St Patrick’s Day 2016

18 Mar 2016 – Happy Birthday Linn


Wed: nice to catch up with Soakkoon who is visiting from KL. Tkx to Ivy for lunch at Dempsey Rd Dome***and their refreshing citron presse never fail to disappoint me. Ivy had the soup and we all shared a chicken pie, beef salad and 2 pieces of cake – perfect portions with no food wasted.


Appreciations to SIN Irish Ambassador, his wife &Mrs Keating and the staff of the Irish Embassy for a lovely St Patrick’s Day reception.


With Irish dance and music, free-flowing of Guinness, wines and a yummy spread of Irish dishes brought back wonderful Irish memories.


Great to catch up with some of the IGAS members; tkx to TongNgee for being the perfect gentleman and to Carmel for the ride. Enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Conrad Centennial.

000714ee-1500Thu: Happy Paddy’s Day to all celebrating, especially to Linn, Pat & Kat who were born in the Emerald Isles and to bros, sis and cousins who spent more than a decade there. Arrived there in Aug1965 with the feeling of lost and loneliness then. This day there was usually wet and grey! B/W1965 pix downloaded from RTE archives.


Dinner for this special day, no green cabbage, corn-beef or beer but the colour scheme is Irish and the Shanagarry pottery plates are from my 1960s Dublin days 🙂


Fri: to my beautiful first-born, born 42yrs ago in 1974Dublin/Ireland – Happy Birthday Linn. Above 2pix from 1974 and 2014.


Norway 1975 Nesøya, 1978 Tromsø, 1985 Kolsås; USA 1992 Casselberry/FL


Dearest Linn, love and miss you. Hugs from mom.

You taught me what unconditional love feels like.

You changed everything.

You turned me into a mom.

And even though you are not my only child, you will always be my first.

Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don’t think about yesterday, and they don’t think about tomorrow. They just exist in the moment – Jessalyn Gilsig