Easter 2016

29 Mar 2016 – National Dental Centre NDC


Fri: Good Friday – safe and sound back in SIN after a nice break. Glad to be able to catch up with Lawrence who was visiting for a few days and taking off tomorrow. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for dinner@Tanglin Club. Yummy to taste a good tender lamb Irish Strew – had the beef one on Paddy’s Day which is not so traditional as the lamb!

Sat: a rest day needed and also have not been sleeping too well with a problem-tooth 🙁 Still hoping that it will pass but know that this will not be the case and have stopped one of my meds in anticipation that it will have to go. Ivy got baptized tonight but did not attend, remembering how I nearly fainted in the crowds and heat when Lawrence, Mabel and Chuan was baptized in KCH Apr 2011



Sun: Happy Easter Sunday, the holiness day for the Christians. Found some old pix bringing fond memories of Easters past! Pix 2005 SC/USA with Katy and new-born Ellie. 1989 FL/USA with L&M and Claire’s during her sky-dive days. Without the grandchildren around, no need to hide eggs 🙂


So nice to catch up with Ivy’s cousin Irene and her family, David and Cindy who were visiting for the Easter weekend. Thank you to Les&Ivy for Easter dinner at La Ventana****With Les’s Spanish vines to compliment the food, no more words needed but just to savour every moment for a wonderful evening with family and friends.


Foie-gras Terrine Cookie, Mineature Tortilla (Omelette with potatoes & onion),  Cantabrian Anchovies (salted anchovies on Catalan crystal bread with tomato)


?? with strawberry, Canelón (since 1869 traditional cannelloni stuffed with foie gras, beef, pork and truffle crea), Cod


Lobster paella and Salmon Salad


Their Catalan Crème Brûlée espuma, ice cream toffee is to die for, so save room for this dessert 🙂 Most of the food pix credits to David and one to La Ventana site.


Mon: after such a savoury week and weekend, the week started with a visit to the dentist and was prepared for the worst! The infected tooth had to go and has been giving me problems over the years. A walk-in patient at NDC and after 2hrs wait + a few minutes with a good young handsome dentist 🙂 another tooth gone, S$150 poorer is again another reminder to enjoy every moment while there are still teeth 🙂 🙂


Beautiful blue sky on bus196 after the dentist. Major constructions on-going at and around the Outram MRT. Those driving in this area, drive with care.

Tue: back to daily normal meds. Soups and soft foods are in the menu for the next few days. No worries, have cooked ready some yummy things to be put into the blender and pumpkin soup is one of my favourties.

IMG_0175Piet Hein

Malaysia Tembeling Condos/Resort

26 Mar 2016 – Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan


Mon: met Pat at T2 and had some time to show her the Butterfly Gardens at T3 which she was unaware of and I was happy to share.


Been awhile since the last on a turboprop engine aircraft on this Firefly flight. A moist piece of banana-bread with a soy-bean drink hit the spot on this pleasant on-time 1hr flight from SIN-KUA.


Met at the airport by Catherine&Lee who are locals there and appreciations to them for taking their time to be our guide.


IMG_9788Lunched on this organic crossed between 2 local veg was delicious and crunchy and is planted in their organic farm. Local red fish was so fresh that I was practically sucking from the bones and fins. To be updated with names!

Local coffee-joint Hei Peng with charming personality and stories made a hot delightful afternoon flew by quickly before we got to the condo.


Amazing sunsets and moonlights from the condo’s balcony and bedroom.


Delicious dinner with C&L’s family was a privilege (clockwise: me, Pat, Catherine, Lee, Derek, Jonathan, Ching, Jing, Thomas, Gordon). Such a nice way to spend the first day of visit with more exciting stories about the people who were cooking for us.



Tue: ladies finger or okra with lovely flowers, mulberries, miracle fruit (see site below), grapes, papayas, belimbing,  moringa and grown in C&L garden.



Refreshing veggie lunch at Vege Hut Cafe***where the coconut water is definitely more than ‘good for your daughter’ 🙂 and the flesh is sooo tender that it nearly melts in your mouth.


Grocery shopping was an experience and the first time I see this sign Tidak Halal=non hala at the local pork butcher where good Chinese sausages are made.


Drove to check out the shops near the Hyatt Hotel which is closed for renovations at present. The monkey by KFC were more than I could handle!


Watching the waves hitting the rocks and the clouds is indeed a serene and relaxing way to pass time. The water is as clear as crystal and if you let your imagination run, these rock formations can create different pix in the mind. Life is good!



