The Meaning of Bonsai

12 Mar 2016 – Planted In A Container

IMG_9335IMG_9336Thu: exploring a new area to try out a new supplement – Recogen,  a German quality Bioactive collagen peptides and a diet supplement that is supposed to benefit both young and elderly suffering from joint pains.

Rather expensive S$62 for a month supply, but worth to try if it helps!


To save the delivery charges and extra charges etc, bus 43 or 135 takes me directly to Paya Lebar Rd and app 2blocks walk to Ubi Ave 2 Blk 3021. It was a drooling experience to walk pass wholesalers for roast, pork, ducks, chickens and sucking pigs + some pastry shops too.


To get to Choa Chu Kang took well over 1hr by bus and MRT. Appreciations to Hong for having me to his lovely condo and for letting me take pix and feasting my eyes on his delightful bonsai.


Bonsai trees represent harmony in nature – contained. It is perfect for anybody who appreciates their understated beauty and unique form.


Even I who have nothing alive in my accommodations – except me 🙂 could think of cultivating bonsai someday when I am less mobile and unable to travel…



By Choa Chu Kang Park at Rasa Istimewa****are the most delicious steamed see hum – baby cockles. They were half the size of the normal ones, fresh, tender and juicy – best ever tasted. Ate nearly a whole plate (except 3 bad ones), and live to tell about it 🙂 🙂 The otak-otak are very good and served piping hot; ok clams.

Friendly and good service to the point of concerning as one of the servers told us to not eat too much of the see-hum. Even showed his scar for his heart by-pass surgery!! Tkx to Hong for this yummy dinner and  lovely evening. Nice to catch up with Boon.

Fri: TGIF need a day for the stomach to settle as tomorrow, Sat will be busy with family – 2 lunches and 1 dinner ahead. A fantastic weekend to all.

Many people associate bonsai trees with inner peace, serenity and contentment, and while its true that most of the people who successfully rear bonsai have these qualities they are earned over time.

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