With Fond Memories & Dedications

29 Feb 2016 – To 4th Auntie

Fri: condolences to the Wong cousins and their families in SIN & HI/USA for the passing of their mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, my 4th aunt LAM Poh Kow, who was 100+ and may she RIP.

This will be the 3rd funeral in the month of Feb! Cough seems to get worse as the day progresses, so will wait to attend the wake until tomorrow afternoon.

madonna91215N0228_with_pa2_pf2NST Map

SIN archbishop urges boycott of ‘blasphemous’ Madonna who arrived this evening in her private jet to give her performance at the National Stadium! Cost of tickets starting from S$108 – 1,288! Not my taste in music or style, so will not be attending and also those prices are way out of my budget!!


Sat: lunch with Ivy and Kiera at Din Tai Fung (Wisma@Orchard)****Unless you are so unfortunate, it is difficult to get a disappointing meal at any of the Din Tai Fung! Sat traffic is never fun to be in


but OK to watch with a good lunch 🙂

4th Auntie’s wake at SIN Casket, and tkx to Raymond for bringing some old pix to the wake. Hope to see more as he clears and cleans up his grandmother’s things.

Simple dinner with Henry in the comforts of my modest accommodation – good to catch up and to hear that things are going well for him.


LAM KohKow (1915-2016), WONG YauFun (1915-2006). 3 sons: David (HI/USA), John and Wilki (HI/USA). 3 grandsons: Jay, Raymond and Daniel (HI/USA). 3 great-grandsons: Joshua, Jordan and Jagger.


Sun: funeral at Mandai Crematorium where Raymond mentioned a good and valid point. We are here to celebrate her long and good life. For me I would add to celebrate with fond memories.


Appreciations to the Wong family for lunch at Cafe de Hong Kong 新天地小厨茶餐厅****586 Balestier Rd, not a café per se, but more of a zhi char eatery offering Hong Kong-style home-cooked food.


Good Fragrant Fish Roe Fried Rice, Black Tofu and Salted-eggs prawns.


Car-Free Sunday in SIN makes its debut today, with parts of the Civic and CBD transformed into a car-free zone from 0700-0900hrs. Good idea and as it is if you are around these areas on any Sun mornings, there are hardly any traffic there unless there is an event.


f-leapyear-a-20160226Mon: today the energy level is 0 on the scale of 1 – 10. A leap year and the day when women can propose! Hello – this is 2016 and women can propose whenever they want. But those who know me also know that it will never happen 🙂


The car-free-Sun was a such a success and there are talks and plans to improve it further. Glad that Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his well-deserved Oscar.

The secret of marriage remains a secret – Henry Youngman

The Irish Academy Of Music

25 Feb 2015 – Visitors from Australia & Ireland


Tue: great to have our annual catch-up Richard. Tkx to HongSze for curry lunch and Sago gula melaka dessert at  Tanglin Club***Apologies for all the re-scheduling but at least we got together. Safe journeys back to Australia and now that Richard is retired, hope that he will visit SIN more than just once a year.


Feel like I am coughing my guts out but that too shall pass with more rest. Living life fully as LIVE done backwards = EVIL. Must have caught the bug from Les as he started with it and then more in the family got it and now my turn!

Wed: Happy Bday to Calvin who is in China, so not sure if he is getting the greetings from here or FB. Will celebrate when he and Chris get back.


Nice to meet with Margaret, Peter&Padraic. The last time we met was in 2004, at Brother Joseph McNally’s (1923-2002) Inauguration of Counsellor II, a bronze sculpture erected by the people of SIN in his memory. The sculpture measuring 2.9m is situated on the grounds of the National Museum of Ireland-Country Life in Co Mayo, Ireland is a tribute to all the Irish De La Salle Brothers who by their life work in SIN have helped to transform SIN from a 3rd World to a 1st World country.


IMG_9039Today I was blessed with their company on this wet day.  Starting with a satay lunch at Waterloo St Hawker Centre and a short tour from Victoria, Queen, Waterloo St and ending at SAM Bras Basah Rd, the former SJI.