Wed: app 25km NW from KUA along the Sungei Lembing Rd is Gua Charah, hidden in the hills. Side-tracked into some palm plantation to take pix of this rock in the middle of nowhere on the way to…



the village of Sungai Lembing (app 42km from KUA) but not knowing that Wed is their day of rest most shops were closed. When I am be among these magnificent trees, shops are of no importance!


Best YongTauFoo meal at the market made and served by what looks to be like 3 good-looking brothers 🙂 Baby squids were tender and the stock was out of this world. Yummy local-made noodles. Will just have to use the public toilets!


The second richest tin deposit and the biggest underground tin mine in the world are recorded here.


Nice and cool to walk into these tunnels away from the hot scorching sun at mid-day.



The museum brought back childhood memories –


located on a hill and the porcelain water-filter which was long forgotten!

caught in a slight traffic-jam on the way to the Crystal House. A local Malay movie ‘Borrowed Heart’ was being filmed and was holding up traffic.


The Crystal House has a collection of about 3,000 pieces of beautiful crystalline stones collected over a period of 19 years by an ex-miner Mr Lee from the quarry. The quarry had since also closed because the whole limestone hill have already been flatten but thanks to him we can still see the beautiful stones which ones filled the caves of the hill.



The art of Sungai Lembing noodles making.


Time to head back and did a detour to Gua Charah. Crowded and shoes had to take off to get up the caves. Opted to just head back to KUA. Preferred the earlier view from the palm plantation side!


What a wonderful afternoon and a luxury to be able to soak in the sea-water on this quiet cove. The water felt out of this world and the sand-scrub was good for the skin.



A dip in the pool felt like being in a bath-tub, not refreshing at all. Was told the stuffed-tiger was place there to scared away the monkeys.


Good satay dinner at SatayZul****

IMG_0072Kuantan Salted Fish Shop

Thu: KUA is famous for its Salted Fish (关丹梅香咸鱼) and Chen Hing with the 3rd generation running it is the most reputable store it. A must buy for gifts to family and friends in SIN



Walked around East Coast Mall (owned by SIN CDL). Delighted to stumble into a food-fare with tasting – my favourite kind of shopping.


Thank you for yummy home-cooked lunch at C&L with this lizard feasting on a beautiful butterfly. Interesting Chinese tea tasting but could not drink more than a tiny cup otherwise, forget a goodnight sleep!


Fri: TGIF and a Good Friday to my Christian family & friends. Tasty curry noodles for breakfast at HoiYin***Time to thank my host and guides for their most gracious and kind hospitality and will look very much forward to our next meeting when C&L will be in SIN next month to meet up with Christine&KV who will be visiting from UK.


So long KUA – hello SIN.

IMG_9794Thank you to Catherine for sharing this most beautiful sign for the Chinese character LOVE with such lovely different combinations of delicate strokes to cultures and religions.

We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude― CR Swindoll

Park Connector Network

21 Mar 2016 – PCN


PCN, under the management of NParks is also responsible for the management of 300+ parks and the roadside greenery. PCN serves as the network that connects these green spaces.


IMG_0276Fri: M1 hooked up the new S$6monthly subscription for the 1GB Fibre Broadband FOC! Had to return the previous modem and router to their HQ at Raffles Place. Will have to find a way to tidy up all these wires! Am now sooo technically well-equipped with home-line telephone, TV and internet  🙂

Edited 4Apr – bought a discontinued shelf at IKEA’s children section for S$12 and this should serve the purpose for now!


At Novene to buy the Baklava@Kokee MultiNuts made with seeds, nuts and honey – organic and healthy.


Thank you Chris for this tiny panda, no need for any attention or care and still looks cute 🙂


4 Desert Race Series Info Talk@CC. Not into marathons but interested in the light-weight gadgets and what they eat and drink during their races.


Sat: condolences to Betsey and family for the passing of Michael, a long-lost and newly found cousin who I recently got to know. This is indeed very sad as I was hoping to make a trip out to see him when I will be in the US next month. He was a real gentleman in every ways and will be missed – RIP and thank you for crossing my path. Pix with father in 1955 and the other pix was the last time I saw him in 2014.



Thanks to Henry for the visit to Harmony Gem Crystals which was previously located at Sunshine Plaza is now relocated to 102F Pasir Panjang Road, #01-05 Citilink Warehouse Complex. An amazing beautiful collection of gem crystals and a feast to the eyes…


Pasir Panjang is my childhood area. Had a quick bite for late lunch with hopes of exploring the area – that did not work out, only managed to shoot a few shots of this interesting Charitable Institution on the way to the bus-stop heading to MtE.


