John and nephew Ray at Pearl Bank and also for letting me look thru’4th auntie’s old pix. Found some interesting pix and also tkx for the extra set of funeral pix to grandfather LAM SongKee (1891-1950)


The background and surroundings of some of these pix helped with the time-frame. But still having problems for the pix with the grandparents and a child. Will now be more vigilant to date my own pix. This will probably be my last trip to Pearl Bank.

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Have been the eldest generation for the LAM TinYue (1911-1996) branch since 1996. Cousins Lock, Yun, Chai (LAM TinYick 1916-1988) Robert 1946-1999 (LAM PohYingmay they both RIP) and Yat-Soon (LAM PohKue 1921-2000) are also the eldest for their branches. Cousins David, John&Wilki (LAM  PohKow 1915-2016) now join us to be the eldest generation to their branch.

Life is not significant details, illuminated by a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are – Susan Sontag

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