Wish I could have shown them more, but did not want to spread the coughing bugs. Must be a bad cough for me to even get these at Watsons – would usually allow time to heal. As the children’s grandfather always said gå snart over! Literally translated ‘go soon over’


Coincidentally, Edward (Euphemia’s bro)&family and now Margaret&family are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis. Like the painting in the lobby and this location as it is easily accessible to  many interesting places like Arab St and Little India


How delightful to discover that Padraic too studied music at The Irish Academy of Music in Westland Row/Dublin. Oh such memories of that place and how that brass plate was being polished daily – special dedications to Sean Lynch, Dorothy Stokes, Annette Perry!  Last visit there was 1998 when I met up with Annette. Wonder if the ceiling on the staircase still looks the same??

Hope to hear Padraic perform at the operas someday, somewhere. And Margaret & Pete live near Ann & Mick in Co Meath. Small world.

Thu: still coughing but I would like to think that is it less! Rest rest and more rest for today. Looking into old photo albums to see what else has been stored there.


Above pix downloaded from –


I inserted the quote!

Visitors From Australia

22 Feb 2016 – With Fond Childhood Memories


Fri: PP & Ian arrived safe and sound ahead of schedule in the rains. With peak hours on the roads decided to take the MRT. Got off at Lavender had enough time to grab a bite. Trust Ian to pick this place! – never knew it existed until now! Was not hungry or thirsty enough to try anything here but Ian tells me that it was good.


Tried to walk to the wake but the rains got heavier and with luggage, managed to get a taxi driver who was willing to take us one traffic light away from SIN Casket. Ian said that it must have been the shortest taxi ride for him! Rainy pix downloaded from some site.


Had supper at Koon***a Bak Kut Teh bistro, kinda of a combined beer-dart throwing joint. Quite a comfort food on this wet night. Used to be a coffee shop serving Muslim food here at this corner of Hamilton Rd/Lavender St

Sat: another wet morning for a funeral at Mandai Crematorium. A quick hello in my thoughts and prayers to my parents and to let them know that their friend is now joining them. May they all RIP.



Tkx to Les&Ivy for delicious Catalan food at La Ventana@Dempsey****with bubbles and perfect matching wines to celebrate old and new memories! PP was pleased with the decor and Ian was feeling very at home here 🙂


Sun: grabbing a bite and shopping in Chinatown, even I managed to buy a bunch of stuff to KIV for gifts.


Preparations are ongoing for tomorrow’s last day of this year’s CNY celebrations.


Tea at Takashimaya Patties & Wiches****enjoy these Japanese cakes which are less sweet and much lighter than the Western cakes.


Nice to see that young people are interested in cooking at the ABC Cooking Schools.


Dinner at Long Beach@Dempsey’s****where their Black Pepper crab is finger licking good and the requested dish by Ian. Discovered a path from the main road up to this venue, but will remember to bring my head lamp in future!

IMG_9031Mon: last day of the CNY celebrations and should be a full moon tonight. Until the next CNY celebrations, time to put away the decorations.

Good to see overseas old friends again. PP is one of the very few who dates back to the mid 1950s and is like a little sister to me, except that she is not so little now 🙂

Blessed are those who have friends who cherish and respect one another…



19 Feb 2016 – A Person Who Returns

6be476e7c5_345x518_5949ba9093Tue: The Revenant***or a person who returns as a spirit after death. This nearly 3hrs long footage is inspired by true events. Was only focused on the beauty of the images, in the prodigious natural light that Emmanuel Lubezki captures.

The acting must be good to get all these nominations! but the eyes were shut at most of these scenes where Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy were in action.

article-2647074-0B6442C000000578-803_634x372Wed: this really made a Happy Hump Day. Needed some humour and this just hit the spot today 🙂 🙂 🙂



Watch The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest and found it educational and interesting. Only 2 episodes are FOC to watch, but good enough for me until I can watch the others FOC too. Decided to get some essential oils from Mustafa. Have always like and found Tea Tree and Eucalypyus oils calming. Frankinscene is new to me but willing to give it a try even-though it is expensive and will probably take some time to get use to the aroma.