App 10km walk with Clem before, during and after Earth Hour from Bishan Park to Kallang Sports Hub on the PCN. With this ongoing heat, the only sensible time to walk is during and after sunset. The light breeze helped.



Happily stumbled onto one of the 25 ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ pianos.


Sun: Happy Palm Sunday and the last day of Lent.


St Patrick’s Day Parade started by Sir Stamford Raffles. Heat was really quite unbearable and on top of the 50shades of grey! proved quite a challenge.


Walked from the Parliament House to ACM, crossing the Cavenagh Bridge


and ending at UOB Plaza with dance performances.



Continued to Circular Rd to get some shots of the party area, but seemed like most of today’s pix are not sharp – blame it on the headache…

IMG_9761IMG_9762How am I going to survive the rest of the afternoon? As it is, am already seeing strange artwork!

Need to get some shopping done in Chinatown and get ready for my KUA trip tomorrow. Can it be that it was 2011 when I was last there?? This time round, it will be my first time flying there.


Will probably be MIA online if I do not get access to internet for the week ahead…

The massy trunks are cased in the pure crystal. Each light spray, nodding and tinkling in the breath of heaven, is studded with its trembling water-drops, that glimmer with an amethystine light – William Cullen Bryant

St Patrick’s Day 2016

18 Mar 2016 – Happy Birthday Linn


Wed: nice to catch up with Soakkoon who is visiting from KL. Tkx to Ivy for lunch at Dempsey Rd Dome***and their refreshing citron presse never fail to disappoint me. Ivy had the soup and we all shared a chicken pie, beef salad and 2 pieces of cake – perfect portions with no food wasted.


Appreciations to SIN Irish Ambassador, his wife &Mrs Keating and the staff of the Irish Embassy for a lovely St Patrick’s Day reception.


With Irish dance and music, free-flowing of Guinness, wines and a yummy spread of Irish dishes brought back wonderful Irish memories.


Great to catch up with some of the IGAS members; tkx to TongNgee for being the perfect gentleman and to Carmel for the ride. Enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Conrad Centennial.

000714ee-1500Thu: Happy Paddy’s Day to all celebrating, especially to Linn, Pat & Kat who were born in the Emerald Isles and to bros, sis and cousins who spent more than a decade there. Arrived there in Aug1965 with the feeling of lost and loneliness then. This day there was usually wet and grey! B/W1965 pix downloaded from RTE archives.


Dinner for this special day, no green cabbage, corn-beef or beer but the colour scheme is Irish and the Shanagarry pottery plates are from my 1960s Dublin days 🙂


Fri: to my beautiful first-born, born 42yrs ago in 1974Dublin/Ireland – Happy Birthday Linn. Above 2pix from 1974 and 2014.


Norway 1975 Nesøya, 1978 Tromsø, 1985 Kolsås; USA 1992 Casselberry/FL


Dearest Linn, love and miss you. Hugs from mom.

You taught me what unconditional love feels like.

You changed everything.

You turned me into a mom.

And even though you are not my only child, you will always be my first.

Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don’t think about yesterday, and they don’t think about tomorrow. They just exist in the moment – Jessalyn Gilsig

i light Marina Bay 2016

16 Mar 2016 – Light Festival


Sat: there is a Peter Pan in most of us and hopefully he will always be there no matter how deeply buried. Time and place for everything and he must be allowed to surface now and then, especially in candy stores like Candylicious 🙂


Lunched at Soup Restaurant/Vivo City****with family, grandnephew Darrly (sitting between his mother Daisy and his aunt Judy) who received his first internship pay – such a lovely young gentleman he has grown to be. My favourtie venue for soup but could only eat a spoon of everything as the next lunch awaits!


Next lunch venue has views of SIN CBD, MBS from Republic Plaza Tower1 – Tower Club 62nd floor.


Tkx to Les&Ivy for delicious dim sum lunch.


Continuing with tea at LeVeL33 too filled-up to eat, but a cup of tea with good views and company to celebrate the day! Not only a place at the world’s highest urban craft brewery, but looks like a good whiskey selection. Their food look good too!


The main reason for sticking around this area was to wait for sundown. i light Marina Bay 2016 – Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival where I found my wings&hallow and walked the Jubilee Bridge for the first time! Captured a delightful moon between the buildings smiling down to a rocket trying to reach it…


My favourite this year is Lampshade by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, ‘a simple bamboo structure covered by solar cells that harness sunlight in the day, but illuminate the interior at night with energy enough to power a thousand lamps. Here’s the best part: the lamps will be donated to off-grid communities while the bamboo structure will be reused to benefit others in an effort to prolong material usage’


The grandchildren would have liked the fun-fair and, no! I was not about to go on the bumper-car (my favourite) or any other rides after a whole day of eating!



