Solar Eclipse 2016

9 Mar 2016 – At East Coast Park


Mon: good to catch up with Aileen at H&H and tkx to Peggy for a yummy laksa lunch at AsiaHouse@ForutneCentre8***decent food and reasonably priced. The lemongrass drink is refreshing with wolf-berries and sour plums. And if I do go again, it will NOT be during lunch-hour!

The Aqua Massage Bed at Mustafa is S$10 for 10mins, ie S$1 per minute or you can buy it for S$55,000! One has to see it to really get the full concept but would not have minded to try if disposable overalls and disinfectant spray are available. The thought of lying on that plastic-covered bed after unknown amount of people have been on it was off-putting. Perhaps will bring my own disinfectant in future 🙂


Above 3 pix credits to AMI Aqua Massage sites.

Body lying on this flat bed with hands and your face down sticking outside a canopy 2.5m long machine. Covered with water-proof sheet, a spray-bar with 36jets travels back and forth the body length. Was told that there are buttons to control the spray-bars to concentrate on specific areas. The pressure ranges from 5-900kg depending on the needs and comfort. Supposedly it is like 36fingers massaging you and 10mins=30mins of hand-massage.


Tue: Happy Women’s Day! And a day for celebrating Ivy&Les’s Convalidation of Marriage at St Francis Xavier Chapel, Kingsmead Hall.

IMG_9244IMG_9255 IMG_9284IMG_9229

Funny and kind of cute as the priest was reading thru’ the usual marriage vow, but forgot to exclude about having and raising a family – it would be a miracle if it happens 🙂 to a couple married for 42yrs with 2grown-daughters and 2grand-daughters!


A small family group (Sue, Pat, David, Beth with Lucas singing), Carmel (our Irish friend),  KhengSiang (friend of Les from his elementary school days) and the MtE clinic ladies (Cynthia, Doris, Priscilla and Susan). It was a short and sweet service.

IMG_9286DSC00170_Fotor copystaticmap

Tkx for yummy bites at Bukit Timah Da Paolo Gastronomia***one of my favourite places for their thin pizzas.


Wed: beautiful morning walk. Cooing and refreshing after yesterday’s pouring rains.


Most memorable eclipse. Met people at East Coast Park who knew what they were doing and had the gadgets. The young man told me that he found this carton from the garbage, but ensured me that he cleaned it! and he put it over his head first…


Thank you to SIN PM Mr Lee for sharing these wonderful shots on his FB posting. Having an idiot-proof camera does not enable the above kind of shots –


but managed to capture the graciousness of a group at East Coast Park who shared their knowledge and their cameras of this eclipse. Looking forward to the 2019 Total Eclipse.


What a fantastic and productive day! Morning sunrise walk, met a group of lovely people who were waiting for the eclipse, collected my medications at the newly renovated MP Polyclinic and all these done within 4hrs! Blessed are those who can appreciate and live life to the fullest…

In a way, staring into a computer screen is like staring into an eclipse. It’s brilliant and you don’t realize the damage until its too late – Bruce Sterling

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