A visit to M1 to take care of my new subscription from mid-Mar for Fibre 100Mbps at S$6per month, compared to what I am paying now- S$39. It would be stupid not to make use of this as I do qualify for the promotion which comes along with a land-line with no limit for local in and out-going calls, no extra charges, but will first have to get a phone! First a TV and now a phone!! Sooo well-equipped now that I need instructions to life with or without batteries or free luggage-tag.

Thu: movie day as this is the day new movies are screened.

11201971_oriBrooklyn*****an Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.  Brilliant acting and I could so understand what was going thru’ her mind when she returned to Ireland and met up with her ex-employer! The choice of her future was an easy decision after that meeting.

11348949_oriAnomalisa****pathos through puppets about a man struggles with his inability to connect with other people. A film with a relatively simple plot but interesting for its subject and explicit scenes, and something for those who want to see a different animated film.
When I bought the ticket, was warned about the R21 rating even with a senior ticket! He said that he had to do his job…


Fri: TGIF and a very busy weekend ahead. This is how you can have your cake and eat it – a memory stick and willing to share… hahaha


Welcome to the cooler rains this morning. Tkx Hazel for her humour, being from her I can be sure that there is no intended blasphemy and will miss her FB postings during lent. Calvin & hobbes always put a smile on my face. Fond memories of Linn’s Knerten and May’s Conda.

If only all problems are just a piece of cake, we can just eat it entirely and then it’s all gone…

Freddie’s Bday Bash

16 Feb 2016 – Combined CNY Celebrations@CC

Sat: tkx Audrey for yummy lunch and a get-together with your family and friends. Betty, Aud’s mom is a good sport to supervise the gang 🙂 Good to catch up with Julie, Karen and May. Karen’s and May’s boys are growing fast and seems even faster as the years pass by 🙂 🙂


Do sometimes wonder how we find our foot-wear outside most Asia homes, especially when there is a gathering 🙂 🙂 🙂

2016EdwrdGreat to meet Euphemia’s bro, Edward and family visiting from HKG. Met up for a few hours on the way to CC. Somehow I thought I took some pix, but obviously not, as unable to locate any. Hopefully he will send me some and will edit and update.

Edited: tkx Euphemia for the pix with credits to Patricia.


Appreciations to Freddie for his Bday Bash and tkx to Calvin and all in CC for the combination CNY celebrations. Fruit salad is my contribution…


Looks like Chris is better from Bell’s Palsy which he has been diagnosed of a week ago. Welcome Gene back to SIN after a month MIA in the Philippines. Tkx to Lucas for the sake tasting.


Sun: Renri or YanYat/Cantonese (人日, literally Human Day) refers specially to the 7th day of the正月, the first month in the Chinese calendar. According to Chinese customs, this was the day human beings were created. Happy Valentine and Happy Birthday to everyone.

Also Mother’s Day in Norway. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in Norway!


Tkx Peggy for home-made-self-wrapped popiah dinner party. Like that I am able to put what I like and how much I like in my popiah. Dessert was my contribution. Strange! considering that the taste-bud usually prefers savoury food but usually end up bringing the dessert! Been a while since I last saw LianChoo, nice to catch up.


Mon: Happy Birthday to Guri my lovely god-daughter, now a mother of 3. Pix taken in Norway 1981 (Guri with the white scarf), FL USA 1993 (Guri M&L), Norway 2015 (pix credit to Guri).

Blessed are those who can still remember and have fond memories to remember.


Tue: Happy Birthday Loon who was just in Tahiti on the island of Raiatea. What a nice way to spend a birthday. Beautiful pix credits to Loon.

