Welcoming The Monkey

9 Feb 2016 – First Day of CNY

IMG_8835Mon: 2016 Lunar New Year or Spring Festival or Chinese New Year/CNY – the year of the Fire Monkey. To see 4thAuntie in this stage of life and yes I know that such is life, but still cannot help being sad to see her now unable to eat, talk or sit or do anything. Cousin Wilki and Pattie are here from HI/USA with her. Did not have the mental energy to visit with the other aunties after this.


Continued to Ivy&Les and appreciations to them for lunch. Good to meet with the younger generations to absorb some chi from them πŸ™‚


Both the Orange and the Purple generations are a joy to be with and I am blessed to have their cheerful company for today.


Usually everyone is sooo busy in this SIN life-style and not easy to gather so many together. Good to catch up with KB, Heather, who is in her last semester in the U and Edwin in NS.


Appreciations to grandnephew Stanley, the ‘Cookie Monster’ for his ‘selfie’. He is such a sport to not take offense when I tease him. Here with his UncleLee fighting for the cookies… πŸ™‚


and the Chuas. Alex the sweet page-boy at Patricia&Albert’s wedding (1989) is now in NS!


Spent one wonderful week with them in Thailand (Jun2010). Their kind hospitality is still fresh in the memory and it is sooo touching that they remembered that I like and bought this encased Jewel Beetle (Chrysochroa fulminans) then. Today they presented me with a beautiful brooch. Thank you. The last visit for today is also 100+yrs.

Too much good wines and food. It was no doubt I had a good night sleep as I do not remember anything after the head hit the pillow.

CNY2016Tue: thank you Linn for this pix of the FabulousFive and good to see that they are enjoying their Chinese meal at Top China Buffet in SC/USA. Happy to see that most of them had on red to keep some tradition.

Olai is not well, poor baby – speedy recovery to him

Blessed are those who can sleep soundly without dreaming or remembering…

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