Random shots.


Permanent fixtures that are not part of the i light festival.

7b5988a4fb99417314fdd5ddfc7115ab_too-old-fall-love-grandma-fb-quote_300x300_gallerye745a03022486c01dbce55054fd37556Sun: day of reflection and rest. Have observed myself making the transitions from being a girl to a woman, mother and grandmother and still feeling young at heart, ie still planning on walking the E1 in 2017. But my energy-level and reflection in the mirror are not in sync with what I feel 🙂


Mon: Happy Bday to sweet Ellie, 2nd grandchild. How can 11yrs have gone by so quickly???

44eefe9be4_345x518_b670dcd0ecThe Kid From The Big Apple*****Sarah raised in New York visits Malaysia for the first time and learns why her grandfather, Gen and mother, Sophia have not seen each other since she was born and why they care so much about their cultural traditions. Elders see the younger generations as eyesores because of their ‘westernised’ behaviour and poor moral’s. Whilst the youngsters on the other hand, have no time for their elders.

Sadly, this is a growing global phenomenon but this touching movie gives some hope, but only if both sides make the effort!



Appreciations to SY for lunch at AMK-Hub and for accompanying me to search for O’bean at AMK Ave10. Joseph&wife make a delicious nuts-cereal cake, organic and healthy – ‘Baklava’, but need to order in advance there. Fortunately this month they are having road-shows and one can buy them at ‘Kokee Multi Nuts’  at Novena Square2 now and Expo this weekend. Must go to those venues to get some.


Tue: happenings from my neck of the woods today – MPTC has been working closely with other agencies to address that some chess players are causing a nuisance and disturbing others by playing till late night in common areas and void-decks. Walked by here when I do my grocery, even though the wet-market is closed for renovations, Giant is just next to this block.


The Meaning of Bonsai

12 Mar 2016 – Planted In A Container

IMG_9335IMG_9336Thu: exploring a new area to try out a new supplement – Recogen,  a German quality Bioactive collagen peptides and a diet supplement that is supposed to benefit both young and elderly suffering from joint pains.

Rather expensive S$62 for a month supply, but worth to try if it helps!


To save the delivery charges and extra charges etc, bus 43 or 135 takes me directly to Paya Lebar Rd and app 2blocks walk to Ubi Ave 2 Blk 3021. It was a drooling experience to walk pass wholesalers for roast, pork, ducks, chickens and sucking pigs + some pastry shops too.


To get to Choa Chu Kang took well over 1hr by bus and MRT. Appreciations to Hong for having me to his lovely condo and for letting me take pix and feasting my eyes on his delightful bonsai.


Bonsai trees represent harmony in nature – contained. It is perfect for anybody who appreciates their understated beauty and unique form.


Even I who have nothing alive in my accommodations – except me 🙂 could think of cultivating bonsai someday when I am less mobile and unable to travel…



By Choa Chu Kang Park at Rasa Istimewa****are the most delicious steamed see hum – baby cockles. They were half the size of the normal ones, fresh, tender and juicy – best ever tasted. Ate nearly a whole plate (except 3 bad ones), and live to tell about it 🙂 🙂 The otak-otak are very good and served piping hot; ok clams.

Friendly and good service to the point of concerning as one of the servers told us to not eat too much of the see-hum. Even showed his scar for his heart by-pass surgery!! Tkx to Hong for this yummy dinner and  lovely evening. Nice to catch up with Boon.

Fri: TGIF need a day for the stomach to settle as tomorrow, Sat will be busy with family – 2 lunches and 1 dinner ahead. A fantastic weekend to all.

Many people associate bonsai trees with inner peace, serenity and contentment, and while its true that most of the people who successfully rear bonsai have these qualities they are earned over time.

Solar Eclipse 2016

9 Mar 2016 – At East Coast Park


Mon: good to catch up with Aileen at H&H and tkx to Peggy for a yummy laksa lunch at AsiaHouse@ForutneCentre8***decent food and reasonably priced. The lemongrass drink is refreshing with wolf-berries and sour plums. And if I do go again, it will NOT be during lunch-hour!