‘We stumbled by mistake onto a 1000 year old temple site on the island of Raiatea. in 1000AD the warrior chiefs made a truce so the navigators and the priests could bless their ocean voyages in a peaceful setting. For the next 100 years they sailed from here to NZ, HI, Raratonga and started new colonies. A rock from here was placed in each of those locations. A watery empire was born here in the south pacific larger than Russia, Europe or US’ – Loon


Calvin & Hobbes – exactly my sentiments. Hope that the immune system is strong enough to prevent catching these germs from many coughing people. That too shall pass and tomorrow is another day…

Joo Chiat Road 2016

12 Feb 2016 – Less Sleazy Nowadays!

Wed: Catching up with movies, tkx to Clem’s collection of DVDs!

MV5BMzY3ODQzNjMxMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODU2MzMxNzE@._V1_UY98_CR3,0,67,98_AL_large_gJ6a3Q8tVlGEHH3CkFcBVKN2ru1Van Gogh Painted with Words (2010)****the story of Vincent Van Gogh, with dialogue sourced from his own words. sad but an education story of his life. Brillant acting.

Tokyo Sonata (2009)*****a story takes detours into the comic, the macabre and the sublime. This fierce satire on job loss and saving face is a witty, intelligent treat…

‘A sonata is a classical form in which two musical ideas are intercut. In the beginning, they are introduced. In the following sections, they are developed in passages revealing the secrets or potentials of both. The conclusion does not resolve them; instead, we return to look at them, knowing what we know now. The themes in this movie are the father and his family’.

9f738ac610_345x518_9b22f14eadLong Long Time Ago****(2016) the story spans from 1965 to early 1970s. Nice story-line which bring us back to the early days of SIN with the changes through the years and accompanied every step of the nation’s growth in its early years.

Left SIN in 1965, so this was a good catch up time movie done in a way that kept my interest, eg never knew that there was this big flood here in 1969.


Walked from MarineParade to Joo Chiat Rd towards Geylang. 2012 MarineP Rd in its lush greenery.  Today 2016 MarineP Rd in construction for the MRT  Will I live to see the lush greenery grow back??? Of course NOT – it takes at least 30yrs and I certainly have no desire to live till 100…


Decent and reasonably priced Vietnamese food here.


Fascinating Joo Chiat Rd, a walk from the Peranakan to Muslim cultures and foods. And yes there are some minor reminder about this sleazy area, but so minor that can be ignored. Tkx to Clem for keeping me safe 🙂

In any profession, there’s a sleazy side and an honorable side – Gina Gershon


First taste of Mutton Briyani Curry Puff, yummy. Joo Chiat Complex with all the colourful clothes and accessories, but many shops were not opened eventhough it is the CNY celebrations and not Hari Raya!


One KM is another mall – like SIN needs more malls!! Already over a year and did not even realized its existence until today.


Loud and noisy but all part of the festival for the CNY celebrations. The skills of these performers can be amazing. The Lion Dance dates back to more than 1,500yrs performed during auspicious occasions such as the launch of new buildings, offices and shops is believed to bring good fortune and wealth.


Also performed during the CNY because of its association with the legendary stories of Nien – a bestial creature being frightened off by villagers banging on loud drums. The evolution of Lion Dance has now resulted to the modern Lion Dance championships held in many countries

Thu: tkx Leonard for sorting out my computer issues.. Safe journeys back to Brunei. Appreciations to cousin Wilki&Pattie for a crab-dinner and our annual catch up time. Safe journeys back to HI.

Fri: TGIF, need another quiet day before more weekend social. Seems like the need of these quiet days increases with the years 🙂 🙂

Blessed are those who can have quiet times and be alone to restore and recharge…

Welcoming The Monkey

9 Feb 2016 – First Day of CNY

IMG_8835Mon: 2016 Lunar New Year or Spring Festival or Chinese New Year/CNY – the year of the Fire Monkey. To see 4thAuntie in this stage of life and yes I know that such is life, but still cannot help being sad to see her now unable to eat, talk or sit or do anything. Cousin Wilki and Pattie are here from HI/USA with her. Did not have the mental energy to visit with the other aunties after this.


Continued to Ivy&Les and appreciations to them for lunch. Good to meet with the younger generations to absorb some chi from them 🙂


Both the Orange and the Purple generations are a joy to be with and I am blessed to have their cheerful company for today.


Usually everyone is sooo busy in this SIN life-style and not easy to gather so many together. Good to catch up with KB, Heather, who is in her last semester in the U and Edwin in NS.


Appreciations to grandnephew Stanley, the ‘Cookie Monster’ for his ‘selfie’. He is such a sport to not take offense when I tease him. Here with his UncleLee fighting for the cookies… 🙂


and the Chuas. Alex the sweet page-boy at Patricia&Albert’s wedding (1989) is now in NS!


Spent one wonderful week with them in Thailand (Jun2010). Their kind hospitality is still fresh in the memory and it is sooo touching that they remembered that I like and bought this encased Jewel Beetle (Chrysochroa fulminans) then. Today they presented me with a beautiful brooch. Thank you. The last visit for today is also 100+yrs.

Too much good wines and food. It was no doubt I had a good night sleep as I do not remember anything after the head hit the pillow.

CNY2016Tue: thank you Linn for this pix of the FabulousFive and good to see that they are enjoying their Chinese meal at Top China Buffet in SC/USA. Happy to see that most of them had on red to keep some tradition.

Olai is not well, poor baby – speedy recovery to him

Blessed are those who can sleep soundly without dreaming or remembering…

2016 CNY

8 Feb 2016 –  Welcome to the Year of the Fire Monkey


Fri: many traditional CNY customs are still practiced by SIN to this day. Well-wishes for one another, which can be conveyed in different Chinese dialects, offer a sense of community and are very much a part of our linguistic heritage. Other aspects such as food culture and the dos and don’ts during CNY can also be unique to the various dialect groups.


Tonight’s 團年飯 tyuhn nihn faahn (cantonese) yearly family dinner = reunion dinner. Tkx to Les&Ivy who make it special as that is where I would visit father when he was still being. Somehow reunions not the same as when we were children when the family got together at 5 Temenggong Rd. Such wonderful memories with the huge family and house.

Screen-Shot-2016-02-05-at-22.27.13indexPix credit BBC

Sat: thoughts and prayers are out to those affected at this earthquake in Taiwan. Reading back in my journal notes from Jan 2015 ‘Prediction by Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, he did predict a typhoon and earthquake for Taiwan!!



Nerve wrecking to be on a bus where the driving was nearly falling asleep and a relief to get off in one piece! What a delightful afternoon and a pleasant way to end the year  in good company of a dear niece and nephew – lunching at Dan Ryan’s****(this time round with excellent food and service!), dessert – Brunetti’s**** and dinner – Tanglin Mall Food Ct. Grocery shopping at Bk Merah FairPrice which will be open 24hrs tonight and tomorrow night.


Sun: nice cloudy day after the rains after a goodnight sleep with the peaceful raindrop serenade last night. Getting things ready to welcome a new year. Farewell to the Year of the Goat/Sheep at 2300hrs and not midnight as most people believe!


Mon: time for the visits and will be starting with the Blue Generation – the eldest being 4Auntie Lam PohKow who is 100+yrs.

Some auspicious Cantonese phrases for the CNY, translated literally:

恭禧發財 gung hei faat choih = bless happiness and prosperity.

新年快乐 san nihn faai lohk = New year happiness.

出入平安  chut yap ping on = leave enter peace.

身體健康 san tai gin hong = body healthy.

Who needs astrology?  The wise man gets by on fortune cookies – Edward Abbey 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sun Yat Sen

4 Feb 2016 – Nanyang Memorial Hall

c703f581f7_345x518_e7fe26db24Mon: catching up with movies. Sportlight****based on true events as The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team of reporters uncover the truth behind one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions where a massive scandal of child molestation and sex abuse is covered up within the local Catholic Archdiocese.

These long-due issues are finally exposed but for some they are still too deeply buried to be able to resurface!