The Aqua Massage Bed at Mustafa is S$10 for 10mins, ie S$1 per minute or you can buy it for S$55,000! One has to see it to really get the full concept but would not have minded to try if disposable overalls and disinfectant spray are available. The thought of lying on that plastic-covered bed after unknown amount of people have been on it was off-putting. Perhaps will bring my own disinfectant in future 🙂


Above 3 pix credits to AMI Aqua Massage sites.

Body lying on this flat bed with hands and your face down sticking outside a canopy 2.5m long machine. Covered with water-proof sheet, a spray-bar with 36jets travels back and forth the body length. Was told that there are buttons to control the spray-bars to concentrate on specific areas. The pressure ranges from 5-900kg depending on the needs and comfort. Supposedly it is like 36fingers massaging you and 10mins=30mins of hand-massage.


Tue: Happy Women’s Day! And a day for celebrating Ivy&Les’s Convalidation of Marriage at St Francis Xavier Chapel, Kingsmead Hall.

IMG_9244IMG_9255 IMG_9284IMG_9229

Funny and kind of cute as the priest was reading thru’ the usual marriage vow, but forgot to exclude about having and raising a family – it would be a miracle if it happens 🙂 to a couple married for 42yrs with 2grown-daughters and 2grand-daughters!


A small family group (Sue, Pat, David, Beth with Lucas singing), Carmel (our Irish friend),  KhengSiang (friend of Les from his elementary school days) and the MtE clinic ladies (Cynthia, Doris, Priscilla and Susan). It was a short and sweet service.

IMG_9286DSC00170_Fotor copystaticmap

Tkx for yummy bites at Bukit Timah Da Paolo Gastronomia***one of my favourite places for their thin pizzas.


Wed: beautiful morning walk. Cooing and refreshing after yesterday’s pouring rains.


Most memorable eclipse. Met people at East Coast Park who knew what they were doing and had the gadgets. The young man told me that he found this carton from the garbage, but ensured me that he cleaned it! and he put it over his head first…


Thank you to SIN PM Mr Lee for sharing these wonderful shots on his FB posting. Having an idiot-proof camera does not enable the above kind of shots –


but managed to capture the graciousness of a group at East Coast Park who shared their knowledge and their cameras of this eclipse. Looking forward to the 2019 Total Eclipse.


What a fantastic and productive day! Morning sunrise walk, met a group of lovely people who were waiting for the eclipse, collected my medications at the newly renovated MP Polyclinic and all these done within 4hrs! Blessed are those who can appreciate and live life to the fullest…

In a way, staring into a computer screen is like staring into an eclipse. It’s brilliant and you don’t realize the damage until its too late – Bruce Sterling

Tangong Pagar Railway Station/2016

6 Mar 2016 – 10km Green Corridor Run

safe_image.php10408604_563543283789675_288947249937363434_n - Copy
Thu: a day to organize both thoughts and paper-work. Unhappy with not finding much info for Italy E1 section and feeling overwhelmed by 7,000km when unable to find the first step!! Thank you for Miss Wiggy’s encouragement and her faith in me – if anyone can prepare for E1 it’s you!


Fri: TGIF and grocery shopping day as the fridge and fruit basket are empty! Thanks to Calvin at CC for hosting this interesting presentation – ‘How Adventure Feeds Conservation’ by Jp Alipio, Cordillera Conservation Trust. The slide show with these views cheered me up.


When I see a night pix with a tent, I am reminded of this hotel commercial.


Sat: the newly revamp bus-stop on Stamford Rd by Capitol Building is now completed and the shops are renovated. CC was located here before Waterloo St. Memories from CHIJ days where the is the spot we could look out to from some classes and the former CHIJ Assembly Hall, now SMRT Headquarters Building.


Dropped by to MtE to pick up my prescription. Had plans to meet Clem for lunch before a movie. Instead and tkx to Ivy&Les, we joined them for lunch at Paragon Tambuah Mas***serving authentic Indonesian home-style food. The last time I was at another Tambuah Mas must have been over 2decades ago and that was in the Tanglin Shopping Centre.


Movie Noma, My Perfect Storm***is a creative journey into the mind of René Redzepi. The film follows him as he fights his way back to the top, reinventing NOMA and reclaiming the title of best restaurant in the world for the fourth time.


How did he manage to revolutionise the entire world of gastronomy, inventing the alphabet and vocabulary that would infuse newfound pedigree to Nordic cuisine and establish a new edible world while radically changing the image of the modern chef?


In time to stumble upon a tail-end of a Block Party! What a nice idea, especially with Emeritus Senior Minister Mr Goh giving out goodies from a basket!