7bigshort_sg00_450_345x518_32d7d7f067The Big Shot***based on the 2010 book of the same name by Michael Lewis, the film follows 4outsiders who predicted the collapse of the credit and housing bubble in the mid-2000s, thus they decided to take on the big banks for their lack of foresight and greed.

Too complicated for my non-business mind to follow this movie!


Tue: funeral service at Mandai Crematorium for Janet followed by lunch at The Chinese Swimming Club/Paradise Group****A lovely sea breeze at Changi Sailing Club to ease the souls after her sea-burial. May she finally RIP.


Wed: tkx to Gel and Mil for lunch at Kotobuki***locate by the new Zhongshan Park in the Balestier area. A new area to explore here on another Heritage Trail.


Appreciations to Mil for an informative tour in this elegant colonial-style villa, former Bin Chan house or Wan Qing Yuan, now Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall – not to be confused with Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei/Taiwan.


And congratulations to Mil for the Certificate of Completion in the Docent Programme for this location.


072f3639c9_345x518_0401924be2The Dressmaker****based on Rosalie Ham’s best-selling novel, the film follows Tilly, a glamorous and fashionable woman who returns to her small hometown in Australia to take care of her ill mother. She takes the opportunity to transform the locals with her couture designs and at the same time exact revenge on the people who accused her of murder many years ago and caused her to be sent away.


Thu: with a busy reunion meals weekend ahead, today is set aside to clean, decorate, tidy and prepare to welcome the mischievous fire monkey 🙂

11016_10152825123600941_3775834746901653776_nTkx to Alonzo for this share. NO disrespect meant to those who are grieving or to those who have passed on. This kinda popped up timely after Janet’s passing and her burial. Perhaps it is her way to tell us to lighten up since she could not express it when she was alive…

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow…

Mary Elizabeth Frye

Portsdown Road

1 Feb 2016 – Hello Feb

Fri: One-north is a 200 hectares (490 acres) SIN business park developed by JTC Corporation, formerly the Jurong Town Corporation, is SIN principal developer and manager of industrial estates and their related facilities.


This is now part of Portsdown Rd with these new buildings.


From 1950s-70s Portsdown Rd area was once home to British soldiers and their families. It is a small neighbourhood of old colonial-style houses surrounded by lush greenery.


The path leading to the Green Corridor


An interesting and unique place as it gives one a glimpse into SIN history of colonialization and gives one an idea of how a part of old SIN used to look like.


Popular eateries like Colbar, Chuckwagon and Pietrasanta are located here. Did not get a chance to try these as they do not open until 12n and we were there at 1100hrs. Maybe another time!


Appreciations to Chris who drove us to view more of these old colonial-style houses at Maidstone, Sandwich & Deal Rd. These were probably for the officers as they are single-dwellings, unlike those at Portsdown Rd where they are blocks of 4+units.

Condolences with thoughts and prayers to Peggy Tan for the passing of her sister Janet Tan. May she RIP.


Sat: interesting talk A Lighter Side of History – Chinese New Year Customs & Taboos by Kuan Eng at NMS.


Reunion dinners have begun so as to accommodate for those going away and for those who have parents and parents-in-law to take considerations to. Appreciations to Daisy for hosting and including me to their reunion dinner. Glad that the purple generation can still speak and understand some Cantonese 🙂

Sun: Janet’s wake at Arthur Rd. We had ice-cream today in memory of Janet who so enjoyed her ice-cream. I recall that Ellie was going thru’ her tantrum stage when Linn&Jeff, Katy, Ellie and baby John then were staying with Janet. And I also remember Linn telling me that Janet was gentle and kind trying console Ellie with a teddy-bear.

2 Feb – Happy Bdays Cathrine & Garry

4 Feb – Happy Bdays Lawrence & Kurt

8 Feb –  Gong Xi Fatt Cai and Happy 2016 Year of the Monkey

14 Feb – ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥

15 Feb – Happy Bday Guri

16 Feb – Happy Bday Mike/ LOON

18 Feb – Happy Bday Henry

20 Feb – Happy Bday YatSoon

24 Feb – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin